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BSNL Wage Revision Order Copy

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         NFTE TAMIL BLOG  

All India Results

TN Results


  • Pre Exam Coaching to SC ST Candidates (JTO Exam) from 21-5- to 23-5-13

  • More than 500 Candidates are appearing for JTO Exam- Rejected Candidates are requested to prefer representation , if not satisfied with the reason for rejection


  • Branch Secys/Dist Secys/Circle Office Beareres are requested to assemble good in number with comrades at Kumbakonam on 14th May to gearup our Activities to work doubly and squarely for the welfare of BSNL family- A seminar is being organised on "BSNL Growth and Industrial Releation" and Com C Singh GS and otherLeaders are going to address.. Order for Special Cl is issued already.. Mark your presence on this historic occassion and be part of NFTE's glorious tradition


  • Relevance of Marxism in Today's World: AITUC Seminar at Naik Bhavan, Chennai. Our Circle Secretary is  invited to address the seminar on 5th May

  • May Day Declaration:   Class Oriented Decisive Struggles

  • மே 14 குடந்தையில் பெருவிழா- உழைப்போருக்கு அங்கீகாரத்தை அர்ப்பணித்திட- தமிழக தோழர்களுக்கு நன்றி பாராட்ட - கடமைகளில் கவனம் செலுத்திட  திரள்வோம்!

  • சுற்றறிக்கை 18  (Revenue Augmentation)

  • Notification for Recognition of Two Unions-BSNLEU and  NFTE

  • Comparision Table- Last Two Elections(2011 and 2013)

  • Formation of Ministerial Panel for Reviving and Revitalising BSNL and MTNL- GOM decisions after 4 months may bring far reaching consequences- Let us be ready to unite and face any eventuality- The foremost task before us  is to submit a Unified single Note on behalf of the Staff side on the issues of safeguarding Pension, Contribution on actual pay, Guarantee for Pension Revision whenever CG Pension Revision takes place- Compensation as assured during Corporatisation, Job Security- Periodical Tariff Resestructuring to Augment Revenue, Concrete measures for arresting  Losses , Participation in the Management right from the level of Board to SSA-We request our AI Leaders   to arrange meeting  of Staff side and setup a committee to discuss and prepare some focused note for submitting to the GOM. We should try our best to give audience to the Panel to impress upon our stakes.

  • சுற்றறிக்கை 17 ( Tasks and Appeal to Workers)


  • WE  WITH OUR HEAVY HEART INFORM THE DEMISE OF O P GUPTA OUR FATHER FIGURE  ஒப்பிலா தலைவர் குப்தா 6-1-13  இரவு 8 மணியளவில் மறைந்தார் என்பதை ஆழ்ந்த துக்கத்துடன் அறிவிக்கிறோம்.. கொடியிறக்கி அனைத்து சங்க அஞ்சலி கூட்டம் நடத்திட வேண்டுகிறோம். சென்னையில் CGMஅலுவலக வாயிலில் காலை 11 மணியளவில் மகத்தான தலைவருக்கு அஞ்சலி கூட்டம் நடைபெறும் பங்கேற்க வேண்டுகிறோம்.

  • சுற்றறிக்கை 4

  • 6th Verification On the Basis of BSNL Recognition Rules 2012- Notice Issued by the Management- Election on April 16th    Results April 18th

  • We have requested some of our leading Comrades (Commitee of Comrades) to study about 30% Superannuation scheme to the DR BSNL Employees. There is another task before us to study about Compassionate Ground Appointments.. Some Comrades should help us in this regard also.. so that we can get some comprehensive idea to project.. The issues of women employees like Child Care Leave  for some younger section and One Day Spl Cl for Every Month  to all women Employees are in our serious attention ..our Chq has already made references on these issues

  • Candidates For LDCE 40% TTA Exam 2011-Wishing You All Every Success

  •  December 2012 Olikkathir Issue Uploaded

  •  DA Increase 4.2 %    From Jan  71.5 %

  •  ONGOLE Extended National Executive

  • சுற்றறிக்கை  3


  • சுற்றறிக்கை 2

  • New Recognition Rules Formulated.. Thanks to Chq Leaders Com Islam and C Singh for their immense efforts to bring this rules.. Thanks to Com Gurudas Gupta and G L Dhar for their  unstinted Support.. Separation of Rules for Recognition and Councils  Our  Stand Vindicated.. Work Hard to get our Due and to make our Head Proud..Kindly Visit Vellore Site for Tamil Version

  • VRS: LS Question 12-12-12

  • Violence Against Women: Zero Tolerance

  • Office Bearers with Circle Administration


  • சுற்றறிக்கை 1

  • The First Office Bearers  Meeting of our team is going to be held at 9am on 21-12-12 - All the team members are requested to Assemble at Jagan Illam, our Union office in Chennai. Com H.Noorullah will preside over.

  • Banking Strike on Dec 20th to fight retrograde amendments of Banking Laws-Joint Call of AIBEA and BEFI- Extend Solidarity support


  • Hold Lunch Hour Demonstration on December 20th to show solidarity with all CTUs Parliamentary March

  • Participate Dharna on 17th and 18th Dec- call by BSNL and MTNL Unions demanding ITS Absorption, Viability and presidential notification for 78.2

  • Conference Report- Adopted

  • Special Casual Leave for the Seminar

  • Let us celebrate the spirit of Human Rights on 10th December, 2012 
    To inculcate humanity. To make Every Voice count. To work for a society where there is no discrimination. Where people live in mutual coexistence, without under mining the dignity of each other
    NHRC Chairperson, Mr. Justice K.G. Balakrishnan


  • First ever PPO Orders  for the Dismissal Cases- ever in the history of pensioners and TU movement- Thanks to Gupta's Mega Vision- Thanks to Islam, C Singh and all those who strived for realising the vision

  • Flex Boards for the Conference

  • Reception Committee Meeting Held  on 7th Dec at Madurai. Comrades shared their concern as financial mobilisation is not upto the expected target( 5L+ is the position). District Unions should fulfill their assigned tasks. Spacious Mahals for accommodations arranged. . Conference Venue was already inspected by Com Mali and Jayaram. CS with Jayapal attended the RC meet. Catering Arrangements for 1000+ assigned. Reception committee set Teams are on the assigned  jobs..Mali on the job of Jagan CD. Decisions by Discussion is the hallmark of our democratic tradition  March on Comrades to Madurai to show your mettle and maturity..

  • Conference Posters

  • Delegates Credential Form -Branch Secretaries are requested  to list the name of delegates/ visitors and send to Reception Committee  as well as to Circle union for proper arrangement well in advance

  • Thus Spoke Dr Ambedkar

  • Conference Invitation    மதுரை மாநாட்டு அழைப்பிதழ்

  • Posters Despatch Note by General Secy RC Com Sethu to respective SSAs


    வணக்கம். மாநாட்டிற்கான அழைப்பிதழ் மற்றும் போஸ்டர்கள் அனுப்பப்பட்டு வருகின்றன. ஆண்டறிக்கை, வரவு செலவு அறிக்கை வேலைகள் நடந்து வருகின்றன. மாநாட்டிற்கு 1200 தோழர்களுக்கு குறைவில்லாமல் வருவர் என அறிகிறோம். சில மாவட்டங்கள் தங்களுக்கான மாநாட்டு நிதியை இதுவரை தரவில்லை. தராத மாவட்ட செயலர்கள் இக்கடமையை உடன் நிறைவேற்றிட வேண்டும். சில பொறுப்பாளர்கள் தங்கள் போட்டோக்களை தரவில்லை.இனி காத்திருக்க வாய்ப்பில்லை. மாநிலப் பொருளர் மாநில சங்கத்தின் சார்பில் மாவட்ட வாரியாக பெற்ற பகுதிப் பண விவரத்தை தந்து விட்டார். மாவட்ட செயலர்கள்/ கிளை செயலர்கள் கிளைவாரியான விவரத்தை தரவேண்டும். மாநாட்டிற்கான சார்பாளர் விவரத்தை வரவேற்புக்குழுவிற்கும் , மாநில சங்கத்திற்கும் அனுப்பி உதவிட வேண்டுகிறோம்

    -          3-12-12 பட்டாபி  மா.செ

  • Contract Labour DA w.e.f 1-10-12   Rs 66 (C Areas), 81 (B),99(A).. that is daily rated wage from 1-10-12 should be Rs 186, 231,279.. If corporate office endorses the MOL Order, then it will be easy to implement the same in the field units

  • NOV 22 2012 Delhi March from Corporate Office to Jantar mantar- Nearby circles of NFTE participating to observe the call of Forum demanding ITS repatriation

  • DOT-MOC Memo on the Issues of BSNL for Comprehensive examination by COPU

  • Holding JTO exam with 7 years Condition on the basis of Year wise  Vacancies- Process is on... TM LDCE corporate office issued order

  • BSNL Recognition Rules.. CHQ is on the Job of sending collective opinions of 10 Unions

  • District Secretaries are requested to fulfill their Fund assurance given to Reception Committee at the earliest- Those Comrades yet to send photos  are requested once again to send their photos. Kindly verify your quota for the periods 2010, 2011 and send us Branch wise  average membership- Circle Treasurer Com G Jayaraman has already sent the available detail at Circle level to the Dist Secys

  • Arundati Roy on Scams

  • Meeting is fixed on Nov 19th to further discuss and finalise BSNL Recognition Rules- We hope Unions would not start pressing Code of Discipline again to bring any stalemate. Management should expedite the process so that Verification may take place at least by March 2013 to allay the fear that no recognized union for the months together

  • மாவட்டங்களிருந்து பெறப்பட்ட பகுதிப்பண விவரத்தை(2010, 11,செப் 2012 வரை) மாநிலப் பொருளர் தோழர் ஜெயராமன் அனுப்பயிருக்கிறார். மாவட்ட/கிளை செயலர்கள் இவ்வாண்டுகளின் கிளைவாரியான சராசரி உறுப்பினர் விவரத்தை உடன் வருகிற நவ25க்குள் அனுப்புமாறு வேண்டுகிறோம். சார்பாளர் எண்ணிக்கையை மாநாடு ஏற்பாட்டிற்கு உதவிட வரவேற்புக் குழுவிற்கும் தெரியப்படுத்திட வேண்டுகிறோம்- மா.செ 14-11-12

  • Olikkathir Oct 2012 Uploaded

  • Power Grid announced 17000 as Exgratia    NTPC Exgratia 21580 to 35810 

  • Contract Labour Bonus: At Thanjavur Rs 2000 to Contract Labourers and Rs 1500 to Securities... At Cuddalore Rs 1000 to Contract labourers.. We appreciate the efforts of our Comrades Prince Panneer and Killivalavan and their team of Thanjavur and B Rajendran Anandan Sundaramurthi and their team of Cuddalore

  • Management Responded Positively to Our CHQ's Demand- Disciplinary cases initiated after due date would not be a bar to NEPP- Past Cases also to be reviewed- SSA Secretaries are advised to settle the cases accordingly if any. Thanks to CHQ Efforts..

  • BSNL Corporate management failed  squarely to place its Annual Report and Final Accounts for the Year 2011-12 even after 8 months in the public domain- The top management only preaches about giving up govt mind set but never practices.. This shows their utter disregard in the matter of Transparency

  • Voice and Data Article on our PSUs

  • President Com Islam and GS Singh  met Dir HR camping at Chennai along with our Circle Secy and  discussed Verification and staff issues- Enhancing Allowance for PH also emphasised

  • ONGC Enhanced CMRE(Conveyance Mtce Reimbursement) for NE minimum Rs 1280 and maximum 2795  For Executives 6185 and 22665

  • MADURAI CHALO- Olikkathir  Editorial

  • CHQ Editorial -BONUS

  • EPFO Employees 60 days Bonus  Order

  • Defence Employees granted 40 days Bonus- The claim of 41 was reduced one day by MOF         ONGC Issued orders for PRP NE1(W1) 11000  to E9- 76000

  • Grant of Child Care Leave to Female Industrial Defence-Order

  •  Kerala TU Recognition Act defines Sole Bargaining Agent means 51% and above, Principal Bargaining Agent 40% and above, to enter into Joint Bargaining Council 15%/10%... In the BSNL if Principal BA concept is accepted then what is the criteria.. we should define that also to have new rules beyond any ambiguity and to avoid future litigations 

  • ED strike Continues- Postal employees got 60 days Bonus- For ED 2500 ceiling only they issued and so strike entering 4th day      UP Govt announces 30 days Bonus

  • Railway Employees defeated the move of MOF to reduce the number of days and got 78 days Bonus  RS 8975- Railway Board order

  • TN Govt promotional increment  Clarification dt 9-10-12:  it is clarified that the employees on promotion to higher posts on identical scales of pay i.e. in the same pay band and same Grade pay in the revised pay structure are also entitled for the benefit of one increment equal to 3% of Basic Pay (Pay + Grade pay) in the lower post

  • Steel employees of Bokaro gets 18040 as Bonus- Visak, Bhilai getting 18270

  •  Oct 16th Meeting: Participation of 5 GMs from the management level indicate some serious attention from the management side. 10 Unions including the major Unions  NFTE,  BSNLEU, FNTO Stand for New BSNL Rules for Recognition. This can be taken as consensus for formation of New Rules instead of COD. But differences exist on the modalities of Recognition.. We hope that would also be sorted out during further course of discussion. We can read the mind of management only when they issue minutes for Oct 16th Meeting or Giving some draft for future discussion. Normally Industries and Courts do not relish the terminology of Multi Unions. We hope that better sense would prevail for getting New Rules with due democratic spirit of bringing maximum possible representation in the Negotiating machineries

  • Railway Employees may get 78 days Bonus-   Tata Steel Minimum Bonus 18000 and maximum 1, 40,000   BEST Transport Employees to get 5000

  •  Thank You Comrades for observing Dharna on 15th Oct as per the call of Forum on ITS Issue

  •  We wish the (Oct 16th onwards) Indefinite Strike of ED Employees every Success- Kindly support and conduct solidarity Demonstrations

  • We come to know that BSNL  MOU Rating is Fair  that means that we have to get .75 times of our Pay as Bonus. But  DOT and BSNL linking Profit instead of Performance- Another factor is even if you get profit  if MOU Rating is poor then also no Bonus.. What a strange settlement

  •  Delhi MTNL Trade Union Election is over- Mazdoor Sangh of BMS emerged victorious by getting 50 % votes  Total Votes 15089 Mazdoor Sangh Got 7500- The erstwhile NTSF got 5000 votes

  • TTA 40 % LDCE for 2011 Notified - Date of Exam 6-1-2013- Vacancies 323 (Open 187+ SC 86 + ST 50)- Negative Marks Scheme - Last Date for Application 31-10-2011- Prepare Well- See all the Model Papers- SSA DS May arrange Classes

  • Observe Agitational Programme of Forum- Notice Signed by all  GS

  •  To discuss BSNL TU Recognition Rules and Facilities Meeting is Called for on Oct 16th- We  believe that Unions seize this opportunity and do their best to arrive at consensus

  •  Non PLB to CGE  Rs 3454

  •  MTNL Pension Revision for Pre 2007 Retirees- No arrears now

  • Cabinet Clears Insurance Laws Amendments and PFRDA Amendments as expected by more opening to Foreign Investors-  Govt  to face Stiff Opposition in the Parliament and in the Streets to get it legislated..  Be Ready for the Joint Struggles

  • For the Kind attention of DS and Circle Office bearers: When You come to Executive on Oct 7th, bring your Photo, Quota for Conference and Membership particulars as on July 2012

  • New Health Insurance Scheme for TN Govt Employees


  •  OCT 1 BSNL Formation Day- Let Us rededicate ourselves for the onward march of BSNL, one of the finest PSUs

  • Circle Conference Notification

  •  DA Hike 5.8 %  The rate of IDA is 67.3 % from Oct' 12

  • Our Wishes to VISHIST SANCHAR SEVA PADAK Awardees of TNC

  •  Congratulation to Shri N.Chinnasamy TTA and SDE G.Rajarajan for getting Bharat Sanchar Seva Padak... Salem for Best Maintenance Award

  •  2012-13 Q1 Gross Revenue Operator wise and Circle wise

  • One Rank One Pension Cabinet  approval   CG Employees DA 7 %

  • Promotions and Disciplinary cases- Guidelines for Executives  why don't they clarify for NEPP also?

  •   FOR Discussion: BSNL TU Recognition-Some Formulations

  • Letter to GS regarding Waiting List in LDCE

  •  TM RR 2012            TTA DR 2012 Guidelines

  • JAO Part ii  Exam Dec 17th to 19th   TN Vacancies 87(OC 48, SC 20, ST 19)  Exemption Clarification issued

  • All Anti-people's Decisions in one go- Join the National Protest   DAY by organising Demonstration on Sep 20th demanding Government to withdraw Diesel Hike, limiting  Cooking Gas Cylinders, Selling Navaratna Companies, FDI in Retails    Joint Notice of Political Parties

  •  PLR-Productivity Linked Reward Scheme Extended to Port and Dock Employees for the period 2011-2013 -Cabinet approved the extension- 52000 employees to get the benefit

  •  Frustrated Govt in  offensive mood -announcing sweeping liberalization in Retail Sector, Civil Aviation, Broadcasting, Disinvestment in MMTC, NALCO,OIL,HCL- TUs and Opposition parties up in their mood to build movement against these attacks- Let us prepare for the united opposition

  •  TTA Training Order   Roster Order    Best Wishes to all the Trainees

  • For the Kind Attention of Dist Secys: 2011 TTA Exam Vacancy position-Inform us to expedite the process

  • Sep 18th Lunch Hour Demonstration- ITS Issue   Circular( FNTO, PEWA TN also participating)

  • We come to know the sad demise of Veteran TU leader A M Gopu, a valiant fighter to the cause of workers and downtrodden.. We pay our respectful homage

  •  Introduction of NE 12      NEPP from NE11 to  NE12

  • Admissibility of HRA during CCL

  • We are sorry to announce the sad demise of our great Veteran Inder Sen Chaddah, NFTE's guide and evergreen Office Secretary at Delhi today 9th sep. We condole the death of our leader and well wisher


  • MTNL Pension Status

  • Circle Level Opinion Leaders Meeting Held on 6th Sep- CGM explained with his Background Note  the needy action to arrest LL Surrender and Augmentation of Revenue. GMs of all Business Verticals contributed. Circle Leaders enriched the subject matter with their views and agreed to take the message to employees. Com Murali and Pattabi participated and placed our views.

  • Compassionate Ground Appointment-2003 Instructions Withdrawn

  •  Deemed Deputation Till Retirement -PB Act Amendement not for IIS

  •  Aug 12 Olikkathir Uploaded

  • Dismissal Cases and Pension-NFTE's Humane Achievment


  • FCI Child Care Leave Orders  1  2

  • CHQ's Letter to MOC on Pension Issues

  • MC of BSNL has approved the draft note on 78.2.. Board meeting is expected in the last week of August

  • Maruti Workers denied salary till lockout is restored

  • Kindly go thro our views on Para 1 of June 12th Agreement placed in this website on July first.. DOT's fuss about its authority is known, but DOT cannot evade its responsibility of settling 78.2 to the pensioners retired before 31-12-06. We hope Pensioners associations may gear up their agitations for the same and service unions should support them . The unity established by the Telecom Unions should be strengthened to realise the agreement and thereby our hopes..( Para 1 of June 12th Agreement)

  • July18th Maneswar-Maruti Story

  • Talks with IBA not fruitful..Bank Unions to resume their strike ....CG Employees affiliated with Confederation decide to go on one day strike by Dec pressing 50% Merger etc

  • Impressive Camp of Art and Literature at Cuddalore..Thanks to Cuddalore Comrades for very good arrangement Thanks to Tajpal and other 25 poets for their emotional Kavithai on SriLankan Tamils.. Thanks to Raghupathi for introducing the aspects of Street Plays and SRC for introducing proletarian literatures.. Thanks to Mustafa for his inspiring Speech.. Thanks to Tamilmani, Jayaram,Sethu and Jayapal for valuable guidelines to make the event memorable.. Our appreciation to Cyril Trust of Cuddalore for their Commitment and impressive Tamil Vizha

  • VSP-Vishak Steel Workers token strike against 10% Disinvestment on July 25th- 16 Unions including Contract Labourers participated-a complete strike.. Management is not withdrawing the proposal as on date

  • Pre 2007 Retirees MTNL Pension Revision-DOT Memo

  • We have been taking efforts relentlessly to encash the safeguards of Pension for those absorbed employees dismissed in BSNL..We have yet to make the provisions to bring  in actual practice even after 12 years of 37A , after 7 years of Disciplinary rules of 2005.  If we get proper clarification for the Pr CCA TN letter from DOT, then some practical breakthrough is possible. Our CHQ is doing its best to get clarification beyond any doubt..Click latest lr addressed to DOT

  • MTNL Recognised Union postponed the agitation call after talks at the level of Dir HR- Agreement signed  -Copy of the Agreement

  • Bank Unions Strike call deferred for a month after Conciliation talks at DY CLC level. IBA agreed to initiate bipartite talks within a week

  •  BSNL endorsed IDA OM of DPE

  • The Art and Literature Camp of NFTE at Cuddalore-Invitation   JUly 27th

  • CHQ's Editorial Write up

  • Telecom News:
     GSM industry body COAI today said regulator TRAI's analysis that mobile tariff will rise by 15 paise if spectrum is auctioned at its recommended price is "flawed" and "inconsistent with the market realities". 
     An industry body representing mobile phone companies offering services on the CDMA platform asked the telecoms department to take back excess airwaves held by GSM service providers and put them up for auction in addition to 13.75 MHz that will be put up for bidding. Adding that DoT should send notices demanding Rs 36,993 crore from incumbent GSM telcos that have unduly benefited from holding airwaves beyond the contracted limit of 6.2 MHz

  • CHQ lr on the issue of Recognition    On TTAs

  • Kindly Ignore

  • Corporate office has issued a new instruction for GPF Cash authorization-Submission of applications by 20th.. Approval by 25th- Cash authorization by first week subject to the availability of fund.. We are not questioning about some regulation but  why conditioning with availability of fund.. Where the employees fund is going barring DOT? It is a hot issue at local level and we request our CHQ to take up this issue and set things right

  • Excerpts from TU Education Lecture Notes of Com A B Bardhan

  • MTNL Unions' strike Notice:Indefinite strike from July 24th- demanding implementation of 78.2 and against formation of Pension Trust

  • Port Workers week long Campaign for formation of Bipartite Committee for Wage Negotiation and early calculation of PLR-Bonus

  • Applicability of GPF/EPF

  • Thank You Salem-Yercaud Comrades for your green arrangements-Thank You Women wing- Thanks to our Youth comrades participated good in number- Thanks to our leaders Tamilmani, Jayapal, Sethu, Jayaraman, Ashokraj, Noorullah for valuable guidelines-Yercaud meet would stand evergreen in our memory lane

  • May 8 (17 hrs) and May 9-Circle Executive at Kumbakonam


  • April 14 Women's Wing- Youth Council Meet at Salem Yercaud Contact No: Com Noorullah 9443263646      Invitation  Notice  Venue: Hotel KC, Near Lake, Yercaud



  •  Sr TOA Trng Postponed-We shall try our best to take care of the interests of NEPP Beneficiaries and Straight SrTOA beneficiaries without any conflict of interests

  •  Circle Admn is requested to seek fund for early payment of GPF and Cyclone Advance

  • SrTOA Trng Class is to commence on 9-1-12. Seats are allotted to SSAs. Some Comrades are pressing for postponement in order to get the benefit of NEPP. We have brought the issue to the knowledge of Admn.

  •  The New Year is expected to ring in higher call rates but with little improvement in service quality. Call rates in India crashed following intense competition since 2008 in anticipation of new players entering the market. In fact, players ranked sixth or below in any service area today incur a loss on almost every customer they have on the network.
    Yet, with little or no investment capital or motivation, analysts expect companies will retain the benefits from higher pricing rather than expanding services aggressively.
      -ET News

  • CMD's Message



  • It was reported by SNEA that their leaders met com A B Bharadan GS CPI and appraised him the issues of 3G and BWA. In turn Com ABB assured them all help

  • We apprehend downgrading of Circles / SSAs may spoil Revenue assurances and may lead to further erosion   in a highly competitive and surcharged atmosphere of Telecom Industry



  • Working Pattern -OM dt13-9-11-Note:Sep13,2011 OM is not superceding 2004 order. It just lists various instructions regarding working pattern. Restoration of 5 days week is possible only if we get orders superceding 2004 orders. We have asked our CHQ to enquire the authority which warranted  them to issue this Unwarranted OM. If they want to issue clarification on CSC's working pattern , let them issue specific guidelines beyond any doubt.






Circle Secretary & Editor: Com. R.Pattabiraman
Phone: 044-22652296
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