to CGM letter


The Chief General Manager, Tamilnadu,

Greams Road, Chennai.

Respected Sir,

Sub:-  External plant service deterioration  resulted the customer dissatisfaction -Reg

Due to corona the LL/BB/ FTTH service is at most necessary for all the Loyal customers are depending BSNL service. The out sourcing the External plant in this period without proper planning resulted closure of LL/BB and migrated to other operators. This is the situation all over the Tamilnadu circle/BA.

We wish to draw your urgent attention and needy action to set right the things in war foot manner to retain our customer base.  We suggest the following.

  1. The Contactor particularly  Nevitel  not engaged required /Nil  workforce to handle the fault. Only landline faults were attended in some places. No qualified technical  person engaged for BB, Leased Circuits, and FTTH. No supervisor was posted to supervise the work done or faults cleared. The cluster where work force not engaged for restoration of faults, the payment should not be effected.
  2. No materials was supplied by the any contractor , not even a bit of drop wire.
  3. No ADSL/FTTH modem configured  or fault attended by the contractor  since they don’t have qualified hands in this regard.
  4. The cluster in charge of  BSNL officers   are not cared for the faults attended or not caring to extract work from agencies. No proper mechanism to check the fault clearance. The unit officer responsibility is to check all the parameters before certifying the bill vouchers submitted by the Contractor.  No bills payment should be made to contractors for non compliance of  the Tender conditions.
  5. No payment  on account of Azeem and  NPD connections . Our hard earned money should not be taken off by the contactor.  Each month the average working connections calculated for payment is ensured with correctness.
  6. Proper mechanism may be evolved from  DGM CFA to SDE the cluster incharge to monitor the fault restoration  system.
  7. A task force formed among existing regular employees to attend prolonged faults/important leased circuits  and the service charge is levied from contractor .
  8. A review by AGM/DGM level in every week and meeting with cluster supervisor by SDE/cluster in charge.
  9. For each jumper  in MDF we are paying Rs3.50 for each line available in MDF. So for no person is posted in MDF. So the charges in this regard  may be withheld or not  to be paid.
  10.  The faults booked in 198 system only attended. The customers had the practice of recording faults  in note book available in exchanges were not attended resulted closure of LL. Kindly do needful mechanism in this regard. This is happening in small exchanges where no person is posted .
  11. Provide  display  flex board  for  cluster in charge Service nos and contractor nos to the customers  where ever necessary.
  12. Inner Zone faults are not attended by the contractor. If so these nos also reduced from the bill to contractor
  13. Supply of proper tools by contractor to attend the faults ensured by the cluster incahrge.
  14.  Proper I/D card is absolutely necessary t o all contract employees by the respective contractors to avoid any  untoward  incidents .( in Coimbatore uniform also agreed  by the contractor)

Our suggestion is made to improve the service efficiency, maximise revenue only not finding fault on any one.

All violations of Tender conditions, engaging minimum force,No qualified hands to Attend BB/modem  faults, closing the faults without attending are brought to our union notice..

So kindly request you to take appropriate action to restore the confidence of Customers is very much solicited 

The payment of bills should be made after though scrutiny of work done by the contractor.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,