Telecom editorial

Foreword to Massive Strike
The All unions and Associations of BSNL have given a strike call for two days on Dec. 12th and 13th
after dispassionately assessing the situation. The message and importance of the strike should be taken
forward to every employee and executive to make it a very massive one. Preparatory Meetings as sched-
uled by all unions should be organized in centers with the participation of General Secretaries and CHQ
office bearers. The district unions should organize centralized meetings with circle secretaries and circle
office bearers. Branch level coordination should also be ensured for reaching out every employee for par-
ticipation. The other tasks like Human Chain and Memo to MPs should be done effectively.
There may be information regarding positive attitude of BSNL, pushing its suggestion /approval/ ap-
peal to DOT for permitting the company to settle wage revision as the company is in its revival mode.
There may be question why then strike for two days. The reasons should be elaborated to our rank and
file so that to make them to understand the compelling situation to show our anger.
The strike is not only for the question of wage revision, also for demanding the GOI to stop its steps
to dismantle our tower assets by creating separate tower company and helping private telcos to make
inroads in the name of strategic partner. This decision of cabinet is unfair and undemocratic as the stake
holders like employees are kept in dark without any consultation or even information.
The other main issue is wage revision. Though GOI has setup 3rd PRC and accepted the recommen-
dations and issued DPE guidelines, BSNL is not a company eligible to implement the said 3rd PRC Wages
to its executives. The conditions are very stringent and no loss making units would get any wage revision
as per the existing guidelines. The steps taken by the BSNL Management regarding the wage revision
may be considered as sympathetic one towards its staff executives but cannot be taken as an authorized
action on the basis of the existing DPE guidelines. It is reported that MOC is also having the view that it
is difficult for him to go beyond cabinet decision.
When NFTE BSNL is demanding Bilateral wage negotiating committee comprising both Union side
and Official side and start wage negotiation with the non executive unions , BSNL management is replying
us that there is no guideline from DPE to enable them to start any negotiation with the non executives.
Non Executives can get their wage revision only when they get some agreement with the management.
DPE has replied back to NFTE when demanding, that the guidelines to start negotiation with workmen
is in active consideration. But even if that guideline is issued, it would be helpful only when exemption
clause for loss making units is there.
The environment for the next wage revision as on today is not congenial and is detrimental to the
interests of both executives and non- executives. The road to travel may demand perennial struggles to
make the Government to yield for getting either the necessary amendments in the existing guidelines or
seeking one time exemption to BSNL. Organise the strike effectively so that the closed door open. Let us
be united at every level and bring resounding victory to the cause of the strike.