CGM letter



The Chief General Manager,

BSNL, Tamilnadu Circle


Respected Sir,

Sub:- Cluster out-sourcing and deterioration of service in SSA-reg

We are very painful to point out that the fault restoration of LL/BB/Leased Circuits /NPC, etc.,are neglected by the Contractors resulting in closure of LL/BB in a big-way.

No mechanism is in place to arrest the closures at SSAlevels. The cluster in-charge BSNL officers never care to pull up the contractor for non-performance. There is no mechanism for the customers to book faults other than by IVRS. Many of the small exchanges (20 LL to 50 LL) are completely ignored by the contractors. These exchanges have Govt. connections like hospital,police station EB, Revenue Dept., etc. .Because of this treatment our customer base is shrinking. The Contractor ready to pay penal charges instead of giving service to these exchanges.

  1. Moreover, the major contractor Navitelhas been allotted 70% of the Lines inTamilnaduCircle. But till date they have not appointed required staff to handle the LL/BB/Leased lines. No qualified persons are posted to handle Modem and BB faults. No supervisor was posted to supervise the work done or faults.So, we request to blacklist the above contractor and alternative arrangements to be madeon a war footing. More over the NPC booked are ordered manually So there is delay in executing the NPC. Contractors are to be made accountable for closure of LL/BB due to their inefficiency and poor service. Only landline faults were attended in some places. Payments in respect of clusters where work force isnot engaged for restoration of faults should not be made.
  2. No materials are supplied by almost all the contractors, not even a bit of drop wire.
  3. No ADSL/FTTH modemsare configured or fault attended by the contractors since they don’t have qualified hands in this regard. CSCs forced to do the job of contractor.
  4. The cluster in charge BSNL officers are not caring for non-attendance of faults or to extract work from agencies. No proper mechanism is devised to check the fault clearance. The unit officer is to be made responsible to check all the parameters before certifying the bills submitted by the Contractor.  No bill payments should be made to contractors in the event of non-compliance of Tender conditions. We suggest that the BSNL officers are made accountable for fault duration, closure of LL/BB etc
  5. No payment be made on account of Azeem and NPD connections. Our hard-earned money should not be taken away by the contactors.  Each month the average working connections calculated for payment is to be tallied correctly.
  6. Proper mechanism may be evolved from the DGM CFA to SDE level to monitor the fault restoration system at Cluster levels. Regular review meeting to be held every week and the cluster contractor may be pulled up if needed.
  7. A task force may be formed among existing regular employees to attend prolonged faults/important leased circuits, high end customers and such service chargesbe levied from contractor.
  8. A weekly review by AGM/DGM level with cluster supervisor along with the SDE/cluster in charge has to be conducted.
  9. For each jumper in MDF we are paying Rs3.50. So far, no person is posted in MDFs. The charges in this regard may be withheld or not paid at all.
  10.  The faults booked in 198 system only are attended. The customers had the practice of recording faults in a note book available in exchanges and such faults are not attended resulting in closure of LLs. Kindly do needful to attend such faults also. This is happening in small exchanges where no person is posted.
  11.  Display flex board for cluster in charge Service numbers and contractor’s numbersfor the information of the customers may be provided where ever necessary.
  12. It is said that inner Zone faults are not attended by the contractor. If so, these numbers also may be reduced from the billspayable to the contractor
  13. Supply of proper tools by contractor to attend the faults may be ensured by the cluster in charge.

We have more to add, but we request you to stream line the fault clearance and restore the confidence of the customers.

The Union Cabinet decided mandatory use of BSNL lines by PSU/Govt and their agencies. At this juncture we have rally all the forces to improve the services.

We urge upon you to take all efforts for improvement of services and assure you that we are ready to cooperate in this regard.

 2)  We also to bring to your kind notice and consideration of plight of Contract employees who were denied rightful wages for the period they have worked.

The Honourable Chennai High Court directed the BSNL on 16/10/2020  to deposit the wages in instalment and all the due wages should be paid before 20/12/2020 with schedule.

Our circle union resolved to seek your attention and early settlement of the above. We have decided to observe DHARNA on 03/11/2020 over the above issues.

Our views may be taken in the interest of service and hope that needful will be done to restore confidence of workers and customers.

With best regards,