Letter to CGM




 Respected Sir,

First of all , we extend our sincere thanks and warm greetings to made your kind presence and motivational speech.

we all  and our union attendees are very much impressed with details provided in your speech. Already you have covered several points focused by us. How ever we put forth the points to your consideration

  • Opinion leaders meet at circle / SSAleve, works committee /LJCM periodically.
  • Cluster :- Cap or contractors not nore tha 30% working lines.
  • Nodal officer ensure strict supervison and penalty clause. l
  • Postings of necessary staff by contaractors, qualified persons to BB/Modem faults and Leased lines
  • Monthly review by DE/DGM weekly review by SDE/DE.
  • Ensure Bills in time and salary in time to avoid leaving the job ,
  • Steps to attend the Primary faults and more than 50 pairs rest with BSNL materials supply or separate method to be resorted to remove primary faults.
  • Working lines commuted after the Azeem plan, office/tele exge service connections/NPD/ safe cutosy before payment of bills in every month.
  • BTS MTCE:- Battery/startup Battery/diesel and un interrupted service to High revenue BTS/Sharing BTS /link then thro OFC ring. Dark fiber may be used where battery back up not available.
  • High revenue  ILL,PRI,thro ring inpossible area.
  • Rural exchanges with 20 to 50 lines may be analyzed  on micro level and non  profitable exchanges may be closed on the basis of expenses over revenue.
  • RF lines may be provided MLLN,non MLLN banl Ccts.
  • CM :- BTS/Transmission/OLTE/DSL/AMS/CPAN lines need more teams may be formed to attend fault to keep  UPTIME 99.5%. Training may be imported to all technical cadre in all new  Technology at SSA level.
  • FTTH:- Higher charges levied by contactors curbed to earn confidence of Cutomers. In this regard J&K, issued guide lines for Installation Charges Modem cost Etc.. ‘Similar rate guide lines may be issue by our circle office and nodal officer to strict scrutiny of the same.
  • The BSNL working Staff taking FTTH Lco in benami name and misusing their official position / official VPN mode( AT kumbakonam) caused providing New FTTH and their expansion. The kumbokonam is the clear example fighting for last place in provision fo FTTH. This has to be reviewed.
  • CSC :- CSC to continued to provide service enhanced manner and prominent place  for customers to locate easily. TT cadres may be used for CSC after importing training.  Ensure CSC cash collection center should be available all forms E-payment method including POS compulsorily. More collection agents with thrush hold limit to collect the bills at door step. Payment thro E payment and special counters to assist the same in CSC.

Other services :- E- team for providing short video plan high lights thro all social media Teams for sales marketing of FTTH, Air fiber  VAS, OTT Etc potential field  to be  explored.

In this regard our  members and union to extend our co-operation whole heartedly to improve services and revenue. This meeting is very helpful in this regard. We once again thank tou sir , for providing this opportunity to our union.

Thanking you, 


K.Natarajan,Circle Secretary,

NFTE- BSNL ,Thamilnadu.