• It was reported by SNEA that their leaders met com A B Bharadan GS CPI and appraised him the issues of 3G and BWA. In turn Com ABB assured them all help
  • We apprehend downgrading of Circles / SSAs may spoil Revenue assurances and may lead to further erosion   in a highly competitive and surcharged atmosphere of Telecom Industry



  • Working Pattern -OM dt13-9-11-Note:Sep13,2011 OM is not superceding 2004 order. It just lists various instructions regarding working pattern. Restoration of 5 days week is possible only if we get orders superceding 2004 orders. We have asked our CHQ to enquire the authority which warranted  them to issue this Unwarranted OM. If they want to issue clarification on CSC’s working pattern , let them issue specific guidelines beyond any doubt.