Denigratory Anti SC/ST Move, Repulsive and Heinous Face of BSNL Employees Union🇺🇳🇺🇳🇺🇳🇺🇳🇺🇳🇺🇳🇺🇳
Dear Circle, District, Branch Office Bearers, Bonafide Members and Well Wishers of SEWA,Jai Bhim 

After made an Alliance with NFTE in 2016, Shri P Abhimanyu GS BSNLEU, due to exasperation, on the basis of their rapid swift diminishing membership and to put a stop to growing strength of SEWA  and to bring down bargaining capacity of SEWA, has badly expressed in his writings and has written many complaints wilfully to BSNL Management in several occasions against SEWA and its smood functioning.
In his unlawful, illegitimate, illogical and unethical correspondence, he has made every effort to ” Defunct the Sewa” at his maximum level pressurizing, compelling and engrossing BSNL Management by misusing their recognition status to keep off SEWA from the discussions on main issues.
Not only that but also, he was relentlessly creating immeasurable disputes thru ” some  Pawns” and filing cases against SEWA by using their own innocent “Puppets/Dual Members” of SC/ST communities as an instrument to obliterate proper functioning of our distinguished SEWA.
Infact, though he  belonging to a ” SC ” Community and availed all the benifits of SC/ST Reservation roster, he carry hatred always and choose disgracefully to keep on his mindset always against SC/STs and our well built Association SEWA. Despite the fact that we have maintained more patience, magnanimity and propriety without any annoyance to continue “Cordiality” with them & others in the interest of common cause.
But due to the Criminal and comdemnable unlawful act of the very same Shri P Abhimanyu GS BSNLEU, misusing, copying scanned signature of GS SEWA, unauthorizedly in an undesirable and deplorable manner in the Agitational Programme notice issued on 06-07-2018 and also, his repugnant, hideous, discourteous, deceitful and crafty activities caused / pulled SEWA to ” Desist from AUAB programmes from 11-07-2018 to till date.
In the Juncture, Now, BSNLEU, has again started giving troubles to SEWA and has made 2 complaints in writing to BSNL management on 20-05-2019 against SEWA. One is taking up of General issues by SEWA in the Periodical Meeting with BSNL Management and Another One is Forming Election Alliance by SEWA with participating unions.
In the First complaint made by BSNLEU related to General issues against SEWA, it has been stated that the SEWA has taken up many Agenda items for the Periodical meeting which are General in nature and are not exclusively related to the SC/ST Employees. The complaint of Shri P Abhimanyu GS BSNLEU against SEWA was communicated to SCT Cell on 19-06-2019 by SR Cell of BSNLCO and now CLO SCT has communicated this to our GS on 10-07-2019.
We have seen that during recognition period of BSNLEU, have lost all the facilities such as Medical, LTC, CGA, Bonus, 5th Promotion in NEPP as promised by them, Perks due from 2007, Pay anomaly, stagnation etc. Apart from it BSNLEU have failed to settle the issue of 3rd PRC. Now, getting salary also a big problem and Hard working Contract Labourers salary also pending tragedically for the past 6 months.Revival and Survival plan of BSNL threatening All the Employees. In many places, even the expenses of maintenance or some other works also Shared by Employees.
This is the prevailing bad finamcial condition of BSNL. But instead to concentrate on this enormous vital pending issues, BSNLEU shamelessly focussing its efforts and energy only in disrupting SEWA on hatred and communal aversion. By causing a disturbance or problem to SEWA shows and proves its Repulsive and Heinous Face against SC/ST  and our esteemed SEWA.
This is a dangerous Anti SC/ST Move by BSNLlEU. In BSNL, BSNLEU alone choosing the nasty track against SEWA and its sovereignty. No other Unions or Associations were daringly made such a despicable communication to the BSNL management upto to the present except awful BSNLEU. No doubt BSNLEU is a hundred percent Anti SC/ST Association and having hidden agenda to impair SEWA gradually by wearing fake red mask.
The Second illegal and undemocratic complaint is made by Shri P Abhimanyu GS BSNLEU regarding 8th Membership Verification. In the complaint, Shri P Abhimanyu of Bsnleu  has mentioned that the Sewabsnl is meddling in the membership verification process by forming alliance with the participants unions and thereby tresspassing the limits of its functioning. It is further stated by Shri P Abhimanyu, Sewabsnl had entered into alliance with the NFTE in 7th Membership Verification and the members belonging to SEWA in the rank of SDE, DE and DGM misused their official powers in many places. They Coersed members of Bsnleu to vote for NFTE. 
Now, at the dictate of Shri P Abhimanyu GS Bsnleu, SCT cell of BSNL Corporate office has undemocratically and unlawfully advised Sewa to refrain from forming alliance with any union participating in membership verification.
The BSNLEU had not made any complaint against SEWA before 2016.Because, You are all well aware that BSNLEU used alliance with SEWA thru an agreement of alliance thrice in the 4th, 5th and 6th membership verification to defeat NFTE.  In the all 3 Agreements with SEWA,  they assured that All efforts will be taken vigorously to get relaxation of 1 or 2 years reduction to SC/ST Officials for promotions in NEPP and also evolution for promotions. Previously they were made this  Agreement with management fully abolishing Reservation for Promotions in NEPP.
Thereafter, after successive winning, it betrayed SEWA by showing disloyalty and Cheated SC/ST Employees without taking any strong steps to get Reservation benefits for Gr-C & D SC/ST officials in NEPP. Instead, BSNLEU engineered split in SEWA and propagated that it has the support of ” real ” SEWA in membership verification by keeping few stooges. 
In the year 2016 onwards, We Streamlined and took charge of  SEWA and didnot allow them SEWA to be handled by Shri P Abhimanyu GS BSNLEU and hence, now BSNLEU written to the management illegally feloniously without any democratic principles, in reality, tresspassing the limits of its functioning without any authority and to stop Sewabsnl  supporting NFTE or any one of contesting union in the forthcoming 8th membership verification.
When SEWA extended Strong Public Support to BSNLEU in Several ( 3 ) Membership Verification from 2008 to 2016, Shri P Abhimanyu had no grievance. Now when that Support is not available to his Union, he has shamelessly started giving troubles to SEWA and approach the management with illegal undemocratic complaint against SEWA. This is the character of BSNLEU. The act of Shri P Abhimanyu is strongly Condemnable. The dirty Game of BSNLEU mist be defeated by us and Shri P Abhimanyu must not be allowed anymore to back stab Sewa.
Hence SC/ST Employees working in BSNL,  Office Bearers, Members and Well Wishers of SEWA,Should take it as serious :  Awake:  Be effective to teach a Lesson: Workout a Stiff methodology to firmly go against: to Strongly Counter against: to Shrewdly fight against BSNLEU for its Anti SC/ST ( Sewa)  Activities to Safe-guard our rights in the larger interest of SC/STs Working in BSNL