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Last Modified:16-5-2017






  • 19-5-17 Our Circle Secretary com Natarajan addressed the session of BSNLEU TN Circle confernce held at Erode . In his address our leader emphasised the unity of the two recognised unions and the entire telecom workers to face wage Revision and other challenges. We wish the conference every success.

  • 19-5-17 WFTU Asia Pacific Regional Meet held at Chennai. Arrangements were made by AIBEA. NFTE leaders com SSG and Kamaraj participated as delegates. Com SSG addressed the session amongst the presence of international delegates and narrated the attacks on the working class in India and particularly the challenges faced by telecom workers.

  • 16-5-17 May 17th Charismatic Leader Com Jagan's 87th year of Birthday. At chennai comrades of Workers study centre organises a special lecture to mark the occassion. Com C H Venkatachalam GS AIBEA is to deliver keynote address. The meeting venue is AITUC Office, Time 17 hrs on 17-5-17. All are cordially invited.

  • 30-4-17 அனைவருக்கும் மேதின நல்வாழ்த்துகள்

  • 25-4-17 Our Chq has been pursuing the issue of Compassionate appointments as per the existing GOI Guidelines. In TN the issue has been taken previously in circle council also. Approval for cases of 39 families was given. The concerned families will get the orders shortly. Dist Secys are requested to check and inform us if any genuine case is left out

  • 23-4-17 டெல்லியில் போராடும் விவசாயிகளுக்கு ஆதரவாக, கோரிக்கைகளை தீர்க்க வற்புறுத்தி நமது தொழிற்சங்கங்களின் கூட்டு ஆர்ப்பாட்ட அறைகூவல்-ஏப்ரல் 25 சிறப்பாக பங்கேற்பீர்

  • 20-4-17 கார்ல் மார்க்ஸ் 200 ஆம் ஆண்டு- தோழர் D.ஞானையா

  • 20-4-17 MTNL இணைப்பு- ஒலிக்கதிர்

  • 15-4-17 CG TU Leaders are Reporting that the final conclusive recommendations of the Allowance Committee will be sent to cabinet at the earliest. We hope their minimum will be revised and allowances will be taken care of. Earlier the Confederation reported that the Pension Option 1 was rejected by the committee. Let us wait and see how things are being shaped.

  • 15-4-17 BSNL has issued guidelines for informal meetings to all non recognised unions and associations. It is advised that outright rejection is not correct. We hope this would give some solace to all unions

  • 7-4-17 ஏப்ரல் 8- தோழ்ர் குப்தாவின் சிந்தனை செயல் நினைவுகள் நம்மை வழிநடத்தட்டும்

  • 4-4-17 STR Circle Formation Conference was held at Chennai on April 3rd. Employee’s delegates from all over South India participated and made the conference a good one. NFTE BSNL GS com C Singh inaugurated the confernce. Comrades Rajmouli, Krishna Reddy, Chandrasekar Rao, Natarajan, Mohan kumar, Elangovan representing the 6 circles of South India addressed the session. Com SSG, Kamaraj Chq leaders explained the issues and greeted the conference. Comrades sethu Murali, Chennakesavan Selvamconveyed their wishes and addressed the session. Senior Leader Com RK was honoured on his 75th Birth anniversary with Smt Sowdha by giving standing ovation. Shri Sivaraj CGM STR, Senthil Vasan GM, Ganesan Rtd GM all participated in the seminar and gave valuable speeches. Com pattabi participated in the seminar. Comrades UdhayaSooriyan, Duraiarasan, Rajasekar from Executive unions addressed the session. Com NarasimmaMurthi, Anbazhagan, SundaraBabu were elected as Circle president, Secretary and Treasurer. Com RK delivered his inspirational concluding remarks. Senior leaders Nagarajan of Bangalore, NK of TN made their presence. We wish the team every success

  • 31-3-17 IDA Decrease by 2.3 % -119.5 to 117.2 % from April 2017

  • 28-3-17 BSNL நிர்வாகம் மூன்றாவது ஊதிய கமிட்டியின் பரிந்துரை மீது தன் கருத்துக்களை சற்று விமர்சன பார்வையுடனும் லட்சக்கணக்கான அதிகாரிகள் அதை தொடர்ந்து ஊழியர்களுக்கு நியாயம் வழங்கவேண்டிய அவசியத்தை வலியுறுத்தியும் DOTக்கு எழுதியுள்ளது. பொதுத்துறை ஊழியர்களில் 16 சதம் அளவிற்குள்ள நமது துறைக்கு தனித்த கவனத்தை ஊதிய கமிட்டி தந்திருக்கவேண்டும் என்ற கருத்தை நிர்வாகம் வெளியிட்டுள்ளது அரசாங்கம் முடிவெடுத்தவுடன் தங்கள் அதிகாரிகளுக்கு 15 சதம் ஊதிய முன்னேற்றம் தந்திட அனுமதிக்கவேண்டும் என்ற வேண்டுகோளும் விடப்பட்டுள்ளது. போராட்டங்களை தவிர்க்கவும், போட்டி சூழலை உணர்ந்து ஊழியர்களை உற்சாகப்படுத்தவும், லாபம்நோக்கிய திசையில் பயணிக்க துவங்கும் நிறுவனத்தில் முழுமையான் அமுலாக்கம் அவசியம் என நிர்வாகம் கருத்து சொல்லியிருக்கிறது. பென்ஷன் பங்களிப்பும் கூட இறுதி நிலையில் கூடாது, அவரவர் சமபள நிலையில் என கோரியுள்ளது.ஊழியர்கள் கம்பெனிக்குள் நுழையாமல் இருந்திருந்தால் 7வது ஊதியக்குழு பரிந்துரையை அவர்கள் பெற்றிருப்பார்கள் என்கிற தனித்தனமை கணக்கில் கொள்ளப்படவேண்டும் எனவும் நிர்வாகம் அழுத்தமாக கடிதம் எழுதியுள்ளது. அரசு ஏற்கவேண்டும்

  • 16-3-17 Postal Unions Report success of their strike on march 16th demanding the implementation of allowances and Pension option no 1 ( like OROP). Railway leader and JCM NC secretary has written letter to Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh about Minimum Wage, multiplication factor, pension etc. Govt is replying in parliament that they have yet to get the recommendations of Allowance Committee etc. Thanks to all our comrades wherever solidarity extended to the strike of confederation affiliated Unions. It is positive that FNPO joined the strike.

    Thanks to all our leaders and comrades for well organised demo call of our Chq and our forum demanding DPE guidelines etc

  • 7-3-17 March 8: IWD 2017 campaign theme: Be Bold For Change

    UN WOMEN Theme :“Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030”.

  • 6-3-17 Organise Call attention day for wage revision:- The circle/District unions will organise “Call attention day” on dt- 16-03-2017 lunch hour demonstration expeditious notification of DPE guidelines for wage revision

    கோழிக்கோடு மத்திய தேசீயகுழு முடிவு அடைப்படையில் 16/03/2017 அன்று DPE ஊதிய மாற்றம் செய்திட வழிகாட்டும் உத்திரவை NON-EXECUTIVE ஊழியர்களுக்கு வழங்கிட கோரி ஆர்ப்பாட்டம் நடத்திட அறைகூவல் விடுத்துள்ளது. கூட்டணி சங்கங்களையும் இணைத்து நடத்திட மாநில செயற்குழு வேண்டிக்கொள்கிறது.

  • 6-3-17 நமது தமிழ் மாநில செயற்குழு சேலத்தில் மார்ச் 4 அன்று தலைவர் காமராஜ் தலைமையில் சிறக்க நடைபெற்றது. தோழர் ந்டராஜன் மாநில செயலர் நிகழ்ச்சிநிரலையையும் நடைபெற்ற வேலைகள் குறித்தும் உரையாற்றினார். தோழமை சங்கத்தலைவர்கள் கிருஷ்ணன், பாலகிருஷ்ணன் உரையாற்றினர். சம்மேளன செயலர் தோழர் எஸ் எஸ் ஜி, தோழர் முத்தியாலு சிறப்புரையாற்றினார்கள். மாவட்ட செயலர்கள், மாநிலசங்க நிர்வாகிகள் விவாதத்தில் பங்கேற்றனர். தோழர் சேது நிறைவுரை நல்கினார். பட்டாபி துவக்கிவைத்தார்.தோழர்கள் ஆர்.கே, தமிழ்மணி , சம்மேளன செயலர் ஜெயராமன் செயற்குழு சிறக்க வாழ்த்துகளை அனுப்பியிருந்தனர். தோழர்கள் லட்சம், எம் எஸ் போன்றோர் பங்கேற்று உற்சாகப்படுத்தினர். சேலம் தோழர்கள் பாலகுமார்- வெங்கட் டீம் மிக சிறந்த ஏற்பாடுகளை அற்புதமாக செய்திருந்தனர். சேலம் மாவட்ட சங்கத்திற்கு பாராட்டும் நன்றியும். பங்கேற்ற அனைவருக்கும் நன்றி. தீர்மானங்கள் இணைக்கப்பட்டுள்ளன

  • 3-3-17 3rd PRC Gist in Tamil

  • 27-2-17 3rd PRC Report in Public Domain Full Report at NFTE Vellore Web

  • 27-2-17 வங்கி ஊழியர் பிப் 28 போராட்டம், நெடுவாசல் மக்கள் இயக்கத்திற்கு ஆதரவு தெரிவித்து மாநில செயலர் அறிக்கை

  • 25-2-17 மாநில செயற்குழு அழைப்பிதழ்

  • 23-2-17 Constitution of National Council    Circle Council of TN

  • 15-2-17 Calicut National executive: The NEC of NFTE BSNL was held at Kozhikode on 13th and 14th of Feb 2017. Com Islam presided over and GS com C Singh Narrated the affairs, challenges and actions taken by the Union. Com Amarjit Gaur of AITUC inaugurated the session with her fiery speech expressing the role of Trade Unions in setting right the ill effects of Govt Policies. Circle Secretaries and central Office Bearers participated in the debate and enriched the discussion. On behalf of TamilNadu our Circle Secretary Com Natarajan made his debut speech and it was appreciated by all. He focused the immediate challenges like Wage Revision,Bonus for 15-16 Niti Aayog, Tower Company and other issues that need settlement for the benefit various cadres. He appealed the CHQ to take up the issue of Wage Revision of Contract Labourers as per the GOI Notification. Com P Kamaraj was a member of Resoultion committee and he played a good role in drafting the resoultions and placing the same in the house for adoption. Com Seshathri, Com Mathivanan, Com Natarajan, , Dani, Mahavir were nominated for Wage Revision internal Committee. A broader Wage committee Coopting the Alliance leaders were also proposed. The NEC appeals to BSNLEU also to have a joint committee of both the recognized Unions to work in tandem to achieve fair Wage Revision within a short duration of time. Com SSG secretary Federation addressed the session and delivered vote of Thanks at the end of the opening session which was addressed by leaders like Binoy Viswam , N D Ram GS of SEWA, Vijayakumar DGS of TEPU. Comrades G Jayaraman Secy Fed, Subbarayan, Kamaraj, Natarajan, Chennakesavan addressed and explained the proceedings of the session in our Tamilnadu Participants Meet. Comrades Murali, Sridhar, Selvam, palaniyappan,Balakumar, Vijay, Venkat, Mani- Muniyan,Killi,Logu-Rajkumar with their good team of comrades and pattabi participated and encouraged our Circle Union. The ‘Adopted Resolutions’ will be placed by our CHQ shortly. Thanks to all comrades particpated.Thanks to Kerala Comrades Latika, Michael and their team for their fine hospitality

  • 12-2-17 March 4,2017 Circle Executive at Salem- Notification

  • 11-2-17 Our National Executive Meeting is going to be held at Calicut on 13th and 14th Feb, 2017. Circle Secretary com Natarajan, Secretaries Federation Com SSG, GJ and NEC Invitee Com P Kamaraj are participating. Many of our leading and active comrades are also coming to NEC as observers. The NEC will discuss major issues like Wage Revision, Niti Aayog, Tower Corporation and all other employees issues. Our Circle Union wishes the success of NEC

  • 28-1-17 கிரிம்ஸ்ரோடு தலைமைபொதுமேலாளர் அலுவலக வளாகத்தில் மாநில சங்க செயல்பாட்டிற்கான புதிய் அலுவலக திறப்புவிழா தலைவர் காமராஜ் தலைமையில் 27-1-17 அன்று சிறக்க நடந்தது. மாநில செயலர் நடராஜன் வரவேற்று உரையாற்றினார். CGM, PGM ,GMs பங்கேற்று சங்க அலுவலகத்தை திறந்துவைத்து உரைஆற்றினர். தோழர்கள் ஆர்.கே, முத்தியாலு, எஸ் எஸ் ஜி, பட்டாபி நமது இயக்க தலைவர்கள் படம் திறந்து வாழ்த்துரை நல்கினர். பல்வேறு சங்கத்தலைவர்கள், அதிகாரிபெருமக்கள், நூற்றுக்கணக்கான நமது தோழர்கள் தோழியர்கள் விழாவை சிறப்பித்தனர். ஸ்ரீதர், செல்வம், இளங்கோ உள்ளிட்ட கடலூர் தோழர்கள், சென்னகேசவன், அல்லி, லோகு உள்ளிட்ட வேலூரு தோழர்கள், பாலகுமார் உள்ளிட்ட சேலம் தோழர்கள், அன்பழகன் உள்ளிட்ட் STR தோழர்கள்,குமாரதாஸ் உள்ளிட்ட சிவில் தோழர்கள், சென்னை வாழ் முன்னாள் நிர்வாகிகள் பங்கேற்றனர். தோழர்கள் முரளி, மனோஜ், நந்தகுமார் டீம் மிக சிறப்பாக விழா ஏற்பாடுகளை செய்திருந்தனர். அனவருக்கும் நன்றி

  • 21-1-17 Minimum Wages for Central Sphere Notified for Contract Labourers. In supersession of the earlier order of May 20, 2009 , MOL has issued new order on 19th Jan 2017. Daily wages for unskilled are notified as Rs 350, 437, 523 for C,B,A areas with VDA 1.29, 1.61, 1.93. The other conditions are same as existed in the 2009 orders. BSNL CO should endorse this notification as done in the case of 2009 order. Our Circle Union will take up the case of implementation of the same in all districts where State Govt  rates are lesser than this Rs 350. This Notification is one of the outcomes of sep 2nd Strike. We salute all who participated the strike. Let us continue to fight with Central Unions to achieve the demand of Central Unions.

  • 13-1-17 PMO Offfice has sought implementation status from DOT on the recommendations of NITI AYOG regarding BSNL and ITI.. We hope that all the Unions will think about this seriously and do the needful

  • 9-1-17 AIBEA இயக்கத்தின் 5000 வங்கித் தோழர்கள் பங்கேற்ற அகில இந்திய மாநாடு ஜன்வரி 8 அன்று சென்னையில் துவங்கியது. துவக்கவிழாவில் அறிஞர் பெருமக்கள், தொழிற்சங்கத்தலைவர்கள் பங்கேற்று வாழ்த்தினர். துவக்கநிகழ்வில் தோழர்கள் காமராஜ், சேது, முத்தியாலு, பட்டாபி கல்ந்துகொண்டனர். மாநாடு வெற்றிபெற வாழ்த்துகள்
    AIPSO சமாதான ஒருமைப்பாட்டு கழகத்தின் மாநில மாநாடு சென்னையில் ஜனவரி 8 மாலை நடைபெற்றது. தோழர்கள் தமிழ்மணி, சேது, காமராஜ், முத்தியாலு , சிவில் ஆறுமுகம் பங்கேற்றனர்.

  • 9-1-17 சமவேலைக்குசம ஊதியம் கருத்த்ரங்கம் தோழர் தமிழ்மணி த்லைமையில் கடலூரில் திரளான தோழர்கள் பங்கேற்புடன் ஜனவரி 7 அன்று நடந்தது. AITUC தலைவர் தோழர் சுப்பராயன் Ex MP விரிவாக சிறப்புரையாற்றினார். தோழர்கள் காமராஜ், நடராஜன், செல்வம், சேது, என் கே சீனுவாசன், ஸ்ரீதர், விஜய், பாலு, அல்லி, மணி,கிள்ளி, செல்வரங்கன் பட்டாபி உள்ளிட்டோர் உரை நலகினர்.TMTCLU தலைவர்கள் உரைகளுக்கு பின்னர் தீர்மானங்கள் நிறைவேற்றப்பட்டன.குடந்தை தோழர்கள் பங்கேற்ற ரூ 500/ 1000 பரிவர்த்தனை மக்கள் துயர் குறித்த நிகழ்கலை நிகழ்ச்சி நியுடெல்லி சலூன் நடத்தப்பட்டது சிறப்பான ஏற்பாடுகளை செய்திருந்த ஸ்ரீதர் டீமிற்கு கடலூர் மாவட்ட சங்கத்திற்கு பாராட்டுக்கள்

  • 5-1-17 Let Com Gupta's Legacy Guide us to solve and settle the issues. Let us learn and relearn from our Great Leader. Cherish the Memories of OPG on Jan 6th

  • 4-1-17 BSNL Corporate Office has issued OM dt Jan 3, 2017 permitting all the Employees below GM Rank to avail Annual Health Check-Up within the limit of Rs 3500. The check-Ups list are as indicated in the Executive health Check-Up Scheme. Other schemes as per the available packages also permitted if required and suitable to the individual but within Rs 3500

  • 30-12-16 IDA rate is 119.5 % (reduced by 0.8 percent)

  • 27-12-16 Competent Authority of BSNL(CMD or Board)has nominated Management Members under the chairwomanship of Smt Arundhati Panda PGM F to examine the wage structure of Non-Executives.Wage Revision exercise will be takenup after receipt of parameters from (guidelines for 8th round) DPE.

    We have been pressing since the early 2007 for Bilateral Committee of both sides. It is good if BWNC is constituted by Board

  • 21-12-16 பணமாற்ற குளறுபடிகளை- மக்களின் வங்கித் தொடர்பான துயர்களை உடன் முடிவிற்கு கொணர மத்திய அரசை வலியுறுத்தி தமிழகம் முழுதும் அனைத்து சங்க- அசோசியேஷன்கள் டிசம்பர் 22 ஆர்பாட்டத்திற்கு மாநில செயலர்களின் அறைகூவல்.. மத்திய அரசு ஏற்படுத்தியுள்ள அவல நிலையை தட்டிக்கேட்க பங்கேற்பீர்

  • 16-12-16 THanks to all comrades and Leaders for making the strike an impressive one. As per the reports received, the strike was near total in TN. Thanks to one and all. We hope that the Govt would take the sentiments of employees and Officers and giveup the idea of forming separate tower corporation as in the lines of Privates

  • 14-12-16 CHQ Directives for 15th Strike:ONE DAY STRIKE ON 15.12.2016 against formation of Subsidiary Tower Company:-  Tower subsidiary formation will lead to disintegration of BSNL and disinvestment through backdoor. Circle and district secretaries are requested to coordinate with other unions and associations and make all out efforts for the successful conduction of the Strike.

  • 14-12-16 Recognition to SNEA and Support Union Status to AIBSNLEA.. We wish them every Success

  • 6-12-16 We are sorry to inform the demise of Smt LEELAVATHI SINGH wife of our General Secretary Com C Singh. Our respects to the departed soul and Heartfelt Condolence to the family

  • 6-12-16 தமிழக முதல்வர் மக்கள் தலைவர் ஜெயலலிதா அவர்கள் மறைவிற்கு நமது சிரம் தாழ்த்தி அஞ்சலி. கோடிக்கணக்கான மக்களுடன் நாமும் துக்கத்தை பகிர்ந்து கொள்கிறோம்

  • 28-11-16 Olikkathir Nov 2016 sent to the Branches- To read Online click

  • 28-11-16 Joint Circular of TN Convenors for Dec 15th Strike

  • 26-11-16 Com Fidel Castro a sagacious fighter for Human Dignity and warrior against imperial Empire is no more. He strived hard and sacrificed his life in building socialism in Cuba and Latin American countries.We dip our Banner and salute the great leader with all respects

  • 26-11-16 தஞ்சை மாவட்ட மாநாடு தோழர் பிரின்ஸ் தலைமையில் திருவாரூரில் நடந்து முடிந்துள்ளது. மாநில செயலர் நடராஜன், சம்மேளன செயலர் ஜெயராமன்,சி பி அய் மாவட்ட செயலர் தோழர் செல்வராஜ், பொதுமேலாளர் வினோத், மாநில சங்க நிர்வாகி மேகநாதன் சிறப்புரை ஆற்றினர். சம்மேளன செயலர் ஜெயராமன் பணிஓய்விற்கு பாராட்டு நிகழ்வும் தோழர்களால் நடத்தப்பட்டது. தோழர்கள் பன்னீர், கிள்ளி, சேகர் தலைவர், செயலர், பொருளராக தேர்ந்தெடுக்கப்பட்டனர். பணி சிறக்க வாழ்த்துகிறோம்.

  • 24-11-16 All Unions Strike Notice against Tower Corporation

  • 24-11-16 The NFPTE Day that ensured and insured our growth and advancement. Let us rededicate to carry forward the rich and healthy tradition and enrich to the extent possible

  • 23-11-16 Thanks to all comrades and leaders for your committed participation and making the Pay Revision Seminar a purposeful one. Thanks to GS Singh and Fed secys SSG, GJ for their valuable speeches. Thanks to LPF,AITUC leaders. Thanks to com Pazhaniyappan and Trichy Team for their grand arrangements.

  • 20-11-16 Com Sethu Reports: Com RK is now in good health after undergone operation.. will be discharged in few days. To avoid infection as per the Doctors' advice comrades are requested to avoid meeting him for 60 days atleast. Com RK and Mrs Sowtha express their thanks to all comrades of TamilNadu, Chennai and other circles for their affection and encouraging. Thanks to all comrades.

  • 18-11-16 ஒலிக்கதிர்: நமது மாநிலச் சங்கத்தின் மாத இதழான ஒலிக்கதிர் இதழுக்கென விருதுநகர் மாவட்டச் சங்கம் சார்பாக தனி வலைத்தளம் துவக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது.

    வேலூர் மாநில மாநாட்டில் புதிய மாநிலச் செயலர் பதவியேற்றதிலிருந்து புதிய தலைமையில் கீழ் வெளியிடப்பட்ட ஆகஸ்ட் 2016 இதழிலிருந்து புதிய இணையதளத்தில் பதிவேற்றம் செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது.

    ஒலிக்கதிர் தளத்திற்கு செல்ல விருதுநகர் மாவட்ட இணையதளத்தில் இணைப்புகள் பகுதியில் இணைப்பு கொடுக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது. தோழர்கள் புதிய தளத்திலிருந்து ஒலிக்கதிர் இதழ்களை தரவிறக்கம் செய்து கொள்ளலாம்.
    விருதுநகர் தோழர்களுக்கு நன்றி தள முகவரி : http://olikkathir.blogspot.in/

  • 17-11-16 The joint meeting of All Unions and Associations of BSNL held on 16th Nov has decided to go on Dharna on 25th Nov 2016 to safeguard Our Tower Network and one day strike on 15-12-2016 as the next Phase. Let us prepare.

  • 12-11-16 Special CL for Nov22nd Seminar-Our GS Com Chandeswar is participating.. Kindly Assemble

  • 12-11-16 நம்து மாநிலசங்க துணைத்தலைவர் அறந்தாங்கி சேதுபதி அவர்களின் த்ந்தை மறைந்தார் என செய்தி அறிந்து வருந்துகிறோம். அஞ்சலி தெரிவிக்கிறோம்

  • 7-11-2016 The Working Class of Entire world is celebrating the 100th year of Russian Revolution that shown a new and alternative Socialistic vision to the politics of world with greater meaning for equality. Let us be proud of that great tradition and celebrate

  • 6-11-16NFTE CHQ urged the DPE to release its guidelines for 8th Round of Bilateral Wage Negotiations with NonExecutive Unions. NFTE CHQ demanded to withdraw the order of keeping 68.8 along with 78.2

  • 28-10-16 October Olikkathir posted Click To Read

  • 25-10-16 Joint Circular of National Forum and Forum of BSNL Tamilnadu Circle for the 27th Call of protest Demonstration against the move of Govt dismantling our Aerial assets- Towers

  • 25-10-16 Thanks to all comrades and leaders for your massive participation on 24th Dharna.. Reply of management on struggle issues is placed

  • 21-10-16 நமது தேசிய போரம் அறைகூவலான அக் 18 ஆர்ப்பாட்டத்தை அடுத்து வருகிற அக் 24 அன்று நாடுதழுவிய த்ர்ணா போராட்ட அறைகூவலை விடுத்துள்ளோம். ஊழியர்களின் தேங்கிக்கிடக்கும் பிரச்சனைகஃளுக்கு சில நகர்வுகளையாவது உருவாக்கும் வகையில் தோழர்களின் திரள் போராட்டம் நடைபெறுவது அவசியம். மாவட்ட/கிளை சங்கங்கள் தோழமை சங்கங்களுடன் தர்ணாவை சிறப்பாக நடத்திட வேண்டுகிறோம்

  • 10-10-2016 போனஸ் உத்திரவு பெற்றுள்ளோம், உரிமை மீட்டுள்ளோம் ,அக்டோபர் 15அன்று கிளைகள்/மாவட்டந்தோறும்கொண்டாடுவோம்.

  • 7-10-16 PLI order for 14-15 Thanks to CHQ for its hectic continuous efforts for bringing back PLI

  • 7-10-16 TN FORUM Joint Circular for October Struggle

  • 29-9-16 Olikkathir Sep 2016 Uploaded- View copy

  • 24-9-16 மாநில பொருளர் தோழர் சுப்பராயன் அவர்களின் துணைவியார் திருமதி மாலா அவர்கள் அகால மரண செய்தி கேட்டு வருந்துகிறோம்.அஞ்சலியை  தெரிவிக்கிறோம். துயரில் பங்கேற்றுு ஆறுதலை தெரிவிக்கிறோம்

  • 20-9-16 NFTE- TMTCLU செப் 22 ஆர்ப்பாட்டத்தில் அனைவரும் பங்கேற்று ஒப்பந்த ஊழியர் கோரிக்கைகளில் தீர்வை எட்டிட உதவிடுமாறு வேண்டுகிறோம்

  • 20-9-16 CMD has given his approval for Rs 3000 PLI/Bonus for the year 14-15. The Management committee is expected to approve the same before puja. We have yet to assert whether we have restored the right of getting bonus yearwise atleast some minimum without linking to revenue or other parameters. Thanks to staff side of both the unions for bringing some bonus instead of no bonus.Thanks to our leaders consistently pleaded in the PLI committee earlier com Islam, now comrades C Singh,Rajmouli and Kulkarni. Thanks to all supported the cause of getting some bonus atleast.

    GOI/MOF has issued orders for reworking Bonus on the basis of Rs 7000 instead of the earlier Rs 3500. Arrears for 14-15 will be given to CG Employees. Railway has issued orders for arrears of 8976 and reworking to Rs 17951 as Bonus for 14-15. Postal and defence also issued for reworking of Bonus for 14-15. We congratulate the working class for making this good change.

  • 11-9-16 நீலகிரி மாவட்ட மாநாடு தோழர் ரெங்கன் தலைமையில் குன்னூரின் மகத்தான தோழமைபாரம்பரியத்துடன் சிறக்க நடந்தது. தோழர் ராமசாமி முன்வைத்த அறிக்கை ஏற்கப்பட்டது. தோழமை சங்கத்த்லைவர்கள் பங்கேற்று வாழ்த்தினர்.மாநிலத்தலைவர் காமராஜ், மாநில செய்லர் நடராஜன் தொழிலாளி வர்க்கத்தின் செப் 2 போராட்டம், தொலைதொடர்பில் நிலவும் நிலைகள், நமது இயக்கம் எடுத்துவரும் நடவடிக்கைகள் குறித்து விரிவாக உரையாற்றினர். தோழர்கள் பாலசுப்பிரமணியன், ரெங்கன், கிருஷ்ணன் தலைவர், செயலர், பொருளராக தேர்ந்தெடுக்கப்பட்டுள்ளனர். பணிசிறக்க நல்வாழ்த்துகள்

  • ஊக்கத்தொகை :தரைவழித்தொலைபேசி இணைப்பிற்கு ரூ.100/-
    தரைவழி மற்றும் அகன்ற அலைவரிசை இணைப்பிற்கு ரூ.200/-
    முதல் பில் கட்டப்பட்டபின் ஊக்கத்தொகை பட்டுவாடா செய்யப்படும்.
    12/09/2016 முதல் இத்திட்டம் அமுலுக்கு வருகிறது.

  • 4-9-16 செப்டம்பர் 2 வேலைநிறுத்தம்- நன்றிபாராட்டும் மாநிலசங்க அறிக்கை

  • 2-9-16 Thanks to all Comrades Organising and Participating the Nationwide Strike. Your Sacrifices(loosing one day salary) will not go unheard or unsettled the issues.

  • 30-8-16 We come to know the demise of Veteran P&T leader Com CMN Nambissan, one of our finest organiser and builder of our movement in its initial period. His style of articles in our magazines are still inspiring us. He dedicated his life for the downtrodden. We pay our homage.

  • 29-8-16 August 2016 Olikkathir

  • 29-8-16: ஈரோடு மாவட்ட மாநாடு ஆக 26 அன்றுசிறக்க நடந்தது.
    மாநிலச்செயலர் தோழர் நடராஜன் எழுச்சிமிகு துவக்கவுரை ஆற்றினார். ஏழை குழந்தைகளுக்கு உணவு வழங்கிட உதவும் உள்ளங்கள் உதவிக்கரம் நீட்டின . தோழர் குமார் அவர்களுக்கு பணி நிறைவு பாராட்டு விழா தோழர் மாலி அவர்கள் தலைமையில் மிக சிறப்பாக நடைபெற்றது.
    இந்நாள், முன்னாள் பொருளாளர்கள், தோழர்கள் சுப்பராயன், அசோக்ராஜன் உள்ளிட்டோர் மனதார பாராட்டுரை வழங்கினர்.
    சேவை கருத்தரங்கத்தில் பொது மேலாளர் உரையாற்றினார். சம்மேளனச்செயலர் தோழர் ஜெயராமன் நிறைவுரையாற்றினார்.
    மீண்டும் மாவட்டச் செயலராக தோழர் பழனிவேல் ஏகமனதாக தேர்ந்தெடுக்கபட்டார். புதிய நிர்வாகிகளுக்கு நமது வாழ்த்துக்கள்

  • 26-8-16 AIBSNLPWA Circle Conference of Tamil Nadu Wing was held under the chairmanship of com Muthiyalu at Coimbatore on 23, 24th Aug 2016 with much zeal and sprit of 78.2 Victory. Against all oddity of Ageing, Pensioners in hundreds participated and deliberated with all seriousness about the issue of future Pension. Senior leaders comrades Natarajan, RamanKutty, D gopalakrishnan delivered speeches and clarified issues. Our leaders Com SSG, Roberts,Sethu,Subbarayan, Rengan,Semmal, sundarrajan all available in the session. Comrades Ramarao, Muthiyalu, Gows Batcha were elected as President, Secretary and Treasurer. We wish the team success for their serious efforts of settling 7th CPC pension to all BSNL pensioners

  • 26-8-16 PLI Meeting of Aug 24th.. As per Com SSG's(Secy Fed) Report Management repeated the same proposal of one Rupee- One Crore placed in March 30th Meeting ( Kindly see the detail in Com Sridhar's Article in Ap 2016 Olikkathir). The MOU ratings agreed by both DOT_BSNL for 14-15 were Execellent-31395 cr, VG-29900, Good 28405 cr, Fair 26985 cr, poor 25636 cr. But the audited Revenue was 28645 cr which one was 240 cr higher than Good, 1660 with Fair and 3009 comparing poor. The Audited rev for 15-16 is yet to see light. The question is linking PLI with rev target. Hope both the Unions would settle things and restore the right of bonus/PLI without any further controversy.

  • 20-8-16 Sep 2nd Strike All Trade Unions Preparatory Conventions- Our Leaders including Circle President Kamaraj and Circle secretary Natarajan participating with other Trade Union leaders. On Aug 18th our leaders from Trichy, Thanjavur and Kumbakonam participated. On 20th Aug TN Govt Employees convention- President com Kamaraj and other leaders participating. On Aug 23rd all Union convention at Chennai. Comrades RK,Kamaraj, Natarajan and Chennai, Vellore, Cuddalore leaders will participate

  • 20-8-16 All India Poster for Sep 2nd Strike     TN Circle Poster

  • 17-8-16 செப் 2 வேலை நிறுத்தம் தயாரிப்பில் இறங்குவீர்.. மாநில சங்க அறைகூவல் ( Prepare Branches/Districts for Sep 2nd Strike)

  • 15-8-16 India 70: Salute to all those Martyrs to make India free from the shackles of Briton. Reshaping and rebuilding modern India is a cumbersome task. Governance is also not easy. Meeting the aspirations of the people is also a tough job. The inequality gap is widening. The so called Elimination of poverty projects are also failing. Opportunities to grow, Health and Educational facilities should have some top priority. Sep 2nd nationwide strike is a sort of our expression of displeasure against the Government which cares more on Religious sentiments than Human and Labour Sentiments. Let us rededicate ourselves for Building an equitable India

  • 13-8-16 Sep 2 Nationwide Strike preparatory Meetings at SSAs- Tour Of Circle Leaders

  • 12-8-16 The next major issue on staff welfare is restoration of right of getting PLI/Bonus. It has been accepted to delink from profit. But Management is linking with DOT MOU Revenue targets. For the crores you are earning over and above Good is considered for . They are saying one rupee for one crore. If you want to get 7000, one should ask 30 rupees for every crore. Are we accepting the revenue linked approach of Management.. if not what is our alternate solution. Earlier when NFTE demanding to finalise first minimum, other union advised us not to press that now, allow to finalise the formula. Now that issue is not there. Both unions demanding minimum first as finalisation of formula is not in sight. For 14-15 NFTE demanded adhoc.. GOI paid Rs 3500 to its employees and the enhanced Rs 7000 was not settled to postal or Railways. For 15-16 GOI should give Non PLB Rs 7000 and PLB on that basis.


  • 12-8-16 Order for 78.2 HRA

  • 10-8-16 The issue of 78.2 HRA, an item of National council is now approved. The date of benefit may be prospective. NFTE pursued the case relentlessly..Order is expected for one of the demands of National Forum Dharna Call of Aug 12th

  • 9-8-16 Our Wishes to all those qualified in the LICE from Gr C to JAO- exam held on 17-7-2016. Our CHQ was assured that the declaration would be done immediately on arrival of Dir HR. In TN 11 posts are directed to be kept vacant as per Madras HC.

  • 8-8-16 Tamilnadu Forum Appeal and Declaration for Aug 12 Dharna
    8-8-16 Comrade SSG our Secy Fed joined ND Hqrs.

  • 6-8-16 GOI Pension OM and Resoultion as per 7th CPC issued.. We have to seek endorsement of DOT for updation to BSNL absorbed employees regarding Gratuity Ceiling, Minimum and maximum of Pension, DCRG changes including 11-20 years. Whether updation means applicability of multiplication factor also  needs clarification

  • 6-8-16 Circle Office Endorsed the List of Elected Team of our Circle Conference held at Vellore

  • 5-8-16 TamilNadu Forum formed- The leaders of NFTE BSNL, TEPU,SEWA BSNL and PEWA met at the Union Office of NFTE, Chennai on Aug 4th and formed the TamilNadu National Forum of BSNL Workers. Com Muthukrishnan of SEWA was in the Chair. The meeting elected Comrades Krishnan, TEPU, Com Natarajan NFTE,Com Muthukrishnan SEWA, Com Balakrishnan PEWA as Chairman,Convenor,Joint Convenor and Vice Chairman respectively. The session was addressed by National Forum leaders com Subburaman, Perumal and SSG. The circle secretaries com Natarajan, Muthukrishnan, Krishnan, Balakrishnan and Circle Presidents comrades Kamaraj,Kanagaraj, Elangovan addressed the gathering. Office bearers of NFTE, SEWA,TEPU also participated the session and addressed. Com G S Muralidaharan ACS NFTE made all the preparation well. Comrades Sethu and pattabi greeted the elected comrades. All the leaders of National and TN Circle Forum appealed the District Unions to form the NFBW before Aug 12th and conduct the Dharna Programme on Aug 12th a Massive one. The importance of the demands and settlement of them depend on the participation of thousands of workers and on our effective Bargaining. Kindly make the dharna a big one.

  • 2-8-16 தேசிய பொது மன்றம் சார்பில் ஆகஸ்ட் 12 அன்று தார்ணா திரட்சியாக பங்கேற்போம்(National Forum Call Aug 12 -Dharna prepare and participate in full strength)-

  • 30-7-16 புதிய பொறுப்பாளர் அறிமுகம் மற்றும் நிர்வாகிகள்- செயலக கூட்டம்

  • 30-7-16 Comrade G JAYARAMAN Our All India Secretary NFTE-BSNL is getting his Superannuation on 31-7-16. Let us salute his great Versatile services. Shower your affection and greetings to Com GJ. PH: 9442746411

  • 26-7-16 நமது தேசிய போரம் (NFTE,TEPU,SEWA,PEWA)சார்பாக ஆகஸ்ட் 12 அன்று தர்ணா போராட்ட அறைகூவல் விடப்பட்டுள்ளது. HRA 78.2, 14-15, 15-16ஆண்டுகளுக்கான PLI, இருதரப்பு ஊதிய பேச்சுவார்த்தை கமிட்டி, BSNL Strategic Sale ஆலோசனை கைவிடுதல் போன்றவை கோரிக்கைகள். நமது தோழமை சங்கங்களுடன் கலந்து பேசி மாவட்டங்களில், மாநிலத்தில் த்ர்ணா போராட்டத்தை சிறப்பாக நடத்திடுவோம்

  • 23-7-16 The Elected New Team of Vellore Circle Conference..Let us shower our Wishes

  • Thanks to Vellore Comrades- Nedumaran, Mathi, Chennakesavan,Alli,Venkatesan and all leaders of our Team Vellore for their Unique- Mega- Meticulous Planning of Mass Circle conference, housing 2000 comrades with their finest hospitality. Thanks to the tireless efforts and advice of our Senior leaders RK,C K Mathivanan,Sethu,SSG, Jayaraman, Mali,Jayapal for making the conference so united and one piece. Thanks to valuable speeches of Comrades R. Mutharasan State Secy of CPI and T M Murthi Gs of TN AITUC. Thanks to our President Islamji and GS Chandeswarji,SSG,GJ,RK,CKM,Muthiyalu,Mali, Tamilmani for their thought provoking speeches. Thanks to our CGM Smt Poonguzhali, PGM F Shri Ravi, GM HR Subrata for sharing their thought for the growth of our BSNL . Thanks to our fraternal leaders Subbaraman GS TEPU, Perumal AI president SEWA,Babu Radha CS BSNLEU,Sivakumar AI president AIBSNLEA, Rajasekar CS SNEA, MSR CS AIBSNLOA, Krishnan CS TEPU, Balakrishnan CS PEWA. Resoultions were passed regarding demands- Agitation and Sep 2 strike. Energetic and Young New Team was elected unanimously with all consensus. Thanks to Women and our Youth Wing for making their events very inspiring. Thanks to all leaders and comrades for honouring the outgoing circle secy. Thanks to thousands of Comrades for making the Vellore Conference a wonderful, memorable one. A Grand Salute to Team Vellore.

  • 18-7-16 Vellore Conference Report-Draft

  • 18-7-16 June 2016 Olikkathir Uploaded

  • 16-7-16 Vellore Reception Committee is eagerly waiting to give us all a pleasant welcome. Our National leaders com Islam, Chandeswar,RK, CK Mathivanan, SSG, GJ and our Senior leaders Muthiyalu, Mali, Tamilmani,Sethu, Jayapal will be there to guide and inspire us. The much experienced leaders of people's movement comrades R Mutharasan CPI and Com T M Murthi GS of AITUC will be there to make our commitment steel. CGM, PGM F and other leaders from alliance unions, fraternal unions are also addressing our sessions. Our Circle and district level leaders will enrich our interactive session caring our advancement. Comrades let us commit ourselves to make the conference every success and cherish our democratic exercise with all zeal and enthusiasm. Posters and invitations were sent for Vellore conference by Reception committee comrades. Kindly inform the number of comrades coming from branches. Let our salute go to the Vellore comrades for their wonderful reception waiting for us.

  • 16-7-16 Our NewDelhi National executive held on July 13, 14 witnessed in depth analysis of 7th MV and concluded with programmatic struggle resoultions. Our NEC decided to participate the mainstream Sep 2 strike of all unions. CMD,Dir HR and Fin, Comrades Subburaman,Hanumantharao and other leaders addressed the session. Formation of STR like mtce circle was also one of the decisions. Till the formation in sep 2016, the status quo will be maintained. Thanks to all our CHQ leaders for making the event very purposeful.

  • 9-7-16 ஜூலை8 அன்று பரமக்குடியில் காரைக்குடியின் மாவட்டமாநாட்டில் திரளான தோழர்கள் முன்னிலையில் சங்க கட்டிடம் ஜெகன் இல்ல பராமரிப்பாளராக இருந்து மறைந்த கார்த்திகேயன் குடும்பத்திற்கு அவரது தாயாரிடம் லட்சம் ரூபாய் நிதி உதவி வழங்கப்பட்டது. கார்த்திகேயன் குடும்பத்தார், ஊர்ப்பெரியவர்கள் பங்கேற்பிற்கு தோழர் மாரி ஏற்பாடு செய்திருந்தார். நிகழ்வில் தோழர்கள் மாரி, சேது, ஸ்ரீதர்,அசோகராஜ்,ராம்சேகர், பட்டாபி பங்கேற்றனர். முன்னர் பெறப்பட்ட நிதியுடன் தோழர் ஆர்.கே ரூ 2000, லட்சம் ரூ 2000, ஸ்ரீதர் மூலம் 10000, அசோகராஜன் 1000,ஜெயராமன் 1000, திருச்சி 3000, ஈரோடு 3000, காரைக்குடி 10000 என ஒருலட்சம் நிதி சேர்ந்தது. காரைக்குடி இதைத்தவிர கார்த்தி குடும்பத்தார் வழி செலவிற்கு ரூ 5000 தனியாக தந்து உதவி தங்களது மாபெரும் தோழமை நேசத்தை வெளிப்படுத்தினர் உதவிய அனைத்து நல் உள்ளத்தாருக்கும் எமது நன்றி.

  • 9-7-16 ஜூலை8 அன்று பரமக்குடியில் காரைக்குடியின் மாவட்டமாநாடு திரளான தோழர்கள் பங்கேற்புடன் சிறக்க முடிந்துள்ளது. தோழர் சுந்தர்ராஜன் தலைமையேற்றார். தோழர் மாரி முன்வைத்த தமிழ் மணம்/ மானம் நிரம்பி வழிந்த ஆண்டறிக்கை ஏற்கப்பட்டது. தோழர் பொன்னீலன் இலக்கிய உரையுடன், தோழர் ராமசந்திரன் பெருமாள் நாட்டுநடப்பு விழிப்புணர்வு உரை தந்தனர். தோழர்கள் சங்கிலி, காசி,நாகேஸ், முருகன் மூத்தவர்கள் நல்லாசி தந்தனர். தோழர்கள் சேது அசோகராஜன், ஸ்ரீதர், ராம்சேகர்,  பழனியப்பன் சிவகுரு,ராஜேந்திரன், செந்தில், பட்டாபி உரையாற்றினர். தோழர்கள் B லால்பகதூர், V மாரி,N பாலமுருகன் த்லைவர், செயலர், பொருளர் பொறுப்புகளுக்கு ஒருமனதாக தேர்ந்தெடுக்கப்பட்டனர் . பணிசிறக்க வாழ்த்துகிறோம்.சிறப்பான ஏற்பாடுகளை செய்திட்ட பரமக்குடி தோழர்களுக்கு பாராட்டுக்கள்.

  • 6-7-16 The long pending issue of 78.2 for pensioners got its cabinet approval on 5th July. We have to appreciate the efforts of pensioners association, Executive Associations and Unions.
    This one is considered by the cabinet as ‘pension revision’ with actual benefit from 10-6-13 having notional effect from 1-1-07. It should be called only pension refixation based on 78.2 instead of the wrong fixation on 68.8. This decision may weaken our cause of getting arrears from 1-1-07 having conditionality of financial improvement of BSNL.
    The second thing is about the question of 15-6-2006 letter as per the earlier cabinet decision restricting Govt's liability to the extent of 60 % of LF, SC etc. The PIB release says in the first para Modifying the liability of BSNL towards the payment of pensionary benefits.. We have to check what kind of Modification?
    In the third para this has been stated as "In respect of employees who are absorbed in BSNL, the liability on account of pensionary benefits shall be fully borne by Government while BSNL will continue to discharge pension liability by way of pension contribution in accordance with FR-116 for the period they so work/worked. ". Whether this means that the effect of earlier cabinet decision operative thro 15-6-2006 is nullified? These points we have to check and confirm. We need orders of DOT for 78.2 and withdrawal of 15-6-2006 letter. Another worrying aspect is that the decision of cabinet 5th July may weaken the good demand of pensioners association that the 7th CPC should be implemented by DOT to BSNL pensioners also on IDA. This may warrant long protracted struggle of Pensioners Associations and unions

  • 6-7-16 வேலூரில் ஜூலை5 அன்று செயற்குழு- வரவேற்புக்குழு கூடி வேலைகளை- நிதிநிலையை பரிசீலித்தது.பொதுசெயலர் தோழர் நெடுமாறன் விரிவான அறிக்கையை முன்வைத்து உரையாற்றினார்.மேலும் 12 லட்சம் தேவைப்படுகிறது. மாவட்டங்கள் தங்கள் இலக்கை உடன் கொடுத்திட வேண்டுகிறோம். பொறுப்பு மாநில செயலர் முரளி, தலைவர் லட்சம், நடராஜன் துணைச்செயலர், பட்டாபி உரையாற்றி வரவேற்புகுழுவிற்கு/ வேலூர் தோழர்களுக்கு பாராட்டையும் நம்பிக்கையையும் தந்தனர். தோழர்கள் சென்னகேசவன், காமராஜ், அசோகராஜ், சுப்பராயன், ஸ்ரீதர், குமார்,பழனியப்பன்,விஜய் பங்கேற்று மாநாட்டை சிறப்பாக நடத்துவதற்கான ஆலோசனைகளை பகிர்ந்துகொண்டனர். திரளான, ஒன்றுபட்ட சிறப்பான மாநாடு நோக்கி பயணிப்போம்!

  • 3-7-16 தேர்தல் களப்பணியாற்றிய தோழர்களுக்கு பாராட்டும், ஓய்வுபெற்ற தோழர்களுக்கு நன்றி அறிவிப்புமாக பெரும் விழா ஒன்றை சேலம் மாவட்ட சங்கம் ஜூலை 2 அன்று சிறக்க நடத்தியது. தோழர்கள் எம்.எஸ், பாலகுமார், குடந்தை விஜய், வெங்கட், தெபு, சேவா தலைவர்கள், மணி, முனியன், பட்டாபி வாழ்த்தினர். கார்த்தி நிதியாக ரூ11000, மாநாட்டு நிதி ரூ 5000 வழங்கினர். மாநில செயலரும் கூட்டத்தில் கெளரவிக்கப்பட்டார்.ஓமலூர் தோழர்கள் பெரும் செலவில் 400க்கும் மேற்பட்ட தோழர்கள் பங்கேற்றனர்.

  • 3-7-16 The much talked Business Area Formation in TN has finally announced. SSAs which feel affected, and the just causes may kindly be sent in writing to Circle /CHQ. Since it is a corporate level guideline, unless just cause is found, it is difficult to modify.

  • 3-7-16 Comrade SS Gopalakrishnan, Our Secretary NFTE participated and addressed the National convention of all Publicsector Unions at Hyderabad on July 2nd initiated by Central TradeUnions like AITUC,CITU,INTUC etc. A declaration to make Sep 2nd Strike a massive one and fighting the ill effects of Govt policies like FDI,Disinvestment etc was adopted.

  • 1-7-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 175- நலந்தானா மக்கள் சந்திப்பு வெற்றிபெறட்டும்

  • Desist dragging NFTE Tamilnadu Circle Secretary in your altercation on Chennai matters. It is advised to Chennai Circle BSNLEU not to drag the name of NFTE Tamilnadu Circle for all your below average culture of discussion, vomiting blah blahs.. Circle secretary NFTE TN is neither arch rival to com C K Mathivanan, our Chennai Circle secretary and one of our National leaders- nor to anyone including BSNLEU leaders like you comrades. No one in NFTE chased National Council seat. It is all our collective decision only. Kindly stop this kind of reporting nonsense to our employees. It is your right to fight whatever you feel correct but get off a person's back and avoid any backbiting and malicious reporting

  • 30-6-16 CG Employees unions under the banner of NJCA rejected the 7th CPC Recommendations and its cabinet approval. NJCA is meeting today for assessing the situation (of cabinet approval) on the eve of their declaration of strike from July 11th. If NJCA decides to go on strike or any action, it is our bounden duty to support their movement. 7th CPC has its own impact on our Pay revision. Our Circle Union appeals our Branches/District to hold massive demonstration on July 6th supporting the cause of CGE.

  • 28-6-16 மாவட்ட செயலர்கள் கவனத்திற்கு: மாவட்டவாரியான பகுதிப்பண விவரம்- சராசரி மதிப்பு குறித்து மாநிலப் பொருளர் தங்களுக்கு விவரங்களை தந்திருக்கிறார். விவரம் கிடைக்கப்பெறாதவர் தோழர் அசோகரஜன் பொருளரை கேட்டுப் பெற வேண்டுகிறோம். கிளைவாரியான சராசரி உறுப்பினர் எண்ணிக்கையை தோழர் சென்னகேசவன் பெற்றுவருகிறார். விரைவில் கொடுக்காத மாவட்டங்கள் உடன் தரக் கோருகிறோம்

  • 24-6-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 174 (வேலூரில் திரள்வோம்!)

  • 21-6-16 வேலூரில் வரவேற்புக்குழு முக்கிய பொறுப்பாளர்களுடன் ஜூன் 20 அன்று மாநாட்டு வேலைகள் குறித்த கருத்துப் பரிமாற்றம் நடைபெற்றது. பொதுச்செயலர் தோழர் நெடுமாறன் மாவட்டங்களிலிருந்து கொடுக்கப்பட்ட நிதி இதுவரை கிடைக்கப்பெறாமை குறித்து கவலையை பகிர்ந்துகொண்டார். விரைவில் மாவட்ட செயலர்கள் தங்களுக்கு ஒதுக்கப்பட்ட நிதி அளவை கொடுத்து மாநாடு சிறக்க ஒத்துழைக்க வேண்டுகிறோம். வேலூர் தலைவர்கள் தோழர்களுடன் தோழர்கள் முரளி, பட்டாபி கலந்துகொண்டனர். வருகிற ஜூலை 4 அன்று வரவேற்புக்குழு கூட்டமும்- மாவட்ட செயற்குழுவும் ந்டைபெற இருக்கிறது.அதற்குள் மாவட்டங்கள் நிதியை தந்து உதவுமாறு வேண்டுகிறோம். முடியாத மாவட்ட செயலர்கள்- மாநில சங்க நிர்வாகிகள் நிதியை நேரிடையாக கொண்டுவந்து ஜூலை 4 அன்றாவது செலுத்திட வேண்டுகிறோம்.

  • 19-6-16 விருதுநகர் மாவட்ட மாநாடு ஜூன்18ல் தோழர் தளவாய் தலைமையில் நூற்றுக்குமேற்பட்ட தோழர்கள் பங்கேற்புடன் சிறக்க நடந்தது. மாவட்ட செயலர் சக்கணன் வைத்த அறிக்கை ஏற்பிற்குப் பின்னர் தோழமை சங்கத்தலைவர்கள், அதிகாரிகள் வாழ்த்துரை நிகழ்த்தினர். நமது தலைவர்கள் சேது,மாரி, பாலு, விஜயரெங்கன், சிவகுரு, ராஜேந்திரன், சி பி அய் மாவட்டசெயலர் தோழர் ராமசாமி இயக்கத்தின் மேம்பாடு குறித்து உரைநிகழ்த்தினர். மாநில செயலர் பட்டாபி இன்றுள்ள நிலைமைகளையும் ஜூலை மத்திய அரசு ஊழியர் போராட்டம், செப்டம்பர் 2 அனைத்து தொழிற்சங்க போராட்ட சூழலையும் விளக்கினார். தோழர் ஆர்.கே தனது நிறைவுரையில் ந்மது விடுத்லை போராட்ட மாண்புகளையும்- வீரவாஞ்சியை நினைவு கூர்ந்தும், நமது தேர்தல் காலத்தில் தோழமை சங்கங்களை அணிசேர்க்க எடுத்த செயல்பாடுகளையும், இயக்கத்தை மேலும் உயித்துடிப்புடன் வைத்திருக்க வேண்டிய அவசியத்தையும் விளக்கி உரையாற்றினார். தோழர்கள் சக்கணன், பட்டாபி பணிஓய்வு நிமித்தம் கெளரவிக்கப்பட்டனர். தோழர்கள் ஜி.ராகவன்,என்,ராமசேகர்,பி.செல்வராஜ் ஆகியோர் த்லைவர், செயலர், பொருளராக தேர்ந்தெடுக்கப்பட்டனர். இளந்தலைமை செயல்வீரர்கள் ரமேஷ், சம்பத்,இளங்கோ,பாஸ்கர் உள்ளிட்ட அருமையான தோழர்கள் குழாம் மாநாட்டுவேலைகளை செவ்வனே செய்திருந்தது. தோழர் ரமேஷ் முயற்சியால் விருதுநகர் இணையதளம் உருவாகி தோழர் ஆர்.கே திறந்து வைத்தார். அனைவரின் பணிசிறக்க நல்வாழ்த்து.

  • 18-6-16 கார்த்திநிதி மதுரை தோழர்கள் ரூ5000.00, தஞ்சை நடராஜன் ரூ 1000.00

  • 17-6-16 NFTE BSNL, AITUC, LPF Unions have written letters to DPE demanding release of Wage Revision Guidelines for Unionised Non Executive Employees

  • 17-6-16 Railway Unions are fighting not only for 7th CPC improvements but against Govt move of allotting contract to the tune of 40000 cr to French and USA firms for manufacturing Locos, making indian Railway loco factories languish

  • 14-6-16 இதுவரை பெறப்பட்ட கார்த்தி குடும்ப நிவாரணநிதி விவரம்

  • 12-6-16 Resoultion for 2nd PRC headed by Justice M J Rao was issued on 30th Nov 2006 last time with TOF and 18 months stipulated time. Policy for 7th round of Wage Negotiations for Unionised workers issued earlier than that 2nd PRC on 9th NOV 2006 itself.

    This time there was some pressure amongst Exceutive Unions (though divided some - High Profit Earning monopoly PSUs for No More Pay committees and some even loss making having hyper competition for3rd PRC). GOI/DPE after much dillydallying finally issued its Resoultion on June 9th 2016 for 3rd PRC chaired by Justice Satish Chandra with TOF and 6 months stipulated time.

    Unfortunately there has been no pressure from any Non Executive Unions from any industry to issue guidelines for 8th Round of wage negotiations for Unionised workers. Unless this one is issued, the industries that are having agreement for 10 years periodicity will not have their Bilateral wage negotiating Bodies to negotiate with the management. However after Satish Chandra' s report only things will get its heat in the Non Executive side. Most probably the dotted lines of accepted recommendations of Satish chandra report  will be followed by PSUs. In our case, our periodicity is coterminous with Executives and moreover our case is linked with Govt pension. This time our first task should be to demand DPE to issue guidelines for 8th Round of Talks. Second task is to pressure BSNL management to constitute proper Bilateral Wage negotiating Body- again underline Bilateral not mere Officers committee- CMD should constitute Bilateral committee of both Officers and Unions. Third task is both Recognised Unions should ensure that the Bilateral body is a broad representative body of most of our Non Executive Unions. Fourth task is that we should move every step with broader consensus. Hope better sense prevail everywhere by not pooh poohing our suggestions


  • 10-6-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 173 (DOT Annual Report 15-16)

  • 7-6-16 Railways,Postal and all Central Govt Employees Unions have decided to serve strike Notice on June 9th for fair and immediate implementation of 7th CPC. Let us give our solidarity and stand fully with CG Movement

  • 7-6-16 உன்னத தலைவர் தோழர் ஜெகன் மறைவின் 10 ஆண்டுகள்

  • 6-6-16 For the Kind Attention of Comrades: Com G.S Muralidharan is entrusted to lookafter the day to day affairs of Circle union in his capacity as Officiating Circle Secretary(June 6th to July 5th). Com Pattabi CS is available for Conference related matters, Bank Transactions etc.

  • 6-6-16 Olikkathir May 2016 Uploaded

  • 4-6-16சுற்றறிக்கை 172 ( Upgradation of Executive Scales and its impact on Non-Executives)

  • 4-6-16 Thanks to District Unions of CGM-Civil- STR for the Felicitation meeting held on June 2nd at Office of CGM. Thanks to CGM,PGMs,Gms,DGMs and all officers - Leaders and comrades from all Unions for Your Good wishes. Thanks to all Comrades present from SSAs. Thanks to all.

  • 1-6-16 Thanks to all Comrades those present on the eve of my (pattabi's)retirement , showering your great affection- for your web postings, good wishes thro SMS, FB , phone calls etc.. Thanks to one and all

  • 30-5-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 171 ( DOT DFG- Returning of BWA Spectrum Fund 2200 cr- Last year 830 cr to BSNL)

  • 27-5-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 170 (Multi Tasking cadre and Upgradation of RM/Gr D

  • 26-5-16 ஜூல 21, 22 வேலூர் காட்பாடியில் மாநில மாநாடு அறிவிக்கை (July 21,22 Circle Conference at Vellore- Notification)

  • 23-5-16 SAIL VRS Guidelines

  • 19-5-16 BSNL Management has issued 3 orders inconnection with Recognition Viz Orders for Recognition to BSNLEU and NFTE BSNL, Orders for Formation of Councils in numbers 9,5 and Orders for Facilities to Recognised Unions and 2 % Unions like FNTO and BTTU. The orders are placed in CHQ/Vellore Sites

  • 19-5-16 The Empowered Committee of Govt Secretaries headed by Cabinet Secretary reviewing 7th CPC recommendations may submit its report by June 2016 and cabinet approval will be sought for the same to issue orders by July. It is learnt that PMO has advised for the increase of Minimum from the recommended 18000 to 21000 .. we don't know whether that multiplication factor 3 is applicable for pay fixation. DPE is yet to issue any guidelines for Executives' 3rd PRC. In BSNL 2007 Non Executive wage Revision Agreement is tied down with the periodicity of Executives. DPE is yet to issue guidelines for 8th Round of bilateral negotiations with the PSU Unions. If it is issued then BSNL should form Wage negotiating Committee. This time we should fight for the real Bilateral committee instead of mere Officers committee that call Unions to discuss. Unions should be empowered to get members in the BSNL wage Negotiating Committee which one will be appointed by CMD BSNL. We should not be mere invitees to discuss, we should be the joint members of the Committee. we are noting this as a precaution.

  • 15-5-16 மே 17 அருமைத் தலைவர் தோழமையின் பேரடையாளம் ஜெகன் பிறந்த 85வது ஆண்டு நிறைவு- போற்றிக் கொண்டாடுவோம்

  • 15-5-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 169

  • 13-5-16 Understanding the Mandate     தமிழ் வடிவில் ஸ்ரீதர்

  • 12-5-16 தமிழகத்தில் NFTE BSNL முதலிடம் பெற்றிட வாக்களித்த- உழைத்திட்ட அனைவருக்கும் நமது நன்றியும் வணக்கமும். NFTE-5584, BSNLEU-4972, FNTO-964

  • 12-5-16 Mockery of Election

  • 10-5-16 Thanks To all Our Employees and Leaders for Peaceful Massive and Appreciable polling in Our Circle. It is near to 98 %. The commitment is simply superb. Thanks to all for the dedicated democratic exercise

  • 9-5-16 THANKS to all Leaders and Comrades for Your Hard and Non Stop Election Work.. Let us hope the Best.. Our wishes to all. District Secretaries are requested to inform us Poll Particulars on May 10th Evening.

  • 8-5-16 Manpower Outsourcing     Real Estate management

  • 8-5-16 Circular 168

  • 5-5-16 LokSabha Reply by MOC reiterates Pension liability of Govt restricting to 60 % of Receipts. Earlier the burden was for both DOT CDA and BSNL IDA pensioners. Now MTNL IDA pensioners also added. If BSNL is levied over and above FR116, then it will have serious impact on BSNL's already suffering financial conditions. NFTE is taking all efforts to nullify 60% issue with other Executive Unions.LS Ans in Hindi and English

  • 4-5-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 167 ( MTNL VRS Proposal)

  • 4-5-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 166

  • 1-5-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 165
    28-4-16 சிறிய மாவட்டத்தின் பெரிய மனது: தோழர் கார்த்தி குடும்ப நிவாரணநிதி வேண்டுகோள் விடுத்திருந்தோம். மிகச் சிறிய மாவட்டமான குன்னூர்- ஊட்டிப் பகுதி தோழர்கள் தங்களின் தாராள மனதுடன் ரூ 9600 வாரி வழங்கி மனிதாபிமானத்தின் பேரடையாளமாக விளங்கியுள்ளனர்.  கார்த்தியின் அரிய சேவையை ஜெகன் இல்லம் தொழிற்சங்க கட்டிடத்தில் உணர்ந்த தோழர்கள் பலர். தங்களது குழந்தைகளை மாதக்கணக்கில் தங்கவைத்து நிம்மதியாக இருந்தவர் பலர். வாரந்தோறும் பலமுறை வந்து தங்கி இளைப்பாறிய தோழர்கள் பலர். பாராமுகமாக இல்லாமல் மனம் உவந்து கார்த்தி குடும்பத்திற்கு நிவாரணத்தொகையை உடன் அனுப்பவேண்டிய கடமை இருக்கிறது. மாவட்டங்கள் உடனடியாக குறைந்தது ரூ 5000 அளவிற்காவது அனுப்பிட வேண்டுகிறோம்.


  • 28-4-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 164

  • 21-4-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 163

  • 14-4-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 162

  • 10-4-16 com SSG, Secretary NFTE-BSNL Reports that an Agreement was Signed between NFTE and SEWA Leadership for the 7th MV. Our appreciation to all the leaders strived for reaching an agreement

  • 9-4-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 161

  • 9-4-16 BSNLEU reports that DIR HR assured 'No Bonus before 7th Verification' and inturn BSNLEU assures No Further agitation but withdrawal of cooperation stands. There is no inference or any elaboration to its members what does withdrawal of cooperation mean. We know the Gandhian method of Non Cooperation and NFTE -com O P Gupta announced many times Non Cooperation as a form of struggle at ground level and Indefinite Fast at Circle and All India level. Many of our comrades were victimised and got increment Cuts on those Non Cooperation agitation. We have yet to know about the new form of announcement of BSNLEU that there will not be any agitation because of the DIR HR's Assurance of NO PLI till 7th membership Verification but total withdrawal of Cooperation. Let us wait and see how BSNLEU exhibits its novel withdrawal of cooperation at the same time it is not a form of agitation. Let us hope let it not be withdrawal of cooperation on employees issues like DR pension , PLI issues.

  • 9-4-16 JTO Exam 2013 Answer Key Grievances and Redressal Guidelines

  • 3-4-16 Celebrate 95th Birth Anniversary of Com O P Gupta on 8th April, Father Figure of Our Pension.. Kindly Distribute Sweets

  • 1-4-2016 சுற்றறிக்கை 160 ( AIBEA 70 Years)

  • 1-4-16   April Fool DaY : Not only Management, BSNLEU is also fooling workers.. inorder to save their skin demonstration call is given now to end the show. BSNLEU is not having any feeling of guilty for its absence in the PLI committee meeting, the proper negotiating table. It fails to report to the employees on what basis it shaped the negotiation when it attended that meeting in the earlier occasion and why and on what basis management is offering the PLI whether meager or sufficient.. Where BSNLEU differs ‘only on quantum or on the modality of calculation’. If you are accepting the modality of calculation, how you want to increase the meager quantum to respectable quantum.. After demonstration what.. are you going to permanently boycott the PLI committee till the elections are over and thereby getting asylum on NFTE bashing. Why BSNLEU avoiding negotiation when management called the union to the committee.. Why now only so hurriedly demonstration keeping silence in the entire Deepavali period.. In the demonstration as usual you all blame NFTE calling names low quotation etc unfortunately BSNLEU never have any quotation on its own name.. Wage Revision on Executive's quotation, NEPP on Shri Raja's- management's quotation..  BSNLEU is fooling workers by its gimmick of namesake protests and it has no tradition or mindset to protect workers and settle things.. It is interested  to play always a spoilers role and  it is habituated to act in that role also.. Our timely caution is Beware of BSNLEU  which  is  holding demonstration  not to blame management or to get any respectable PLI before election just to blame NFTE and divide – reduce the collective bargaining and cash some more votes

    31-3-16 Our PLI Struggle for Restoring Right and Respectability

  • 30-3-16 For the Kind attention of Dist Secys: List of  TEPU leaders partici

  • pating the  Tour Programme. Kindly coordinate with local TEPU leaders

  • 29-3-16 Branch and District Unions are requested to observe and participate Dr Ambedkar's Culmination of 125th Year of Birthday celebrations on 13th April

    28-3-16 நமது சங்க கட்டிட பராமரிப்பாளர் தோழர் கார்த்திகேயன் மார்ச் 27 மாலை அகாலமரணமடைந்தார் என்பதை வருத்தத்துடன் அறிவிக்கிறோம். தோழர் மூர்த்தி AITUC, தோழர் ஆர்.கே மலரஞ்சலி செய்தனர்.தோழர்கள் சேது, மாரி, சென்னகேசவன், வீரராகவன்,ஸ்ரீதர்,ஜெயச்சந்திரன்,முரளி ரவி-இராதாகிருஷ்ணன், ராஜேஸ்வரி, முருகன், தமிழ்மாறன்-காரைக்குடி தோழர்கள், பட்டாபி கார்த்தியின் உற்றார் உறவுகளுடன் அஞ்சலி செய்தனர். கார்த்தியின் குடும்ப நிவாரணநிதிக்கு தோழர்கள் உதவிட வேண்டுகிறோம்

    26-3-16 From Our Archives: 2007 Process of Wage negotiations- Our Critical analysis

  • 24-3-16 Comrade Islam has just finished his whirlwind tour addressing mass meetings at Karaikudi,Madurai, Trichy and Vilupuram. Com Kamaraj, SSG,Jayaraman our all India Leaders accompanying him to various places. TEPU GS com Subbaraman, leaders kannadasan,Krishnan, Ravi ,Elangovan at Trichy and Com Chellapandy all India President TEPU with maheswari at Madurai and Dist , Circle leaders of TEPu,PEWA,SEWA participated in all centres. Com Latcham,Pattabi and other circle office Bearers also participated. Our Dist secretaries Mari, Rajendran,Palaniyappan,Sridhar made very good arrangement.
    Com Islam delivered his fine prints about all issues and how NFTE made roads for the settlements. TEPU leaders explained how Then MOC Shri Raja helped BSNLEU to settle NEPP and Wage settlement. In all the four centres we witnessed massive presence of comrades. Thanks to all

  • 21-3-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 159 ( Demanding DPE to issue Guidelines for 8th Round of wage Negotiations)

  • 19-3-16 Pension Demand Files

  • 19-3-16 SC/ST Employees demand files

  • 18-3-16 Merged Files of 55iib- We have given here some of the important letters of Corporate Office and Our writeups protesting the implementation of 55iib in the name of FR56j. NFTE is trying its best to safeguard our jobs even after 55 years of age and retirement issues

  • 17-3-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 158 (Tour Programme of Circle Secretary with Our Leaders)

  • 16-4-16 Election campaign Mega Kick start at Salem on 15th March.: Thousands of our cadres and leaders assembled with great enthusiasm and deep commitment for the victory of our grand edifice NFTE BSNL. Our GS Com Chandeshwar, GS TEPU com Subbaraman, TEPU leaders Kannadasan, Krishnan C/S, SEWA all india President Com Perumal, CS Muthukrishnan, PEWA C/S Balakrishnan, our leaders com RK, Muthiyalu, SSGopalakrishanan, G Jayaraman, P. Kamaraj, Jayapal, Sethu all addressed the inaugural campaign. Leaders focused the tasks before the TUs and the settled issues by the intervention of NFTE in the past years. A campaign booklet prepared by our expert team was released by Com RK and various shades of our senior leaders including our women wing leaders received the booklets. Seminar on augmentation of Revenue was conducted and leaders enthused employees to strive hard for the turn around and top line growth of BSNL. Comrade Latcham tirelessly presided over the entire event and Com Chennakesavan and Balakumar greeted all through their welcome address. Com AshokRaj thanked the entire dedicated gathering. Salem Comrades led by the District Secretary Balakumar, Circle Office bearer Venkatraman made fantastic arrangement with the help of their hundreds of dedicated Comrades. Comrade M Subramanian and other senior leaders guided the whole young team. Salem mega meet turns a meaningful foreword to the 7th Membership Verification. Let us gear up our momentum and reach every employee to get our NFTE a strong recognized union status for the cause of BSNL Public Sector and the cause of our employees. Join with our alliance leaders and strive hard for the given task.
    Thanks to all our fraternal leaders from TEPU, SEWA, PEWA and our great leaders. Thanks to all our Circle Office bearers, District/ Branch secretaries and our hundreds of dedicated cadres participated from all over TN. Thanks to the hospitality of our Salem Team.

  • 13-3-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 157 (Election and Our Discourse)
    13-3-16 For the Kind Attention of Our District Secretaries: Verify voters list and ensure its correctness. Inform Circle Union about total voters

  • 11-3-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 156 பாட்னா தீர்மானங்கள்..முக்கியத்துவம் கருதி அனைத்து ஊழியர்களிடமும் எடுத்து செல்லுமாறு வேண்டுகிறோம்

  • 11-3-16 An agreement is signed between NFTE-BSNL and TEPU on 11-03-2016 at TEPU office, Delhi. Both unions agree to work together in the 7th membership verification and thereafter. Apart from C. Singh, G.S. NFTE, Com. V. Subburaman GS, TEPU R. Venkatraman, Com. Mahavir, S.S. Gopalakrishnan and Com. R.K. were present during the signing of agreement . CHQ thanked com R.K. for his initiative and tireless efforts

  • 11-3-16 Veteran Leaders R K Kholi and Sajwani have decided to withdraw their union from membership verification favouring NFTE BSNL. Com RK played a major role with other leaders to persuade Com Kholi and Sajwani.Com SSG staying at Delhi  assisted our CHQ. Thanks to all the efforts that strengthen our Union standing for the cause of all the workers

  • 7-3-16 March 10th All Trade unions Protest Day against retrograde labour codes, disinvest policy, no labour laws zones, supporting CGE Employees struggle for 7th CPC proper implementation- Participate
    7-3-16 March 8 International women's day- UN Women's Theme is Planet 50-50 by 2030- Step It Up For Gender Equality.. Our Wishes to all our womenfolk

  • 6-3-16 மார்ச் 15 சேலம் நோக்கி திரள்வோம் தோழமை தலைவர்களையும் அழைத்துள்ளோம். ஒப்புதல் பெற்றவுடன் மாவட்டங்களுக்கு அழைப்பிதழ் கிடைக்கப்பெறும்( March on to Salem)

    6-3-16 ஒலிக்கதிர் பிப் 2016 வலையேற்றம்

  • 4-3-16 The Patna national Executive held on March 1,2 of 2016 enriched our understanding  to face the future challenges and preferred appeal to all the employees to give chance to NFTE to become Main Recognised Union. Comrades Islam, Singh , RK, Tepu Subbaraman, Sewa Ram, Suresh of MS union, comrades Kholi and Sajwani addressed the session. Circle Secretaries and Dist secretaries participated the deliberation. Com Sridhar participated in the discussion from Tamilnadu. Resoultions were adopted. Comrades SSG, GJ, PK our all India office bearers and senior leader sethu guided our delegation. Thanks to all our district secretaries, circle office bearers and activists for their presence at Patna.

  • 5-3-16 Draft Resolutions placed in the NEC held at Patna- adopted resolutions will be published by our CHQ


  • 28-2-16 Our Extended National Executive Meeting at Patna on March 1 and 2

  • 27-2-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 155 ( Pension liability 60 % clause)

  • 22-2-16 Status of National Council Items

  • 19-2-16 Issues Settled by the Intervention of NFTE BSNL and Our Future Tasks

  • 19-2-2016 மாநில அரசுப்பணியாளர்கள்- ஆசிரியர்கள் பிப் 10 முதல் காலவரையற்ற போராட்டத்தில் தங்களது கோரிக்கைகளை முன்வைத்து போராடிவருகின்ற்னர். பி ப் 17 முதல் மறியல்- காத்திருப்பு போராட்டங்கள் நடந்துவருகிறது. மாநில அரசு கண்டுகொள்ளாமல் மெளனம் சாதிக்கிறது.புதிய ஓய்வூதிய திட்டத்தை கைவிட வேண்டும்;மத்திய அரசிற்கு இணையான ஊதியம், காலி பணியிடங்களை நிரப்ப வேண்டும்; அங்கன்வாடி, சத்துணவு பணியாளர்களை பணி நிரந்தரம் செய்ய வேண்டும் போன்றவை கோரிக்கைகள்.பிற துறைவாரி கோரிக்கைகளும் வைத்துள்ளனர். நமது தோழர்கள் ஆங்காங்கே இயக்கங்களில் பங்கேற்றுவருகிறார்கள். நமது இயக்கம் சார்பில் அரசு ஊழியர்- ஆசிரியருக்கு ஆதரவாக பிப் 22 அன்று உணவு இடைவேளை ஆர்ப்பாட்டம் நடத்துமாறு கிளை/மாவட்ட சங்கத் தோழர்களை பணிக்கிறோம்


  • 17-2-16 Corporate Office has decided not to release GPF Fund till realisation of outstanding amount from DOT. Our CHQ Leaders met Dir F and Dir F spoken to the concerned GM and advised to arrange fund

  • 17-2-16 The latest (12-2-16) Guidelines issued in the matter of TTA RR 2014 also fail to satisfy our main focus of discussion held in the last National Council. Unless the initial constitution clause is properly addressed, it is difficult to consider the TTAs recruited by RR 2001 as part of RR 2014 -as deemed recruited. Now management is finding shortcut to club the vacancies falling on by the earlier recruited with new RR 2014. The position is not legally tenable, as far as our understanding goes. The new guidelines show the utter confusion prevailing by making the TTA cadre a circle one.

  • 15-2-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 154 (Core Committee Deliberations)

  • 15-2-16 Prime Minister Office letter to our Pension Petition

  • 12-2-16 Core Committee of our CHQ is meeting on Feb 13th and 14th to interact and finalise our future tasks for the ensuing 7th Membership Verification and to have fair assessment of our performance during the period of Recognition after 6th MV. The struggles and settlements arrived at by the intervention of NFTE for the welfare of the employees and Company would also be listed

  • 10-2-16 CHQ is taking all out Efforts to get fund for flood advance, remedial actions for GPF and notifying MOUs with Banks for loans

  • 10-2-16 Orders issued for CGA offer without weightage points on the basis of educational Qualification of dependents of the occupational accidental death employees

  • 7-2-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 153         வேலூர் செயற்குழு தீர்மானங்கள்

  • 4-2-16 Empowered Committee to study and implement 7th CPC was set up and Nodal Ministries first meeting convened.Unions of Central Govt Employees also given chance to state their opinions about 7th CPC recommendations.

    MOF has issued circular on Jan 12, 2016 to Chiefs of Nationalised Banks to initiate Negotiations and conclude next Bipartite before 1-11-2017, the date of effect of 11th Bipartite. The last 10th Bipartite joint note was finalised and completed on 25th May 2015

  • 2-2-16 7th MV tentative Date (for secret ballot) is announced as May 10th 2016. The submission of Applications should be done by the unions within a month time. Non transfer of staff guidelines issued. Let us gear up our coordinated efforts . Best wishes to our comrades

  • 2-2-16 Joint Representation of NFTE,AIBSNLEA and MTNL unions to DOPPW on the issue of Pension Revision

  • 31-1-16 Clarify Pension Rules for 55 ii b

  • 28-1-16 நமது மாநில துணைத்தலைவர் தூத்துக்குடி பாலு அவர்கள் ஜனவரியில் பணிஓய்வு பெறுகிறார். ஜன 27 அன்று விருந்தோம்பல் நிகழ்விற்கு ஏற்பாடு செய்திருந்தார். அந்நிகழ்வை தோழர் ஆர்.கே பாலுவின் தொழிற்சங்கபணிக்கான பாராட்டு நிகழ்வாக்கினார். தோழர் லட்சம் தலைமையேற்க தோழர்கள் ஆர்.கே,காமராஜ், சென்னகேசவன், முரளி, அசோகராஜ், சேது, பாலகண்ணன்,சுப்பையா, பட்டாபி உள்ளிட்ட நமது தலைவர்கள், அரசியல் கட்சி தலைவர்கள், தொழிற்சங்க தலைவர்கள் பாலுவின் நேர்த்தியான தொழிற்சங்க சேவை குறித்து பாராட்டினர்.பாலுவின் துணைவியார் பேராசிரியர் திருமதிஆனந்தவல்லி தோழர் ஆர்.கேயால் கெளரவிக்கப்பட்டார். பிப்ரவரி 6 மாநில செயற்குழுவில் தோழர் பாலுவை நாம் கெளரவிக்கலாம்.
    பாலுவிற்கு வாழ்த்துகளை தெரிவிப்போம் PH:9443469299 REMINISCENCES OF THE FIRST REPUBLIC DAY

  • 26-1-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 152 (Kerala Pay commission and Govt orders)

  • 23-1-16 Amendment issued to Rural Transfer Tenures.. Thanks to CHQ for its consistent efforts to get the modified guidelines

  • 21-1-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 151 ( Circular on 55 ii b-The Cat is out of the Bag now)

  • 20-1-16 An Exemplary get together of entire BSNL Folk at Pondichery on 19th Jan of 2016- a memorable day - great martyrs Gnasekaran,Nagooran and Anjan lost their life in the struggle to defend Public sectors. Forum Leaders Com Chandeswar GS NFTE, Com Abimanyu GS BSNLEU, Com Sebastin GS SNEA, Com Venugopal leader AIBSNLEA, Com Rajasekar leader AIBSNLOA delivered their motivational speeches and appealed to all the employees to take the spirit of Service with a Smile to the field level. Smt Poonghuzali CGM, Shri Ravi PGM F, Shri Santhosham SrGM CM, Shri P V Karunanidhi GM CFA, Smt Leelasankari GM Pondi all delivered their written speeches , prepared with all seriousness and much labour. On behalf of Circle Unions com Chennakesavan, BabuRadha,Rajasekar, Sivakumar, MSR made their brief remarks about the SWAS and appealed the participants to carry the message to the nook and corner of TN. More than 800 comrades with rapt attention and with great concern thronged Pondichery SWAS convention. Com Kamaraj did welcome address . Com Chellappa made his introductory remarks. com subramaniyan thanked the leaders, Officers and comrades. com Pattabi presided over the event.Thanks to Forum leaders of Pondichery for comfortable and fine arrangement with proper hall and mike system and food.Thanks to all leaders and higher Officers for their valuable mind foggling contribution. Thanks to hundreds of comrades participated.

  • 16-1-16 Approval of Corporate Office for waival of Conditions to sanction Flood Advance to the extent of Rs 25000 to the employees affected is received. On Calling for applications, those affected may prefer the same immediately. Thanks to Our CHQ for pursuing the case with all seriousness.

  • 15-1-16 மாநில செயற்குழு பிப் 6 -வேலூர் ( Circle Executive on Feb 6th at Vellore)

  • 14-1-16 Digital Labour and Imperialism  Click

  • 13-1-16 The Circulars released by Our Circle Union were compiled in E-Book Format(370 pages) by Our Youth Team Com Ramesh of VirudhuNagar> We appreciate his artful and dedicated work. Those comrades willing to get that E-Publication thro e-mail may contact Ramesh PH: 9442266322

    13-1-16 Poster for SWAS Jan 19th Pondi Meet.. Rally good in numbers.. Spl CL Order issued

  • 12-1-16 When SAIL management announced No Bonus for this year on account of loss of first quarter, Unions Protested and gave a strike call. Management Offered advance of 7000 to 9000. Our CHQ leaders met Dir HR and Finance and demanded early payment of PLI on adhoc basis

    CHQ Leaders met CMD and insisted early action on the issue of Flood Advance to Tamilnadu and Chennai

  • 9-1-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 150 (Congenial Amiable Warm Welcome to 7th Membership Verification)

  • 9-1-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 149 (Vellore Circle Conference- Our Tasks)

  • 8-1-16 தமிழ்நாட்டின் போரம் சார்பாக மாநிலம் முழுதும் தோழர்களை திரட்டி இன்முகசேவை திட்டம் குறித்த சிறப்பு கன்வென்ஷன் ஒன்றை நடத்துவது என முடிவெடுத்தோம். புதுவை போரம் நமது வேண்டுகோளை ஏற்று நடத்திட முன் வந்திருக்கிறார்கள். சங்கங்களின் பொதுச்செயலர்கள்,CGM,GMகள், மாநில செயலர்கள் உரையாற்ற இருக்கின்றனர். தமிழகத்தின் வருவாய் இலக்கான 2400 கோடி என்பதை அனைவரும் சேர்ந்து எட்டுவது, BSNL எனில் Fault Free service- Immediate Restoration ,retentivity of our esteemed Customers, New connections on demand ,Polite and dignified reception at our CSCs போன்றவற்றிற்கான உந்துதலை நாமும் நிர்வாகமும் ஒருசேர பெற்றிட பாண்டிச்சேரி சிறப்புக் கூட்டம் உதவிடும் வகையில் அமைக்கபடுகிறது. ஜனவரி 19 இந்திய தொழிலாளிவர்க்கத்தின் உச்ச போராட்ட நினவுகளை தரும் நாள்.இளம் தோழர்களான ஞானசேகரன், அஞ்சான், நாகூரான் ஆகியோரை நாடுதழுவிய வேலை நிறுத்த போராட்டத்தில் உயிர்ப்பலி கொண்ட நாள். ஆதிக்க வெறிகளையும் அதிகார வெறிகளையும் எதிர்கொண்டு நாட்டின் நலன் காக்கும் போராட்டத்தில், பொதுத்துறை காக்கும் போராட்டத்தில் தொழிலாளி வர்க்கம் முன்நிற்கும் என உலகிற்கு காட்டிய நாள். ஜனவரி 19 அன்று திரளாக பாண்டிச்சேரியில் காலை 9.30 க்கு கூடுவோம். டெலிகாமின் பொதுத்துறையான BSNL காக்கும் போர் என புரிதலுடன் திரள்வோம்!

    8-1-16 Circle union Appreciates Comrades Chennakesavan and Murali for their valuable contributions during their time of Officiating as Circle Secretary. Thanks to both of our leaders

  • 6-1-16 Jan 7th Com D Gnanaiah's 96th Birthday..Com DG Ex SG of NFPTE, an outstanding social Thinker, renowned Marxist Writer and author of innumerable Books. Let Us greet and seek his blessings Ph:9486432494

  • 5-1-16 O P GUPTA an Illustrated Personification of Telecom Movement 

    5-1-16 சுற்றறிக்கை 148 (Issue of Net Neutrality)


  • 4-1-16 TamilNadu Forum Notice for SWAS Movement

  • 3-1-16 Com A B Bharadan one of the finest Trade Union Leader, Marxian Scholar, uncompromising fighter for the downtrodden passed away on 2nd Jan. He was General Secy of AITUC as well as CPI and well respected Left Leader. We bow our head and dip our banner.

  • 1-1-16 Last PRC (Rao Committee)Notification was given by DPE on NOV 30th 2006 for the Executives. In the TOR, it was advised to take into account the Report of 6th CPC.. Regarding retirement benefits, TOR was limited with the prevailing (available) benefits in the CPEs.. 30 % benefit was recommended and accepted by GOVT. This time our Executive Unions are requesting DPE to add Pension Revision of BSNL/MTNL absorbed Executives in the TOR.

    6th CPC was appointed on 5th OCT 2006 and submitted Report on 24th Mar 2008 and Govt implemented the same on 29th Aug 2008. 7th CPC was appointed on Feb28th, 2014 and submitted its Report on 19th Nov 2015.

    DPE is yet to announce 3rd PRC. Maharatna Executives Associations have demanded no more PRCs. Our Executive Unions are demanding 3rd PRC. Regarding Pension revision, some of the Pensioners' Associations are demanding extension of 7th CPC Recommendations with the same formula on IDA scale . Varying voices should be properly synchronized to adopt proper tactics to face next wage Revision and Pension revision

    1-1-16 Our Best Wishes to NFTE Vellore website for having good record of Viewrship.. We appreciate Vellore Comrades dedication for the cause of our Employees.

  • 31-12-15 IDA Increase 4.5 % from 107.9 to 112.4 from Jan 2016

  • 31-12-15 Our Leaders Comrades Murali, Chennakesavan, Ashokarajan and Pattabi met CGM and PGM F and insisted to expedite the issue of Flood Advance and other employees' issues. We have requested our CHQ to monitor the issue of sanction of Flood Advance as a special case to TN
    31-12-15 TN Forum Decisions on Service with Smile

  • 28-12-15Payment of Bonus Amendment Bill passed. Date of effect is Ap1,2015. Employees having salary limit 21000(earlier 10000) are eligible to get bonus on the basis of Rs 7000 calculation( earlier 3500). Railway employees have demanded the arrears for their Bonus. In our case,though CMD is positive on adhoc PLI, our demand is not moving fast, where is the lacunae? NFTE CHQ is pressing its best both the issue of adhoc PLI and 78.2 HRA. Employees  loosing the HRA on 78.2 for the last 8 full years.. If it is not pressed upon, we may likely to loose ever

    24-12-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 147 (Circular on BSNL Annual Report)

  • 23-12-15 After some efforts, now in Decemeber end BSNL has finally placed its Annual Report for 14-15.. Our Vellore comrades placed the same in the site

  • 23-12-15 78.2 for pensioners: Demonstration with blackbadge held at CGM Office. Circle Secretaries of NFTE Com Murali, BSNLEU Com Babu, SNEA Com Rajasekar with leaders of AIBSNLEA Ravi, AIBSLOA Rajasekar addressed .Pensioner Association Leaders Com Muthiyalu and Narasimman explained the efforts taken by their association regarding settlement of the issue. com Pattabi presided over the meeting. Thanks to all.

  • 17-12-12 சுற்றறிக்கை 146 (Pensioners' Day Circular)

  • 16-12-15 Forum Tamilnadu Circular for Dec 22nd Demonstration for pensioners' 78.2 and service with smile

    16-12-15 Opinion Leaders Meet- Com P Chennekesavan's circular

    13-12-15 Telecom live in its December issue has published one special idiotic article about BSNL emitting its total prejudice. It tries to expose the present Management of BSNL for the claims of growth and operational profit and tries to establish that BSNL attained operational loss in real accounting without knowing the factual things about the history of Govt notional loan and its waiver, bad debt provision, Leave encashment etc. We expect that the corporate management should give its rebuttal about the  P-L financial statement. The other issue raised by Telecom Live is about BSNL-Reliance Jio ICR. BSNL management should clarify our Union Leaders that the agreement is not disadvantageous to BSNL

    But a real grievance is there that BSNL is yet to publish its Annual Report   of 14-15/Financial statement in public domain even by December. Such kind of indifference is unfair. Most of the companies are doing the same by may/June itself.


  • 12-12-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 145 (Circular on Designation Change)

    சுற்றறிக்கை 144 (LIC Wage Revision Proposals)

  • 12-12-15 Reconsensus reached on Designation change issue on 11th Dec.The earlier consensus reached on 28th July was modified favouring both Union side and administrative side. The displeasure of SrTOAs addressed and the name has been changed as SrOA, Asst Os and OS and for TTA the name JE and TM the name TT retained as per the earlier consensus. Now RM will be named as ATT. Congratulations to committee members especially to Com C Singh and Abimanyu both Gs.

    The second portion of the agreement that no claim for pay scales quoting similarity may draw criticism from some quarters. But Gupta has taught us what is best in a particular circumstances should be accepted and we should prepare ourselves to fight for the improvement of the rest(Accept what is given, fight for the improvement of the rest) . We hope that at appropriate time the qn of similar pay scales would be raised.

  • 10-12-15 Forum Circular regarding our meet with CMD
    9-12-15 TN Forum Leaders (with Chennai Leaders) had their interactive session with CMD. Dir CFA and CGMS and other higher Officers were also there in the meeting. Leaders explained the efforts of all to restore our services facing all oddities. CMD appreciated and thanked for the efforts making BSNL proud throughout the country and requested to continue the spirit for the coming days. He narrated the position of the Company today and efforts to make it turnaround by 18-19. Leaders demanded Seamless supply of Materials, Flow of GPF to both the Circles, Flood advance to the areas affected and special loan to those lost their valuable things. Bleaching of all exchanges and Offices and Quarters a must and safe drinking water to be arranged. CMD has agreed to lookinto these matters.If management feels to handover relief fund to the Govt as a part of Corporate Social responsibility, employees and Officers are ready to share a part from their salaries. A memo has been handed over by Forum leaders. On behalf of NFTE Com Murali CS(Offg), Manoj(DS ,CGM office) and Pattabi participated and enriched the interaction.

    On 8-12-15 Forum leaders met CGM and discussed about the Flood Advance, Special CL for those not able to attend duty and other relief requirements. On behalf of NFTE com Murali , Chennakesavan and Manoj participated and narrated things.

  • 8-12-15 Flood Advance to KVB Staff (Rs 20000 to 50000)

    8-12-15 TN Rains EPW Article      Down to Earth Article

  • 5-12-15 Salute to Chennaivasees

    5-12-15 DOPT Guidelines for Spl CL during calamities

  • 1-12-15 Contract Labour Weekly Off wages

  • 29-11-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 143 (Circular 7th CPC Pension Related matters)

  • 28-11-15 Very purposeful Dist Secy's Meet at Cuddalore.Thanks to Cuddalore Sridhar and his Team for warm welcome and fine arrangement. Thanks to all Dist Secys, Circle Officebearers for their participation and focussed discussion even in the worst affected flood situation. Vellore Reception committee GS com Nedumaran, leaders com Mathi,Alli detailed the steps taken and sought full cooperation from Districts for making the Circle Conference every success and distributed Receipt Books.
    Thanks to Senior leaders SSG,Jayaram,Kamaraj,Ashokraj,Tamilmani,Sethu,Selvam for their valuable guidance for the Circle Conference and Membership Verification.Com Latcham presided over the meet and com Murali introduced the agenda Items .Thanks to all for their all out responsibility exhibited for the future of BSNL,employees and NFTE

  • 23-11-15 Let us Carry Forward the rich tradition of NFPTE- NOv 24th Formation Day

  • 23-11-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 142( Circular on Idiocy and Prejudice of DINAMANI Tamil Daily)

  • 22-11-15 Central Govt Employeess National council Staff side has given a call for Protest Demonstration on NOV 27th against retrograde recommendations of 7th CPC. Let us support the call

  • 21-11-15 Our Leaders Chennakesavan,Murali and Mari met Circle Admn on nov 19th and discussed some pending staff issues,Flood Area Issues and Karaikudi contract labour Issues. Administration assured our leaders that needful would be done

  • 20-11-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 141 Circular on 7th CPC Recommendations)

  • 20-11-15 7th CPC Some of the Recommendations

  • 19-11-15 As per the Official Release of 7th CPC, it is expected to submit report this eve to the MOF

  • 18-11-15 The Issue of PLI and its Status

  • 13-11-15 கடலூரில் மாவட்ட செயலர்கள் கூட்டம் நவ 27 DS Meet at Cuddalore)

  • 7-11-15     Speech of Circle Secretary at Aurangabad NE on Nov 3rd

  • 6-11-15 Aurangabad National Executive Resolutions

  • 29-10-15

    For the Kind Attention of Comrades: Circle Secretary is going on leave.. Comrades P.Chennakesavan and G.S.Muralidharan will lookafter the day to day affairs in their capacity as Officiating Circle secretaries for the periods assigned. Circle secretary is available for Circle Conference Reception committee matters, Bank Transactions and other important union affairs.i

    29-10-15 NFTE CWC at Aurangabad on Nov 1 to 3
    29-10-15 Cabinet approval was given to Coal India loss making Subsidiaries to adopt 2007 pay revision as an exceptional case. The Officers of those loss making Units are also going to get their PRP and the payment would be out of the corpus created by pooling the profits

    29-10-15 Port and Dock employees are getting their PLR(productivity Linked Award )

  • 23-10-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 140(Circular on Clearing some Confusions in TTA RR 2014)

  • 23-10-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 139(Circular on Bonus Act amendment Enhancing Bonus calculation from 3500 to 7000)

  • 21-10-15 Sorry Comrades.. Efforts to get GPF allotment to TN by 20th October failed.. TN discriminated by CO. GM Banking reported amount sanctioned.. PGM F TN reported no fund allotted for GPF .. Last month TN paid GPF to our employees other Circles deprived

    21-10-15 Our honest and sincere Efforts to get Adhoc PLI before Puja failed.. Sorry Comrades for making you all disappointed

  • சுற்றறிக்கை 137 ( Casual Labour Gratuity) சுற்றறிக்கை138(Compassionate Ground Appointment)

  • 21-10-15 Team Vellore: Vellore has come forward to hold the circle conference by giving consent to the call of Mayiladuthurai Circle Executive. Vellore District Executive held on Oct 20th guided the comrades to form Reception committee for the Circle Conference. Comrades Venkatesan, Nedumaran, Mathi were nominated as President General secy and Treasurer. Com Chennakesavan as Jt Secy, Alli as Asst Secy, Plani as Vice president.. We wish the team every success (Detailed Circular at Vellore Website)

  • 19-10-15 Letter to CHQ

  • 18-10-15 PLI dharna on Oct 19th- TN Forum

  • 17-10-15 NC held on Oct 16th :Lengthy and fruitful discussion held on agenda points.Extension of NIght free call facility to employees and retirees, accepted in principle. Bringing casual labour in the BSNL gratuity Rules will be placed in the Board for taking decision. HRA on 78.2 and OTA as per DOPT 1991 order for Holidays rate will be examined. Review on CGA,one time increment to RM/GR D,TOA,SRTOA after 1-1-07 to be examined. Revision of allowances at this stage not agreed. No ban on Rule 8 transfers clarified .Uniform and stitching charges as per DOPT rates

    Stagnation, PLI issues pressed but yet to come concrete shape. Staff side tried its best to settle issues in one voice

  • 13-10-2015 Ministry of Labour has sent Cabinet note regarding enhanced ceiling of Bonus from Rs 3500 to 7000 with the rider of maximum Rs 20000. Cabinet is yet to approve the same.. may be after Bihar Election(Outcome of Sep 2 strike)

  • 13-10-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 136 ( Are we heading towards intolerance?)

    13-10-2015 Bonus for contract Labour as per Bonus Act Circle Office Letter

    13-10-15 Defence Civilians to get 40 days Bonus on Rs 3500 ceilings and Casual Labour to get Rs 1200 rate.

  • 12-10-15 Letter to CHQ

  • 11-10-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 135 (Banking Gratuity:10th Bipartite enables them to get beyond the ceiling of 10 lakhs)

  • 9-10-15 Postal PLB for Non Executive Employees and ED/ Casual labour.. Employees and ED may get at the rate of 3500 per month for 60 days and CL is to get 1200 rate for 60 days

  • 9-10-15 Railway Board Order for PLB- Bonus for Non Executive Employees- Rs 8975 for the year 14-15

  • 9-10-15 BWA Spectrum Refund Adjustment CMD's Letter to DOT

    8-10-15 GPF Mtce for DOT Officials on Deputation: DOT's letter... BSNL management is pressing us to give concurrence for Absorbed Employees also.. but we are not for it

  • 6-10-15 For the Kind Attention of Comrades: Management is going to constitute a committee to review Medical policy. Kindly send your views within 5 days about the Deficiencies Observed/Difficulties faced and remedial steps/ suggestions to Circle Union so that to compile and give the same to CHQ

  • 5-10-15 sep 15 Olikkathir uploaded

  • 5-10-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 134( AirTel Presents Jobless Growth- interestingly its Chief Sunil Mittal gets 8.25 Crore as PLI)

  • 1-10-15 Massive Pudhucheri Conference at the Hall where NFPTE Diamond Jubilee celebrated: The conference held at Pondichery on 29th sep was inaugurated by Circle Secretary and addressed by GM , DGMs and comrades SSG,GJ,PK,Chennakesavan  Sridhar, Nataraj,Selvam,Loganathan,Ashokaraj,Sethu and fraternal leaders from Forum. The conference adopted the report submitted by DS Kamaraj . The election of Officebearers were conducted by Secret Ballot. Comrades Dhandapani,Selvarangan, Devadas were elected as President, Secretary , Treasurer with their team. We wish the team to take all together and success

    1-10-15 IDA Increase 5.3 % and the total is 107.9 %

  • 30-9-10 The Glory of BSNL can be restored if we all join our Hands together..Celebrate BSNL Day focusing its advance

  • 30-9-15 Forum Call on October 6th- Demanding Adhoc PLI.. Make the Call every success.. Join Enmasse

  • 28-9-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 133 ( Dismembering BSNL from Govt Project NOFN)

  • 25-9-15 Circle Executive Resoultions

  • 25-9-15 Thanks to Kumabakonam - mayiladuthurai Reception committee for their caring sweet hospitality. All the leaders in the Circle Executive mentioned and thanked KMB comrades for the Hospitality. Thanks to leaders SSG,Kamaraj,Sethu,Jayapal for their dutybound speeches. Thanks to Executive members for their valuable discussion on the subject matter. Thanks to minutes committee Laila Banu and Logu. Thanks to Shanumugal and his Mayiladuthurai team. Thanks to Com Latcham for time management. Thanks to all the comrades participated and witnessed the Circle Executive session.

    25-9-15 The emotive and Massive District Conference of Kumbakonam was held at mayiladuthurai on sep 22 with its exemplary traditions. The report placed by com Ganesan was adopted. The conference was inaugurated by the young energetic Vijay and the concluding speech was given by Com Jayapal, the embodiment of experiences and comraderie. Almost all the BSNL Unions participated and greeted the session. Our leaders Kamaraj, Sethu, Chennakesavan, Mari,Natarajan, Sridhar,Balakumar, Venkat,Sivaguru,Selvam and pattabi delivered valuable speeches. Comrades Ganesan, Vijay Arokiyaraj, Balamurugan were elected as President, Secy and Treasurer. Mayiladuthurai comrades arrangements were simply superb

  • 21-9-15 Pension Issue: We appreciate the efforts of Amit Kumar of AIBSNLEA for bringing to light all the points of discussion held amongst various ministries and meeting at secretaries level and the prepared cabinet memos relating to the issue of limiting Govt liability to the extent of 60 % of receipts. Thanks to AIBSNLEA website for placing all the relevant documents obtained thro RTI. Comrade O P Gupta earlier revealed that the decision was taken at the level of COS and published some materials in Telelabour.NFTE has been consistently pressing the withdrawal demand since june 2006 after seeing DOT's letter dt 15-6-2006. Let us be serious on reading the relevant documents on that issue and fight unitedly to safeguard our pension

  • 21-9-15 GOI DOPPT has issued and reiterated the subject of Strengthening Administration thro periodical Review under FR56J and Rule 48 of CCS PR 1972. BSNL management has again reiterated thro its letter dt 17-7-15 addressed to Chandeshwar, GS NFTE that CDA 55 ii b is similar to FR 56J and 48 1 b of CCS PR 1972. Management just ignored our arguments in the NC and its minutes of asking us to submit note on the subject. This unilateral decision of management is unfair affecting many of our employees who are in their 55 years of age, and they may be subjected to quartely review for awarding Compulsory retirement. The matter is serious one affecting the assurances of GOI during the time of absorption

  • 19-9-15 Draft JTO RR

  • 17-9-15 District Secretaries are requested to come with the Quota particulars from Jan to Aug 2015 and Branchwise membership details

  • 16-9-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 132 Characteristics of Chinese Telecom)

  • 15-9-15 NFTE BIHAR LINK is Given Aug 15 Olikkathir Uploaded

  •  TN Forum Circular for Sep 16th Dharna

  • 12-9-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 131 (ITI Today)

  • 8-9-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 130 (MTNL TODAY)

  • 7-9-15 Corporate office found temporary measure to settle the issue of Conversion of GPF advance to withdrawal. Instructions sent to CGMs.Thanks to CHQ for settling the issue

  • 7-9-15 For the Kind Attention of DS: YOU are requested to provide Branch Details with BS Name and Address, Total members when you attend Circle Executive. A copy of the same kindly be sent to CHQ also.

  • 4-9-15 CGA Attention Please: Circle Administration is seeking our cooperation to receive more than 30 applications from SSAs to process CGA cases. TNJ-10, TR-4, TVL-4,KKD-4 and other SSAs are having one or two. Kindly coordinate with SSA administration and see all applications are sent at the earliest

  • 4-9-14 சுற்றறிக்கை 129

  • 3-9-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 128 OROP Struggle

  • 3-9-15 Very sad to hear the demise news of wife of comrade Papanasam, our Leader, Nellai . Our heartfelt condolence to the family

  • 3-9-15 PLI

  • 2-9-15 Thank You comrades for the impressive strike in all the SSAs. We salute the workers for their dedicated participation. Thanks to all the Unions/leaders /Comrades. Thanks for the Executive Unions solidarity. No One opposed this strike.. that itself shows the importance and solidarity attached. By 12 PM we reported to our CHQ 60 % overall strike. Even Circle Administration is reporting near about 7000 participated in the strike. Many more shown their support thro leave. Thanks for this wonder.. good.. salute to all

  • 2-9-15 Biased Medias are against us... Make the strike a good one... Thank You all

  • 1-9-15 PLI News: In the committee both the leaders pressed for Adhoc payment of Bonus, as formula evolving may be a tedious process. Management is of the opinion that even for any adhoc they need some basis/premises and DIR HR advised the concerned Officers to expedite the process. Our Leaders are breaking their heads to match the given formula suitable to all the years coming. Though we claimed Bonus for the yester years from 2011, management is silent on this aspect. Let us hope for the best

  • 31-8-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 127 (Circular on Capital Expansion of AirTel)

  • 30-8-15 Our Circle President Com Latcham's Retirement Felicitation at Cumbum was a grand one.Participation of Local dignitaries, political leaders, families from his native Village made the function a massive one. Comrades Tamilmani,Jayapal,Sethu, Kamaraj, Chennakesavan,Sridhar, Anbalagan and STR Comrades, NK, Natarajan, Manohar and Trichy comrades, Selvam, Vijayarangan- Sivaguru-Murukesan-Parimalam -Madurai SSA comrades Pattabi made their presence and greeted com Latcham

  • 28-8-15 Kindly send Items for Circle Council before September 10th

  • 25-8-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 126 (PLI Issue- Compilation of DPE Guidelines)

    24-8-15 Our Wishes and appreciations to all comrades qualified in the TTA LICE Exam results

  • 23-8-15 Comrade M Latcham, Our Circle President and one of our seasoned, dedicated leaders is getting his superannuation on Aug 31st 2015. Let us shower our wishes to our Circle President and lovable leader           Mobile No:  9443023823

  • 21-8-15  மாநில செயற்குழு ( CIRCLE EXECUTIVE  on Sep 23, 2015)

  • 19-8-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 125   (Separate Tower Company- Some Issues)

  • 18-8-15  சுற்றறிக்கை 124 ( PSU Unions Joint Statement)

  • 17-8-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 123 (To stop BB Outsourcing Management demands 70 % Fault clearance on the same day)

  • 14-8-13 Circle Secy's Meet Resolutions

    14-8-15 JTO Exam 2013 Results_ Our Wishes to All

    14-8-15 Com Roberts Reports: Trichy District Conference was held at Pudukottai with full enthusiasm and comrades Sundaram, Palaniyappan, Andisamy were elected as President, Secy, Treasurer with their team. We wish them every success. The conference was inaugurated by com Roberts and greeted by Jayaram, Mathi,Ashokraj,Mari,Subbarayan,Nataraj,Manohar, Sundaram.

  • 9-8-15 Circle Secretary is away from Chennai to attend Union Meet at Delhi
    9-8-15 Protest demonstration against the decision  of  Tower company.. Participate

  • 7-8-15 Now We Understand What is Minimum Government of Shri Modi.. What FICCI says implement in Labour Laws... What Assocham says implement by investing your EPF money in Equity Market.. Alas Maximum Governance for Big Capitals!

  • 7-8-15 திருமதி பூங்குழலி CGM ஆக பொறுப்பேற்றவுடன் அனைத்து சங்க சந்திப்பை வருவாய் பெருக்க விவாத களமாக மாற்றிய கூட்டம் ஆக 6 அன்று நடைபெற்றது. அனைத்து சங்க தலைவர்களும் பயனுள்ள கருத்துக்களை தந்துள்ளனர். நமது சார்பில் தோழர்கள் முரளி, பட்டாபி கருத்துக்களை தந்தனர். முடிவாக ஒவ்வொரு சங்கமும் சற்று வருவாயில் கூடுதல் கவனம் செலுத்த வேண்டிய ஒரு மாவட்டத்தை பொறுப்பெடுத்து மேம்படுத்தவேண்டும் என்ற CGM வேண்டுகோள் அனைவராலும் ஏற்கப்பட்டுள்ளது. நமது மாடல் மாவட்ட கடமை வேலூர். அடுத்த 3 மாதங்களில் visible changes என்ற உணர்வு கூட்ட முடிவில் தரப்பட்டுள்ளது. முயற்சிப்போம். நமக்கு தரப்பட்டுள்ள சவாலை positiveஆக புரிந்து கொண்டு வருவாய் சந்தையை கூடுதலாக்குவோம்! Quality of Serviceயை மேம்படுத்துவோம்!


  • 4-8-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 122 Circular on 46th ILC

  • 4-8-15 TN NFTE BSNLEU Joint Appeal for Sep 2 Nationwide General Strike

  • 3-8-15 July Olikkathir Uploaded

  • 31-7-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 121 Circular On change of Designation

  • 28-7-15 Joint Proposal of Designation Change by Official side and Staff Side... We appreciate the efforts of Committee Members of Staff side

  • 27-7-15 Dr Abdul Kalam one of the Distinguished Global Mind with a local Rameswaram Tamil Flavour and a great Patriot is no more. Let us salute the great soul .. Flags in Half Mast

  • 27-7-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 120 (Telecom Equipment- Issue of Domestic manufacturing)

  • 25-7-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 119 (Moving a part of unused vacancies for the qualified- case of left outs waiting more than 12 years to become TM)

  • 25-7-15 DOE MOF issued order for HRA Upgradation on 21-7-15. Salem, Trichy, Coimbatore,  Madurai,Tiruppur, Erode marked as 20 % HRA Y classified areas.. BSNL should endorse this order

  • 24-7-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 118 (Sep2- All Unions General strike)

  • 22-7-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 117 ( Pensioners entitlement without Voucher-MRS)

  • 21-7-15 46th Indian Labour Conference was inaugurated by Shri Modi, PM.. His speech in Hindi( hindi Knowing comrades may tell us the gist).. The agenda of the ILC includes Minimum Wages, Bonus Ceiling, Labour Laws

  • 20-7-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 116 (7th CPC CGE NC Demands)

  • 19-7-15 Empowering TU Leaders- VV Giri Labour Institute.. Willing Comrades may go and improve their understanding

  • 19-7-15 Praful Uncompromising Secularist

  • 16-7-15 We come to know that the proposal initiated by DPE for setting up Pay committee for PSU Executives is pending at Cabinet Secy level for the last 0ne and half years. Heat may be felt only after 7th CPC recommendations

  • 15-7-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 115(125th Year of Weekly Off and the great pioneer Shri Lokandhe)

    14-7-15 Order for one advance increment not to be absorbed in future increments; a kind of pay protection to all those TTAs appointed on or after 1-1-07 and upto 7-5-10 is issued on 13-7-15.  It is a Kind of indirect change of pay scale with higher startup (13600-25420 to 14010-25420) but for selective appointees of the stipulated period…  The other appointees of the same period in other non executive cadres are now discriminated. CHQ is addressing the issue. We request the affected to give us their loss particulars before the period of 7-5-10 so that to send the same to CHQ.


  • 13-7-15 NFTE Kerala Website- We wish them every success

    12-7-15 June 2015 Olikkathir Uploaded

  • முனியனின் பணிசிறப்பு பாராட்டுவிழா தோழர் விமலா தலைமையில் திரளான தோழர்கள் பங்கேற்புடன் நடைபெற்றது. அனைத்து சங்க தலைவர்களும் தோழர்களும், நமது இயக்க அனைத்து தலைவர்களும் பாராட்டி உரையாற்றினர்.

    பிற்பகல் நிகழ்வாக மாநில சங்க சார்பில் சிந்தனை பகிர்வு சிறப்பு அரங்கம் அதற்கே உரிய தோழர்களின் அமர்வுடன் நடந்தேறியது. தோழர் லட்சம் தலைமையில் தோழர்கள் மணி, நடராஜன் வரவேற்புரையாற்றினர். தோழர் சேது அமர்வை துவக்கி வைத்தார். தோழர்கள் இந்திரஜித், ஜெயராமன், ஜெயபால் பாவேந்தர் குறித்தும், தோழர்கள் தமிழ்மணி, காமராஜ் பாபசாகேப் அம்பேத்கார் குறித்தும், தோழர் அசோகராஜன் WFTU வரலாற்று தேவை குறித்தும் கருத்து செறிந்த உரை தந்தனர். முன்னதாக தஞ்சை தோழர் பெருங்கவி இக்பால் தலைமையில் நடந்த கவிப்பொழிவில் கவி சீனிவாசன், இளஞ்சிட்டுக்கள் பாலு, விஜய் தமிழ் பெய்தனர். விழாவின் அவசியம் குறித்தும் அம்பேத்கார், பாரதிதாசன் மேன்மை குறித்தும்  WFTUவில் தனக்கு ஏற்பட்ட நேரடி அனுபவம் குறித்தும் தோழர் ஆர் கே நிறைவுரை செய்து இருந்த தோழர்களை உற்சாகப்படுத்தினார். தோழர் முரளி நன்றி பாராட்டினார். பொருட் செலவை சிரமமாக கருதாது சிறக்க ஏற்பாடுகளை தோழர்கள் மணி, முனியன் மற்றும் தர்மபுரி தோழர்கள் செய்து புதிய வரலாற்று பக்கம் ஒன்றை நமக்கு சேர்த்துள்ளனர். மாவட்டங்களிலிருந்து பங்கேற்ற தலைவர்கள், தோழர்களுக்கு நன்றி ! வாழ்க !


  • 7-7-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 114 (The Issue of Outsourcing of Wire line BB )

  • 6-7-15 நெல்லை மாவட்ட மாநாடு உரிய காலத்தில் புகழ்வாய்ந்த அம்பாசமுத்திரத்தில் ஜூலை 5 அன்று சிறப்பாக நடைபெற்றது.தோழர் கணபதிராமன் தலையேற்றார். போரம் தொழிற்சங்க தலைவர்கள், தோழமை சங்க தலைவர்கள் பலரும் பங்கேற்று வாழ்த்தியது பாராட்டிற்குரியது.நமது இயக்க தலைவர்கள் ஜெயராமன், காமராஜ், பாலசுப்பிரமணியன், சண்முகம், saalan, ராம்சேகர்,பாலகண்ணன், அருணா மற்றும் பட்டாபி பங்கேற்று உரை நல்கினர். விவாதங்களில் பங்கேற்ற தோழர்கள் அமைப்பை பலப்படுத்துவதற்கும், தோழர்கள் பிரச்சனைகளை தீர்ப்பதற்குமான ஆலோசனைகளை நல்கியது சிறப்பு. தோழர்கள் ஏகேஎஸ் உள்ளிட்ட தோழர்களின் சிறப்பு, பணிஓய்வு பாராட்டப்பட்டது. தோழர்கள் பாபநாசம், கணேசன், ராஜூ தலைவர், செயலர்,பொருளராகவும் , உடன் சிறந்த தோழர்களின் டீம் தேர்ந்தெடுக்கப்பட்டது. பணி சிறக்க வாழ்த்துகள்.

  • 4-7-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 113 (On the Issue of JTO Exam held on 2-6-13)

  • 4-7-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 112 ( Pay Revision, Pension Revision Telangana, Andhra)

  • 2-7-15 Telecom Editorial: Our Emphatic stand On the Issue of Bonus

  • 30-6-15 DA Hike 2.1 % that is DA from 1-7-2015 will be 102.6 %

  • 30-6-15 CMD confesses that the April 2 days Strike was for the Betterment of BSNL... then naturally we need to ask why then wage cut?

  • 29-6-15 July 8 Dharmapuri Invitation... Kindly Mobilise

  • 29-6-15 Letter to SSA Heads on the Contract Labour Issues discussed.. ID cards within 2 months, Payment before 7th of every month, EPF/ESI Remittance Monitoring, Issue of E Passbook

  • 25-6-15 Circle Council Brief: Joint Circular

  • 24-6-15 7th CPC says date of Effect will be 1-1-16

    SAIL has decided to contribute 6 % Pay(Basic+ DA) for superannuation thro Trust.. employees contribution may be 2 %.. BSNL is saying 3 % contribution

  • 24-6-15 Circle Council held on June 23rd discussed all the items to reach consensus.. Joint circular by staff side will be issued shortly

  • 18-6-15 Railway Board is engaging Consultancies like Deloittee/KPMG for HR Planning and Revamping

  • 18-6-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 111

  • BibekDebroY Article on Turning Railways- TOI

  • 17-6-15 Circle Council on June 23..Kindly send your inputs if any for the new items and pending old items

  • 16-6-15 ஜூலை 8 தர்மபுரியில் கூடுவோம்- அம்பேத்கார் 125- பாவேந்தர் 125- WFTU 70 சிந்தனை பகிர்வு சிறப்புக் கூட்டம். காலை நிகழ்வாக மாவட்ட சங்கத்தின் தோழர் முனியன் பணிஓய்வு பாராட்டு.. திரள்வோம்!

  • 15-6-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 110 ( Railway committee report for Private entry)

  • 14-6-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 109 (WFTU 70 Years)

  • 13-6-15 NFTE TMTCLU BSNLEU TNTCWU பேச்சுவார்த்தை விவரம்

  • 12-6-15 மாநில உயர்மட்ட நிர்வாகத்துடன் ஒப்பந்த ஊழியர் பிரச்சனைகளுக்காக நீண்டதொரு பேச்சுவார்த்தை நடந்துள்ளது. தொழிலாளர் நலனுக்குரிய நடவடிக்கைகள் விரைவுபடுத்தப்பட வேண்டிய அவசரம் அவசியம் உணர்த்தப்பட்டுள்ளது. ஒவ்வொரு தொழிலாளிக்கும் சராசரியாக நிர்வாகம் செலவிடும் ரூ 325ல் 195 கூட காலத்தில் தொழிலாளர்களுக்கு போய்சேரவில்லை என்கிற விழிப்புணர்வு உருவாக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது.கம்பெனியின் நிதி ஆதாரம் விரயமாவதை- கொள்ளைப்போவதை தடுத்திடவேண்டும் என்ற உணர்வு மேலோங்கிட செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது. நமது இருதரப்பு பேச்சுவார்த்தை , சங்கங்களின் ஒன்றுபட்ட நடவடிக்கைகள் தலமட்ட உழைப்பவர்களுக்கு உரிய பலனை தரும் என எதிர்பார்க்கிறோம்.ஒத்துழைத்த அனைவருக்கும் நன்றி

  • 11-6-15 Railway Unions had their final meeting with 7th CPC on June 9th and as per their report that the 7th CPC would submit its report by Aug 2015 and date of effect may be Jan first 2016 .

  • 11-6-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 108 ( Strengthen The Art of Joint Struggles)

  • 10-6-15 TN FORUM Decisions

    10-6-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 107

  • 9-6-15 Both NFTE and BSNLEU unions impressed upon CGM that some of the administrative actions are spoiling cordial relations. It is unfortunate that the management is so proactive to stop the interested employees appearing TTA exam(7-6-15) thro court orders and the same way transparency is absent in furnishing calculation of vacancies (JTO exam 2013) and dragging the issue by further litigation.

  • 9-6-15 ஜூன் 8 மதியம் CGM மட்டத்தில் நடந்த பேச்சுவார்த்தையையும், வருகிற ஜூன் 12 அன்று தொடர இருக்கிற நிர்வாகம்- தொழிற்சங்கங்கள் இருதரப்பு கூட்டத்தையும் கணக்கில் கொண்டு ஜூன்10 போராட்டம் ஒருமாத காலம் ஒத்திவைக்கப்படுகிறது.தயாரிப்பில் ஈடுபட்டிருந்த அனைவருக்கும் நமது நன்றி

  • 8-6-15 ஜூன் 10 சென்னை நோக்கி திரள்வோம்! ஒப்பந்த தொழிலாளர் உத்தரவுகளில்/ சட்டங்களில் நிர்வாக மட்டத்தில் மண்டிக்கிடக்கும் அறியாமை- அறிய முயற்சிக்காமை- அறிந்தாலும் அமுல்படுத்த காட்டும் அலட்சியம் ஆகியவற்றை துடைத்து மேம்பட்ட விழிப்புணர்வை உருவாக்கிட தர்ணா போராட்டம்.. NFTE-BSNLEU-TMTCLU-TNTCWU

  • 6-6-15 Let Cherishable memories of our lovable Jagan guide us.. (ஜூன் 7 ஜெகன் நினைவு தினம்)

  • 5-6-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 106 (PSU SURVEY 13-14)
    May 2015 Olikkathir Uploaded

  • 3-6-15 Upgradation of Cities for Higher HRA- PIB

  • 2-6-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 105 (Dr Ambedkar as LabourDept member of governor general's Executive)

  • 1-6-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 104 ( Circular on Labour Code on Industrial relations 2015)

  • 30-5-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 103 (Health Scheme of banking Employees)

  • 28-5-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 102 (10th Bipartite Settlement for bank employees)

  • 27-5-15 சேலம் மாவட்ட மாநாடு மிகப் பிரம்மாண்டமான வகையில் 4 மாத திட்டமிடுதலுடன் நடந்தேறியது. இளைஞர் குழாமும் அனுபவம் மிக்க மூத்தவர்களும் கரம் கோர்த்து புதிய வரலாற்றை படைத்தனர். ஊரெங்கும் செந்தோரணங்கள், நமது மாட்சிமை தாங்கிய தட்டிகள், தோழர் குப்தாவின் பேசும்படம்.. தோழமை மற்றும் நகர தொழிற்சங்க தலைவர்கள் ,GM உள்ளிட்ட அதிகாரிகள் வாழ்த்தினர். தோழர்கள் ஆர்.கே, சேது, காமராஜ், சென்னகேசவன், ராபர்ட்ஸ், நடராஜன், ராஜா, மணி, வெங்கட்ராமன்,ஸ்ரீதர், விஜய், எம்.எஸ்,பட்டாபி என தலைவர்கள் கருத்துரை, சிறப்புரையாற்றினர். மாநில சங்க சுற்றறிக்கைகள் 100 புத்தக வடிவில் சேலம் மாவட்ட தோழர்கள் கொணர்ந்து பயன் நிறைந்த பணி ஒன்றை ஏராள பொருட்செலவில் செய்துள்ளனர். தோழர் ஆர்.கே வெளியிட, எம்.எஸ் பெற்றார். தோழர்கள் எஸ். சின்னசாமி, சி.பாலகுமார், எஸ். காமராஜ் மீண்டும் தலைவர், செயலர், பொருளர் பொறுப்புகளை சுமக்கின்றனர். 600க்கும் மேற்பட்ட தோழர்கள் கூடியதும், தோழமை ததும்ப உபசரிப்பு, அமைதியான மாநாடு என்பதும் பாராட்டிற்குரியது. தோழர் பாலகுமார் மற்றும் பொறுப்பாளர்கள் டீம் வெல்லட்டும்.எம்.எஸ், கஜேந்திரன், தேவராஜன், வெங்கட், ராஜா என்ற மூத்தோர் குழாம் துணைநின்று தோள் கொடுக்கட்டும்

  • 21-5-15 Joint Dharna on June 10th for the issues of Contract Labour. Letter addressed by NFTE and BSNLEU to CGM demanding implementation of vital issues of Contract labourers

  • 20-5-15  சுற்றறிக்கை 101 (Circular on DOT DFG)

  • 16-5-15 Celebrate Our lovable comrade Jagan's Birth anniversary on May 17th- Our Youth day as well as International Telecom Day

  • 16-5-15 Great Pioneer of Our Movement Comrade M L Sharma , Lion of Punjab relinquished post of Circle Secretay after 40 eventful years.. An Article about sharmaji by Rana and Swantra

  • 16-5-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 100(Circular on Pension Liability Issue)
    15-5-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 99 (Circular : The Issue of Stagnation on Promotion and promotion on stagnation)

  • 8-5-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 98 (Circular on the Issue of waiving of Notioal Loan)

  • Contract Labour Issues :Struggle on May 19th is postponed to June second week(May be June 10th) .Discussion is going on between both the Contract labour Unions to launch Joint struggle. BSNLEU,NFTE leadership both are positive and decided to stand for the Cause. The Leaders of contract labour Unions will announce the date and programme.

  • 8-5-15 The District Conference of Coimbatore held on 7-5-15 elected the team of Officebearers with comrades Roberts, Subbarayan, Semmal as President, Secy, Treasurer. We wish the team every success. The conference was addressed by senior leader RK, SSG, GJ,PK,Ashok, KMS of CPI, DGM and Pattabi. The matchless services of Com SSG was appreciated by one and all on the occasion of the felicitation. All wished him good health and requested to guide the movement for a better tomorrow

  • 6-5-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 97 ( Circular on BSNL IT Issue)

  • 5-5-15 Provison of Rs 830 Crore is found in the DFG for DOT under MH 3275 towards refund of BWA spectrum.. we don't know whether this will be transfered to BSNL or will be adjusted against non paid adjusted  LF.. since BSNL Audit is yet to be completed for 14-15 , we can expect that this will be shown as part of revenue (Income) receipts

  • 3-5-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 96 ( CG Employees on Warpath)

    1-5-15 Leaders Reported that Meeting with Secy DOT was very purposeful
    April Olikkathir Uploaded

  • 30-4-15 Thanks to all the Leaders and comrades who thronged Chennai to protect the dignity of TU Movement and showing solidarity with those leading the movement with great concern.. Thanks to your dedication, love and affection.. Thanks comrades..

  • 28-4-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 95(MayDay Thought)

  • 27-4-15 Mass Fast on Ap 29 to Protect the dignity of Trade unionism , its democratic rights of strike struggles and to defeat false complaints and baseless allegations against TU Leaders.. Assemble enmasse to protect our honour

  • 26-4-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 94 ( DOT-BSNL MOU 15-16)

  • 23-4-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 93(On Massive Strike)

  • 23-4-15 Thanks to all Comrades for making the strike near total

    Press Release by TN Forum

  • 21-4-15 18 hrs அனைவருக்கும் மிக்க நன்றி. Thanks to all comrades for your dedicated participation and observing the call of strike. In TN the strike is reported near total and mostly peaceful barring petty squabbles in some parts. Thanks to our Dist and branch leaders who with great labour organised the strike. Thanks to all employees and officers. Let us concentrate april 22, our second day of strike. convince those not relented today.. Comradeship  would add more momentum.. salute.. you all did it and do it better tomorrow

  • 18-4-15 Forum Leaders Meeting with CMD: com C Singh along with other Forum leaders participated the marathon 4 hours meeting with CMD. Status position of the demands and the role played by the management to encash revival issues with DOT were explained by CMD and other Officers to our leaders. Even BSNL has gone to the extent of demanding interest to the unpaid 6700 cr. Efforts to secure 1250 cr from USO etc were explained by CMD. BSNL authorities naturally can't take any indifferent position as almost all the demands are only to strengthen the financial position of BSNL. DOT secretary is expected to return today. CMD may try to fix some meeting to have talks at DOT Secy level . Let us prepare for the strike

  • 16-4-15 TN Forum Declaration: Let us organise and make the strike 100 %

  • 15-4-15 Let Us Join the fight of Net Neutrality with people of India- Telcos Handsoff- Freedom to Browse can't be on the terms of corporate loots.. Stand for Netizens freedom.

  • 14-4-15 Dr Ambedkar Stands for Modern Society and modern State and polity( an article from Hindu)

  • 13-4-15 Speech of our circle secretary in the National executive. Comrade SSG's recorded speech is with kamaraj. The same audio will be placed by him.

  • 13-4-15 Jaipur National Executive: Strike preparatory executive has directed us all to strive hard for the struggle to achieve the demands served in the notice. GS com Singh placed the agenda and gave a fiery speech. Presidential address explaining things done by com Islam. All the Circle secretaries and Office bearers placed their view points with utmost concern. . From our Circle comrades SSG, Secy NFTE and our Circle secretary participated in the deliberations. Comrades Kamaraj, Latcham, Chennakesavan, AsohkRaj, Murali, Sridhar, Nataraj, Murukesan, Selvam,Rajkumar, Loganathan, Thangamani, Azhagiri, Nagalingam, Krishnan with many other comrades attended the session. Jaipur comrades under the leadership of Dixit arranged the executive in a fine manner. Thanks for their hospitality. Let us carry forward the tradition of NFTE and the spirit and decisions of National Executive to the rank and file. Let us strive for the success of 100 % strike

  • 7-4-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 92 ( Circular on Transfer of Land Assets)

  • 6-4-15 Our National Executive Meeting at Jaipur- April 9th and 10th to accelerate our preparation to April strike and to discuss and decide about our vital issues like Deloittee, Pension, BSNL Revival etc.. Let us hope for the best decisions

  • 4-4-15 TMTCLU (Contract Labour Union of Tamilnadu Circle) has taken a decision for series of struggles during the month of May 2015 pressing implementation of guidelines issued by BSNL in Circle and field Units. We should appreciate them for their resolution of supporting Save BSNL strike of April 2015. Kindly go thro the Compliant Docket placed herewith. Kindly prepare the docket for each contractor of your area and handover with your letter to SSA head, marking copy to Circle Union and administration. When we hit, we should hit hard and be specific on issues. We are entering to struggle path for solutions and results .Let us stand for the cause

  • 1-4-15 Circle Council Items.. Comrades are requested to give us inputs to enrich the discussion and output

    DA 100.5 % from first April 2015, Increase 0.2 percent

  • 31-3-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 91

  • 30-3-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 90 (On the Issue of Implementation of Deloittee)

  • 27-3-15 DOT (13-3-15) has sought particulars of Pensioners retired upto 9-6-13 from BSNL on the subject of Revision of Pension. Pensioners association planned the path of agitation. Let Unions and pensioners association jointly strive to achieve the issue of 78.2 and future wage and pension revision. A kind of social alliance is the need of the hour.

  • 26-3-15 We come to know that SAIL has proposed 9%(roughly) superannuation scheme for the MT- Executives appointed on or after 1-1-07. The DPE guideline of 30% of basic plus DA is shared in such a way to PF 12%, Gratuity 4.81 %,PRMBS 4.26 % and the balance 9% to Pension thro Trust. The proposal should be ratified by the ministry.

  • 23-3-14 Bagath Singh by Com Ajoy Ghosh

  • 23-3-15 Recently I had a chance to hear two lectures most relevant to the present political climate of india today. One by Teesta (at kaviko hall, chennai) a fighter on the godhra genocide.. another by the finest historian Romila Thapar on Our Cultural heritage( thro video at kalashetra, Chennai- Rukmani Devi Memorial Lecture). Romila Lecture is available in our Twitter

  • 20-3-15 Thanks to  comrades observed the call of march 19th demonstration to draw the attention of management on ERP grievances. Dist Secretaries are requested to compile the issues and send to Circle so that to settle

  • 19-3-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 89 (Circular on the issue of TRAI's MTC-FTC)

  • 17-3-15 Immunity : In the DOT based orders, provision is there to continue to avail immunity beyond the specified period if administrative convenience is felt and amicable mutual understanding is there. As per the present order during the period of recognition, if conference is held and change of leadership is elected, then the new leader cannot avail full term immunity. These points need to be addressed
    16-3-15 On behalf of MOC it is clarified on 27-2-15 in the Rajya sabha that the issue related to taking back spectrum from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) in 900 MHz band has been delinked from the forthcoming auction. Thus one of our demand of protecting the efficient cost effective premium Spectrum becomes positive. This may be a temp relief, we should be cautious to protect the same

  • 12-3-15 மார்ச் 19 கவன ஈர்ப்பு ஆர்ப்பாட்டம்

  • 11-3-15 MOC Shri Ravishankar prasad in his interview to CNBC TV 18 on the day of Budget explained that though option of MTNL merger is there, he is striving his best for revival of both BSNL and MTNL

  • 9-3-15 Participate March 12th Demonstration- Forum call

    8-3-15 Feb 2015 Olikkadir uploaded

  • 7-3-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 88 ( Circular On the Issue of Carriage Charge)

  • 6-3-15 March 8 IWD Wishes UN theme is Empower Women to Empower humanity

    5-3-15 NewAge Article About Our Forum Strike Call

  • 23-2-15 Comrade S S Gopalakrishnan(All India Secretary) one of the finest leaders of our movement, a frank,free, transparent and open minded comrade is retiring (Superannuation) on Feb 28th 2015. Shower Your Greetings. PH: 09443057220, 0422-2474500
    23-2-15 Feb 25th Parliamentary March of BSNL Workers : Comrades SSG and PK(Kamaraj) are leaving to Delhi to participate with circle Secretary

  • 21-2-15 TN Forum Circular

  • 19-2-15 Attention Comrades: Kindly send if any medical case is pending /to be settled in your area by Fax or mail and inform us. Send Items for Circle council if any immediately.

    19-2-15 Kindly give the list of comrades participating Delhi march

    19-2-15 It is most unfortunate that the Corporate Office not imbibing the spirit of our discussion in the national council about Framing Business and conducting Rules for Councils, on the analogy of Central Govt JCM,  has sent to unions a new set of rules viz JCM BSNL Rules 2014. Only a sick and perverted mind alone can do that kind of mischievous. The unions with their collective efforts brought Recognition- Representation in Councils rules 2012. For recognition one should need minimum 15% provided that no one should get 50 % and above. But for Councils, in order to have broad representation, it is enough to have 7% to get a seat on the basis of proportional representation. The present draft by that sick mind wants to derail the same and collapse broader representation in the Collective bargaining system. We request the staff side to fight out this evil design and insist to bring proper guidelines for implementing the Business of Councils.


  • 18-2-15 : The participation of 400 comrades in the Methane struggle at Kumbakonam  from various parts made us all feel proud of our Movement. The tradition is reestablished with its own modernity and advancement. Comrades responded to the great initiatives of leaders RK, Sethu, Jayapal,Latcham, Kamaraj,Selvam. Slogans expressing solidarity with Cauvery Delta people and fiery speeches by our Dist secys,Circle leaders and activists reverberated everywhere. AITUC Leader  , Ex MP Com Subbarayan of Tirupur participated with our agitating comrades and made the city spellbound by his address. The kumbakonam team led by Ganesan and Vijay made elaborate arrangement to house the agitators. AITUC and CPI leaders of Thanjavur Dist appreciated our role of embracing people's movements.women contigent smt sowdha, smt venkatesan of KKd,smt Lailabanu, Kartika with others participated.Youth team led Subedahr enthused the occasion. Thanks to all. You all made us proud.


  • 15-2-15 Our Comments submitted to CHQ  For 10-2-15 MC note on Deloittee   For R/C letter to all Unions dt dec 26th 2014

  • 13-2-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 87 (Circular on 2010 cabinet memo on Pension revision)

    மீத்தேன் எதிர்ப்பு இயக்கம்: பிப் 17 திரளாக பங்கேற்போம். குடந்தை தோழர்கள் வீச்சாக திட்டமிட்டுவருகின்றனர்.நமது பூமிகாக்கும் இயக்கத்தில், கார்ப்பரேட் கொள்ளையிலிருந்து புவித்தாயை மீட்கும் போராட்டத்தில் கரம் கோர்ப்போம். தொடர்புக்கு: தோழர்கள் கணேசன் - விஜய்

  • 11-2-15 The Speech of CGM not permitted to deliver in the Circle Executive.. We have placed the same considering its importance for the benefit of our members/ employees

  • Febrarury 10th Circle Executive-The Adopted Resoultions
    Thanks to CGM,CIVIL,STR District Comrades for making the arrangement for Circle Executive.The venue is a Chrisitian Institution where serenity and peace is maintained It has been a home for orphaned and physically challenged Children for the last 28 years.Students residing there are in their prime time for preparing exams.Jivana Jothi is one of the Educational and development services institution having good reputation.. Adjacent to our hall there is a library and Book House. In such a finest location our Comrades Murali, manoj, Vijayakumar, Kumaradas, Arumugam and Anbalagan arranged our Executive.Thanks to the team .Thanks to Com Murthi State Secy AITUC for his fiery inaugural speech. Thanks to leaders Comrades RK,Sethu, Jayapal, Jayaraman, kamaraj present. Thanks to CGM Shri G V Reddy and CPRO Rajasekar for their presence. Unfortunately Circle Secretary failed to give them turns to address Our Executive. A group of ChennaiTelephone Dist comrades entered the hall and disrupted our House. Chairs were damaged. The managers of that serene venue with all humbleness asked us to vacate immediately. Half an hour permission was sought from them and we finished some of our important requirements like making arrangement to feb 25th Parliamentary march, preparations for March 17th joint strike for BSNL revival, ERP issues, LC-WC issues and cooption of officebearers. Thanks to all Dist secys, circle Office bearers present. Unfortunately we could not hear their views and use them fully because of pandemonium and disruption. Circle secretary is expressing his sorry and regrets to all the SrLeaders and CGM and the Hall incharge for the embarrassment caused. Thanks to com Latcham for his patience and matured handling of the situation. Thanks to circle treasurer com AshokRaj for circulating the Suscription detail.

  • 9-2-15 Circle Executive on Feb10th Meeting starts sharp by 10AM.Breakfast arrangement at the venue Kindly contact comrades manoj/Murali
    9-2-15 Olikkathir Jan 2015 uploaded

  • 8-1-15 Letter addressed to IFAs by PGM F on some ERP issues brought to the knowledge of CGM

  • 7-2-15 மீத்தேன் பிரச்சனை குறித்து தோழர் ஆர்கேயின் ஆக்கம்

  • 6-2-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 86           
    6-2-15 மீத்தேன் எதிர்ப்பு இயக்கம் காவிரிபாசன பகுதிகளில் தீவிரமாக நடந்து வருகிறது. வேதாரண்யம் உப்பு சத்தியாக்கிரகம், விவசாயிகள் நலனுடன் துணைநின்றது, காவிரிபோராட்டத்தில் நமது தோழர்கள் கைதாகி மக்கள் போராட்டங்களில் உடன் நின்றது என்ற பாரம்பரியத்தின் தொடர்ச்சியாக தற்போது மீத்தேன் எதிர்ப்பு இயக்கத்தில் போராடுவர்களுடன் சேர்ந்து நிற்பது என்பதற்காக குடந்தை தோழர்கள் கணேசன், விஜய் ஏற்பாடுகளை செய்து வருகின்றனர். நாள் முடிவானதும் தெரிவிப்போம். இயக்கத்தில் பரவலாக பங்கேற்று போராடும் விவசாய,பசுமை சுற்றுசூழல், கலை-கட்டிட சிற்பகாவலர்கள் அனைவருடன் நாமும் கரம் கோர்ப்போம்.

  • 5-215 Attention to Leaders/DS : Kindly fillup and handover the data sheet when you come to Circle Executive on Feb 10th.. Attach separate paper regarding ERP discrepancies in your SSA, Medical cases, CGA cases inorder to resolve them at the earliest.. Medical committee is going to meet shortly.. CGA cases, if not sent within due period will not be taken for consideration for this year.

  • 3-2-15 TN Forum Joint Circular on Cuddalore convention
    3-2-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 85 (Brief on Some major Strike Issues)

  • 31-1-15 Mega convention at cuddalore a Foreword to March 17th strike: Cuddalore forum under the collective leadership of comrades Sridhar,Sambandham, Pandurengan, Venkatesan made a wonderful elaborate arrangement to house massive 1500 comrades. Public View Banners, Circuit TVs to view the deliberations anywhere in the Hall and Outside the Hall were arranged. Thanks to Cuddalore forum for their hospitality. Thanks to all comrades participated from various corners of Tamilnadu. The strike explanatory convention was addressed by comrades Chandeshwar, Abimanyu, Sebastin, Venugopal, Pattabiraman,Babu RadhaKrishnan, Gopi sivakumar, Azhagu. The presidium was coopted with Chellappa by comrades Latcham, SundaraKrishnan, Bangaru. Welcome address by Sridhar and thanks giving by sambandham.
    Thanks to all our leaders who organised more than 600 comrades from various SSAs. Thanks to all the 1500 comrades participated. Thanks to all leaders addressed. Thanks to our all india leaders SSG and Kamaraj and Sr leader Tamilmani, Jayapal, Circle level leaders and SSA leaders for their presence.Thanks to Com RK for his encouraging Wishes. Thanks to Cuddalore Forum. Let us prepare ourselves for the next move of parliamentary March on Feb 25th and Strike from March 17th.

  • 29-1-15 The District conference of Vellore was held on 28-1-15 with great pomp and show. Appreciable one is massive participation of 600 comrades with rapt attention. GM Shri Reddy, DGMs,Samikannu AITUC, Arumugam, leaders of fraternal unions,Chennakesavan, Mathi, Nedumaran, Mani,Kamaraj and Pattabi greeted the conference. Comrades Palani, AlliRaja, Perumal were elected with their team as President , Secy and Treasurer. we wish the team every success

  • 27-1-15 a href="imporders/president%20jan%2026%202015.pdf">Republic Day Address by President of India

    Obama's Visit: views of Chinese people's Daily'

  • 24-1-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 84 (Loksabha Standing Committee Report)

  • 21-1-15 Communicating service matters with subscribers having OffNet Numbers (offnet Calls): The matter is still in discussion stage. Though say of Rs 50 is being examined by the administration is spread, no decision is taken. Our CHQ is addressing the issue. Order as on date for CUG is only for On net calls

  • 21-1-15 STR District Union has its web now. congratulation to the comrades

  • 20-1-15 We condemn the indifference shown by corporate Office by not funding GPF, Festival advance etc even on the Occasions of very important festivals like Pongal. They want to fool us by mere sanctions without any funding. These kind of least priorities shown in the name of stringent cash flow would add bitterness in the ground level and affect efficiency. Cash flow is not a bar to  their comforts

  • 20-1-15 Eminent Political scientist, Human Rights champion Rajni Kothari passed away. In his life time, articles, papers books galore in number were written by him on Caste Question, Democracy, Indian political system etc. We pay our respectful homage

  • 19-1-15 Joint Convention of All Unions and Associations on Jan 30th at Cuddalore- Our General Secretary Com C SINGH is addressing the convention on behalf of NFTE. Branch Secy/Dist Secy/ Circle Office Bearers are requested to mobilise our members. The Meeting starts by 14 hours and may conclude by 20 hours. Kindly ensure massive participation


  • 17-1-15 Shri Anupam Shrivastava has been appointed as CMD for 5 years with some conditionality attached.. one of the conditionality is ' his appointment shall be subject to review incase of BSNL MTNL Merger and formation of Cohesive Board to effect the decision of Merger

  • 14-1-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 83

  • Jan 12 National Youth Day: Swami Vivekananda "No great work can be achieved by humbug. It is through love, a passion for truth, and tremendous energy, that all undertakings are accomplished"

  • 11-1-15 The District Conference of NFTE Civil Wing was held on Jan 9th at Jagan Illam. Civil electical division comrades participated as delegates. The conference was addressed by Shri Ganesan PCE, Parthasarathi SE, Nagarajan EE, Dhanushkodi BSNLEU, Parthasarathi FNTO, Swaminathan Aibsnlea,Civil Mali, Srinivasan NFTE. Comrades Murali and Pattabi narrated the issues of March strike. Comrades VIjayakumar, Kumaradas, Rajalakshmi were elected unaimously as President, Secy and Treasurer.Outgoing Secretary com Arumugam's services were appreciated by all. We wish the Office bearers every succeess.

  • 8-1-15 The Coal Workers strike led by 5 major Unions AITUC,CITU,INTUC,BMS,HMS against the Coal Ordinance with the motive to denationalise coal mines was withdrawn after 2 days with the intervention of Minister Shri Pyush.Minutes were also issued after negotiations. Initially Coal Authorities only involved themselves in negotiations. unions demanded political leadership to intervene so that to get guaranteed assurances .

    We hope that MOC RaviShankar prasad would take a cue from Piyush and invite our unions for talks to avoid strike in Telecom. We appeal central unions to write to MOC to enter into negotiations with our leadership to avoid showdown in our industry. We wish the Coal workers every succeess.

  • 7-1-15 Thanks to all comrades participated and leaders addressed in the Dharna programme throughout Tamilnadu. At CGM office Chennai, the signature campaign was initiated by comrades T M Murthi AITUC, Shanmugam LPF, Swaminathan AIIEA, RV TEPU, Natarajan Transport Employees progressive union. Encouragement of more participation is the dire need. We all should be doubly careful and broadminded and committed to the cause and art of conducting united movement, then only better negotiation and desirable results are possible


  • 5-1-15 Forum Call- Dharna Jan 6th to 8th.. Unless serious mobilisation is there , it is difficult to focus the demands.. We have to draw the attention of powerful DOT and GOI.. Our collective strength alone can do it.. No petty local squabbles should divide us.. Ensure Maximum Participation

  • 5-1-15 சுற்றறிக்கை 82 (Circular on DOT DFG)

  • 4-1-15    Jan 7th 95th Birth Anniversary of comrade D.Gnaniah.. Let us shower our love and affection    DG   Phone 0422-2396546

    4-1-15    JAN 6th Second Death anniversary of Our Father Figure Com Omprakash Gupta   Love and affection not end with death.. Deep in our Hearts OPG stands ever 

    Article By Comrade D Gnaniah about Gupta

    Articles by com Pattabi      1999         2013

  • 3-1-2015 The tamil version of HR Plan written by our Youth Team Comrade Ramesh of Virudhunagar

  • 1-1-2015 Thanks to CHQ For Constitutional amendments and Change of Subscription. Workers are going to give more to us .. Let us rededicate and work more for the welfare of our employees and industry

    DA Hike is 2.2 % .. Crossed 100% and now 100.3

  • 31-12-14 Draft HR Proposals of Corporate Office : Our Comments

  • 31-12-14 Circle Executive notified on Dec 30th 2014 is now Rescheduled to 10th Feb 2015 with the same agenda and at the same venue. Executive Members are requested to Book Tickets for your Journey

  • 30-12-14 சுற்றறிக்கை 81 (Circular The Issue of 900 MHz)

  • 28-12-14 1900 hrs Circle Executive notified on Dec 30th is postponed on account of Transport employees Strike.. Sorry for the inconvenience

  • 28-12-14 The State conference of Tamilnadu AITUC held at Theni on Dec 27th and 28th. Our comrades Sethu, Mari, Murukesan, Lal,Bai, Tamilmaran,Latcham actively involved in the Reception Committee works. Comrades SSG,PK and Selvam participated as fraternal delegates.Mani as Delegate. Circle Secretary greeted the conference. Comrades Gurudas, Nallkannu and Pandiyan narrated the present situation and appealed the working Class to play prime role to bring positive changes

  • 26-12-14 Railway Administration has taken a very good decision and recommended to count all the 100% service of TSM for counting pensionable service. The case is now referred to MOF and DOPT. We wish them every success

  • 25-12-14: For the Kind attention of DS: Fill the Data Sheet and Bring to the executive... DATA SHEET
    24-12-14 For the Kind Attention of Circle Executive Members: Kindly use Jagan Illam.. Catering by 9 Am, Session exactly at 10 am .. Book your return ticket after 7PM on Jan 30th

  • 23-12-14 Dharna Call of Forum on Jan 6th,7th and 8th.. Kindly plan and prepare to make the struggle massive

  • 19-12-14 Forum Model memo to PM in Tamil for Signature campaign

  • 18-12-14 சுற்றறிக்கை 80 ( Circular 80 on DOT's Controversial guidelines dt June 15th 2006)

    17-12-14 Pensioner day Meet at Vellore: Comrades RK, Sethu, ChennaKesavan and Pattabi greeted Pensioners

  • 16-12-14 Attention Comrades: All the Compassionate cases pending at SSAs or applications to be preferred thro SSA should be sent to Circle well before March 2015.. Otherwise applications will be considered after 2016 only.. Kindly check at your end

  • 15-12-14 The District Conference of Madurai held on 13-12-14 unanimously elected Com Rajendran,SivaGurunathan,Senthil as President, DS, Treasurer. GM Smt S E Rajam, Latcham, Mari, Sakkkanan, Parimalam, subedhar, Ramesh, Sethu and patttabi addressed the session. We wish the team every success.Our appreciation to the outgoing team led by Murukesan and Sivaguru

  • 12-12-14 As per the DPE Guidelines the Government Director should identify himself with the objects and goals of the enterprise, engage in joint thinking on equal terms and not assume a superior status. He should not reserve his position on matters before the Board. However, others on the Board should not expect him to commit the Government in respect of matters, which require to be referred to the Government. In all subsequent examination of the Board approved proposals, his role should be mainly elucidatory and he should not sit in judgement over the Board. Unfortunately the autonomy of BSNL in deciding its own RR (JTO RR 2014) is still pending at Board level because of adamancy of Govt Directors(as we come to know ). This attitude is not helpful with the objects of the company.Let us fight the Govt babudom stalling our progress

  • 10-12-12 Hold Demonstration: Observe the call of Forum for settling the issues of BSNL Viability and Revival

    We come to know the sad demise of Wife of Com Vijayarangan, Dindigul. Most unfortunate.. Our heartfelt condolence to the family

  • 8-12-14 Circle Executive Notice and Invitation

  • 7-12-14 Forum leaders of Tamilnadu met on 5th Dec and decided to observe the struggle programme in a  fittest manner. Forum leaders participated National Protest day by holding demonstration and meeting at CGM office on 5th Dec.

    Forum leaders attended ERP meeting convened by PGM Finance and expressed their opinion about payments (pay, GPF etc), recoveries(LIC,UNION,CLUBS TTWO etc), medical, welfare claims , Retired employees particulars and Contract /casual payments. Management side assured to address the concerns of staff side

  • 6-12-14 சுற்றறிக்கை 79 ( Why more strikes in banking Sector?)

  • 6-12-14 Thus Spoke Ambedkar

  • 5-12-14 A giant Legal Legendary figure Shri/Com V R Krishna Iyer is no more.. We bow our head..Let us read and reread his verdicts for the cause of HR movement.  Harish Salve rightly pointed out that VRK made Supreme Court of India as supreme court for Indians

  • 3-12-14 சுற்றறிக்கை 78 (Strike is over What next.. Let us segregate the demands and focus)

  • 2-12-14 Circle Executive on Dec 30th, 2014 at Chennai. Dist Secy/ Circle Office bearers are requested to book your ticket
    1-12-14 Hold Demonstration on Dec 5th. Participate the call of Protest Day by all central trade unions against the Govt's anti labour moves

    1-12-14 The Employees of STR held their conference at Madurai on 29-11-14. Elaborate arrangement was done by com Rajagopal,Dist Secy. Comrades RK, Sethu, Vijayarangan,Parimala, Sivaguru,Murukesan,AlliRaja,Kamaraj, pattabi greeted the conference. Comrades P.K.Rajagopal, R.Anbalagan, S M Govindarajan are elected as president, secy and Trasurer. We wish the team.

  • 27-11-14 Absenteeism of 75 % is reported in TN. Kindly collect exact strike particulars. We hope that the management would understand the expression of collective absenteeism in a proper way and come to sense in settling the issues. Thanks to all comrades who participated in the strike and obeyed the call of Unions.

  • NOV 27 Strike is the Answer. Give it legibly.. JAC Leaders tried their best to avert thro negotiations but the management is unfriendly.. Their attitude is not helpful.. Their pshchological framework is not for Non- Executives 

  • 23-11-14 Grand celebration of NFPTE 60 Years on Nov 22 at Pondichery.Thanks to hundres of comrades turned with the sense of owning the tradition from all over the Tamilnadu. Thanks to pondichery Comrades for wonderful arrangement. We salute the team of Kamaraj -Ashoka Raj and entire comrades involved with dedication. Profile of great leaders, events of 100 years, trial and tribulations that the P&T movement faced, traces of historical struggles all were set in Banners. Thanks to their hospitality.

    Thanks to the presence of great leaders RK, Muthiyalu, Tamilmani, Sethu, SSG,GJ,Kamaraj,MS,Pitchumani,saminathan of 1968, NK,Sivasankaran etc. THanks to leaders and Circle Secretaries of all unions. All inspired us by sharing their eventful experiences with Gupta, jagan,RK,Muthiyalu,tamilmani and in NFPTE/NFTE. Thanks to comrades Subbarayan, Roberts,Mari for their precise speeches about our History. Thanks to BS/DS and Circle Office bearers. Thanks to Com Latcham for his inimitable style of conducting the celebration intime. Thanks to all sending us wishes. Miles to go. Let us march on with renewed enthusiasm

  • 20-11-14 March to Greater Glory Extracts from the Report of OPG's at Jaipur Silver Jubilee Session         பொருத்தமான தமிழ்வடிவம்      

  • 19-11-14 All India Call Lunch Hour demonstration of JAC on NOV 20th - Participate

  • 17-11-14 Diamond jubilee celebration of NFPTE 60 Years Tradition at Pondichery-Don't miss the historic occasion- Participate enmasse-

    17-11-14 சுற்றறிக்கை 77 (Circular on Nov 27th Strike)

  • 13-11-14 We salute the greatest contribution of Pandit jawaharlal, one of the finest visionary leaders of modern india on the occassion of his 125th year. We reproduce some of the articles on Nehru by great personalities.

    Dr Rajendraprasad Dr Radhakrishnan Bertrand Russel Arnold Toynbee RamachandraGuha      P C Joshi

  • 13-11-14 Tharoor's letter to PM on Nehru's 125 years Celebrations

  • 12-11-14 சுற்றறிக்கை Circular 76 ( Amending recognition rules to forge more unity)

  • 11-11-14 Exam reforms- online system Our inputs to CHQ
    11-11-14 NFPTE 60 Years Celebration at pondichery- Invitation

  • 8-11-14 Kindly Check the SSA wise Bank Details given .. we have to handover the same to the Circle admn

  • 7-11-14 DOT pension Budget Estimate (on the heads of pension) for 14-15 shows separate accounting estimates for CDA pension, BSNL IDA pension. Though MTNL IDA pension is also placed accounting estimate is yet to be given for MTNL. For CDA the estimates are : For Pension 1373.1388 cr, For FP 282.4667 cr, Commutation 401.5935, Gratuity 527.4047. For BSNL IDA pension the estimates are: Pension 2008.8512 cr, FP 413.2353 cr, Commutation 587.5165 cr, Gratuity 771.7053 cr... Total Retirement benefits commitment of DOT is estimated as 6386 cr barring MTNL. The consistent efforts of our CHQ thro BSNL and DOT and pondichery Kamaraj thro RTI questions compelled DOT to furnish separate accounts for CDA and IDA. At the same time We should understand the danger also. This estimate indicates that we have to face rough weather when we enter wage negotiation and subsequent pension revision. Even if we realise pension contribution on actual pay by BSNL, that may reduce only the burden of BSNL not the burden of pension . The most important aspect is how to make all our BSNL IDA pensioners as a part of central govt pensioners and joinning the mainstream pensioners inorder to get rid of the question of burden and to avoid the ordeal of any future pension revision.

  • 4-11-14 Joint Circular of Circle council Staff side

  • 2-11-2014 Circle council is going to meet on Nov 3- Staff side members are meeting to address the issues in one voice

  • 2-11-2014 NFPTE Our Valuable great Tradition of 60 Years- Diamond jubilee celebrations at Pondichery on Nov 22, 2014 (2.30 PM to 8PM )- One of the finest opportunity to learn and digest our heritage.. Leaders are going to share their memorable bonds , work- struggle and life thrilling cherishable experiences with full emotional attachment ... Don't miss the occasion.. be part of the historical occasion. Get the grip of NFPTE legacy that we all imbibed from our giant leaders and carry forward the richness with your humble contribution.. Book your tickets to Pondicheri

  • -31-10-14 November 24 th NFPTE DAY- Let us celebrate the Diamond jubilee of our greatest Tradition NFPTE.. Wherever possible approach Postal leaders also of your area for joint celebration.. Com D Gnaniah, our living giant of that tradition is inspiring us all.. use his writeups like glimpses.. Oli Veesum varalaaRu for transpiring our grand narratives.. Our Kovai comrades may use his personal touch during that day of diamond jubilee celebrations.. There are many stalwarts of that giant tradition still guiding the movements.. Let us greet them all on that occasion.. Take the memorable rich tradition to our young comrades and tell our leaders' great sacrifices starting from the great OPG,KR, DG,Anjaneyalu, K G Bose and the next generation of our tamilnadu leaders like Majeeth, Jagan, muthiyalu,Rk, Mali, Tamilmani etc. Make our employees to feel the treasure

  • 31-10-14 சுற்றறிக்கை 75 (Discrimination in construction of End Scales and the issue of Stagnation)

  • 30-10-14 Tamilnadu JAC joint campaign programme for November 27th Strike.. Kindly make it success

  • 28-10-14 DOE has sent a reply to DOT on 78.2 pension issue. Though DOE supported 78.2 benefits from 10-6-13 to pre 2007 and post 2007 pensioners, DOT is advised to seek cabinet approval for the same. Gratuity, commutation benefits not agreed        DOE OM

  • 27-10-14 சுற்றறிக்கை 74 ( Circular on financial statement of 2013-14)

  • 26-10-14 Attention comrades; Implementation of ERP may lead us all to face certain problems. Kindly take a print out of your pay particulars and personal details from HRMS package immediately.

    District secretaries should give their Bank details without fail.. IFSC code a must. Matter most urgent. Madurai, Tuticorin,Trichy, Kumbakonam details we received

  • 25-10-14 ERP GO LIVE Letter to CGM by all unions and associations  Joint Circular by NFTE and BSNLEU

  • 23-10-14 Unions and Associations of Maharastra Circle have sent a very strong protest letter regarding deloittee pilot project and demanded immediate negotiation before implementing any decision failing which trade union action becomes unavoidable. we fully support the stand of our maharastra comrades, if need be  we can also be part of solidarity movement with them

  • 20-10-14 New DA for contract Labours from 1-10-14

  • 20-10-14 Ministry of labour has issued notification enhancing minimum pension on EPS as Rs 1000. Unfortunately this notification is only for one year that is 2014-15, w.e.f 1-9-14. Inorder to have minimum pension for the coming years we need separate notification. Trade Unions are pressing the same.

  • 16-10-14 சுற்றறிக்கை 73   (CMD Speech at Jabalpur)

  • 15-10-14 சுற்றறிக்கை 72 (Jabalpur AIC Brief)

    Resolutions Drafted and Placed by the Committee: CHQ is empowered to tailor the same suitably

  • 7-10-14 All India conference At Jabalpur from Oct 10-12 2014.. Comrades are requested to come safely and our wishes to all delegates and Observers.. Thanks to Jabalpur and MP comrades for Hosting

  • 5-10-14 சுற்றறிக்கை 71 (Circular ..compensate the Wage Loss for post 2007 Appointees)

  • 3-10-14 CGA Procedural Change- CO Letter to HOCs

  • 3-10-13 Livelihood of Sanitation workers at GUJARAT- A Study by IIM Ahmedabad

  • 2-10-14    National Council Items Report Card

  • 2-10-14 Gandhi's famous quote “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet” sums up His vision of Clean Bharat. Let us go beyond symbolism in anything and everything

  •  1-10-2014 Thanks to all the comrades who participated 2 hours Walk out to obey the call of trade unions.. Strike struggle is to impress upon the management that workers are in somber mood as even denial of some Bonus on the Festive Occasion.. It is upto the workers to decide what amount of trade unionism that they need to realise their demands.. Leaders can easily realise the genuineness of the demands and able to gauge the mood of management by their frequent interaction and experience. When we fail to impress upon employees about the genuineness of demands and fail to make them to feel that strike is the only option to express their anger to seek justice, then the movement gets its retardation. The indifference of workers to their own demands is more dangerous than the indifference of any management

  • 30-9-14 For the Kind attention of Our leaders in SSA: Inform us if any Compulsory retirement Case in any cadre Executive or Non Executive.. If any information about their Pension settlement.. This information would help our CHQ to prepare a note to settle CR cases properly and if possible to remove the draconian absolute right of management to retire any employee at 55

    Kindly inform us what are the new duties and jobs that our traditional TTA(old Technician), SrTOA, TM (Old LM) cadres are presently doing... what are the new jobs assigned after formation of BSNL in these 14 years.. This would help us to strengthen staff side demand of second restructuring of Cadres as per today's techno marketing commercial scenario and face the detrimental recommendations of Deloittee

  • 29-9-14 MOF has issued Non PLB Order for CG Employeess RS 3500 as Bonus and for Casual Labours Rs 1200 for the Year 13-14

    Ministry Of Defence Issued Orders for Defence Production Unit 40 days Bonus on 3500 Ceiling rates

    Railway Board has issued Orders for railway employees BOnus for 78 days (Rs 8975)

    Postal Employees including ED are getting 60 days Bonus on Rs 3500 Ceiling

    NFTE CHQ demanded and discussed with CMD and ED F for Rs 3500 adhoc Bonus quoting that the expenditure would be less than 75 crore... but lower Officers' note is not helping is the answer we are getting

  • 28-9-14 JAC has given a call of 2 hours Walk Out (11-13 hrs) on 30-9-14. The earlier Dharna Report was not a encouraging One. Trade union leaders are giving calls only after gauging the adamant attitude of the Management and its indifference in settling the Issues. The Call is not to show any personal Valour or courage. Unless workers Participate fully and Voluntarily, TU cannot advance and settle the demands. Workers participation alone will decide the success of any strike. Kindly participate and implement the Call of Walk Out to prove employees are in utter dissatisfaction

  •  27-9-14 சுற்றறிக்கை 70 (National Council Brief)

  • 23-9-14 Circle Secretary is away from Chennai to Attend NC Meeting At CO,NewDelhi

  • 21-9-14 JAC Call Holding Dharna on Sep 23 demanding settlement of 30 charter of demands.. Comrades Chenna kesavan ACS, Asokraj Treasurer and Manoj DS will lead our comrades at Chennai CGm office Dharna.. Management will threaten us always and provoke by their  unruly administrative methods, but our unity alone will tame any nonsense and bring settlement.. participate enmasse

    Attention DS: OUR CHQ has allotted delegates as per Our total circle Quota they received not on the basis of any branchwise. So DSs are requested to understand the position and share delegates as per your quota. Circle Executive members( DS, Officebearers, invitees, women wing, Youth wing), Branch Secretaries( Major then minor) may be given chance to participate as delegates in the order of priority from SSAs. Others will be given chance as Observers only

  • 19-9-14 MTNL GM HR has invited Unions seeking opinions on Integration of Pay Scales, RR and Interse seniority. Unions agreed to submit their opinions. MTNL reports that meeting was arranged as per DOT lr dt 25-8-14

  • 16-9-14  Letter to CHQ

  • 15-9-14   Why we Oppose MTNL Merger?

  • 9-9-14  How to make our traditional LL Business a lucrative- profitable one is the biggest challenge to safeguard our employees- it is linked with our job security  What is our price determination policy market driven or administered price mechanism as per Govt wishes and policies.. If APM then govt should support us

      Govt should Cash Transfer the subsidy to the LL subscribers like it is giving to LPG etc and allow us to increase LL tariff as per cost including the cost of employees.. Then only it is possible to arrest LL surrender and protect our traditional business.. Subsidy to the subscribers  using LL  may be our demand    .. It may help our rural people also.               


  • 8-7-14 சுற்றறிக்கை 69 Circular on BSNL Annual Plan 14-15

  • 8-7-14  Circle secretaries meet held at Delhi suggested Rs 700 as Delegate Fee and advised  Circle unions to restrict delegates as per quota sent..  Our Org secy com S S  Gopalakrishnan has participated besides some of the all india office bearers and enriched the discussion about  AIC. We request our Branches/divisions to restrict the delegates as per quota sent from your area and other booked comrades as observers. Kindly inform the exact number that you booked to com Chennakesavan

    Olikkathir Aug 2014 uploaded

  • 5-9-14 ONGC rewards retiring Employees with Gold Coin  to honour their long services.. Unions demanded that IT should not be there for the Coin getting.. Management not agreed the demand

  • 4-9-14 Fast struggle withdrawn taking the appeal of circle administration and the partial orders issued by Madurai administration.. One more comrade is yet to get the relief. We hope that administration would understand our sentiment and settle that case also.

  • 3-9-14 Erode Works Committee Members Meet has given us a clear message to make the forum  more purposeful for the quality of service and augmentation of Revenue. It is not a place for Confrontation but more a place for combined -joint efforts of both the Unions and Management. Our Works committee members and leaders narrated some of their practical difficulties in the fields for achieving QOS Parameters. We shall focus the same to the Circle management and if necessary to CHQ also.  Thanks to Erode comrades for good and comfortable arrangement. Thanks to leaders Mali, Jayapal, Sethu, Jayaraman, SSG..  Thanks to Com RK for his greeting message. Thanks to GM Erode for his presence and narrating the need of defined Works Committee Functioning. Thanks to CGM Shri  A Balasubramaniyan for  the inspring and  confidence boosting  message relevant  to the  seminar.. Thanks to both Chennai and TN PROs for sending the message in time. Thanks to Works committee members, DS, circle Office bearers and other leaders present on that occasion and valuable inputs Thanks to Com Latcham for the  best presiding

    .1-9-14 Works Committee Workshop at Erode on Sep 2  make it purposeful

  • 29-8-14  MTNL employees retired during April 2014 to July 2014 are yet to get pension because of nonpayment from DOT. After serious protests DOT has agreed to reimburse 85 % of the amount paid by MTNL in this regard

  • 28-8-14  As CGM away from HQRs, Fast Date Changed to Sep 4th-Sorry for the inconvenience to our Comrades   Lr to CGM

  • 26-8-14 Appeal by Administration    Our Reply  Fast Decision Stands

  • 25-8-14 MTNL Pension OM of DOT

  • 23-8-14 Works Committee Datasheet

  • 23-8-14 ுற்றறிக்கை  68     (on MTNL CCL)

  • 22-8-14 சுற்றறிக்கை 67 Circular on Tamilnadu BSNL P&L

  • 21-8-14 Secretary expenditure of MOF expressed to NC JCM of CGE leaders that normally IR given when delay in constitution of CPC. Since 7th CPC has been setup, IR was not considered necessary. .. However staff side may approach 7th CPC for Interim Report on IR and DA merger

  • 19-8-14 Fast by Circle Secretary- Letter to CGM

     Nilgiris District Conference of NFTE  held at Ooty on 18-8-14 . Delegates  participated  very enthusiastically. Com Rangan chaired the conference. Com Roberts  inaugurated the conference and delivered a valuable speech. Pattabi  circle secretary elaborated the issues that we are facing. Leaders from fraternal unions addressed. Comrades sundarrajan, paramesh, laxman and sabdagiri from Coimbatore came all the way  to greet.  Comrades Rangan, Ramasami and Krishnan were elected as President, secy and Treasurer. We wish the Team every success.

  • 16-8-14  TSM Service Entry In HRMS- DS should monitor and tell us  if any lacunae

  • 15-8-14 Independence Day Speech of President     PM

  • 14-8-14 MRS Meeting Mts

  • 12-8-14        Demonstration Joint Circular of TN Forum

  • 10-8-14    VRS and  37 A

  • 9-8-14 Dist Secys are requested to inform us about the number of participants for AIC Jabalpur

  • 9-8-14  Forum Call Demonstration against Deloitte Recommendations- Aug 12th

  • 9-8-14     Brutal Israel

  • 8-8-14 Works Committee Members Meet- Invitation

  • 6-8-14 Deloitte recommendations-Some of Our Suggestions to CHQ

  • 5-8-14   JAC Demands for 7th Demonstration

  • 3-8-14    RS Question on LL and L&B

  • 2-8-14 Com Krishnakumar a veteran of our movement, a gentle functionary (E3 Treasurer) good associate of Comrades Jagan, Muthiyalu, RK and Tamilmani is no more. Last month only his 80th Year was celebrated by his family and comrades.. Com RK greeted him..  We express our condolence and we  salute his dedicated services

  • 1-8-14      TN JAC Statement for 7th Aug Demonstration.. Dist Secys are requested to form SSA JAC and conduct the programme in a fitting manner

    31-7-14  Works Committee Members Meet  on Sep 2 at ERODE- A motivational workshop to feel the importance of our Members for the Quality of Service and Business improvement- Works Committee members, Dist Secys, Circle Office Bearers and Leaders  are requested to participate.. CGM has given his consent to address with our leaders

  • 30-7-14  District conference of CGM Office held on 28-7-14 .. Comrades SriRam , Manoj,  M P Subramaniyam were elected as President , Secretary, Treasurer with a band of active team. Thiru PVK  GM, Nagarajan AGM, Parthiban FNTO, SelvaGanesan SNATTA, Vijayakumar Civil NFTE,   Tamilmani, Murali and Pattabi greeted and explained the present situation. We wish the team every success

  • 27-7-14   Some More Observations On the Issue of PLI

  • 25-7-14  சுற்றறிக்கை 66         (MTNL Financial Statement)

    24-7-14   Com RK shared his concern about Gaza Happenings and Genocide by Israeli Bombers..  Indian media and world Medias are reporting the horror hour by hour. We place 2 pieces from Israel’s Papers and 2 from Palestine papers.. Patriotism and Chauvinism have only thin edges

  • 24-7-14  PLI Meeting

  • 21-7-14  சுற்றறிக்கை  65 ( circular DOT lr to DOE)       Pension letters  DOT- BSNL 2005-07    Olikkathir Jan 2012

  • 19-7-14        Gist of Recommendations of Deloittee

  • 19-7-14     ுற்றறிக்கை 64 (Circular  LTC and Strange Arguments)

  • 17-7-14  MRS Committee Meeting - Joint Circular

  • MRS cases from SSAs

  • 16-7-14  Medical committee meets on 17-7-14   No cases from District unions- Three affected members have given cases- Staff side met and sorted some generalised constraints to place before the committee

  • சுற்றறிக்கை 63

  • 15-7-14   Agenda for  the next Circle council          Record of discussion with Dir HR          Minutes of SC NC

    14-7-14     Pension contribution on Actual Pay

  • 13-7-14 For PH Employees minimum Transport allowance rate is revised to Rs 1000. Thanks to CHQ for settling the case thro National council. But BSNL is kind enough only to 50 %. Our PH employees are discriminated comparing rest of CG PH Employees. As per DOE the minimum rate should be Rs 2000 (1000+ DA 1000). Our increased minimum is also only from prospective date.. This one is another discrimination.. BSNL should not be so frugal in social nature of issues like this.. The added expenditure because of this new order may be just 2 to 2.5 lakhs per month.. if the same is given  2000 minimum  as per DOE order then, the expenditure may not be more than 4  to 5 lakhs.  As BSNL is not linking DA factor, it would be only fixed till the next revision. Comparing BSNL, it seems that Department of Expenditure is more humane

    11-7-14 Decoding the Budget- News Analysis :   1  2   3   4  5  6   7   8

  • 10-7-14  Circle office Directs SSA administrations to meet District Secretaries periodically and ensure Industrial Peace

    Corporate office Directed Circle Heads to issue Certificate regarding  strict implementation of contract labour Laws

    DA Order of DPE is enorsed by BSNL for 91.3 % from 1-7-14


  •  9-7-14 Circle Office has sent a  bunch of orders in one set to all SSAs to monitor Contract labour Issues.. one most important Order is left out. Our Vellore comrades placed that order in the website. We hope that the administration would endorse again  that order also. Our TMTCLU leadership comrades RK, Selvam, Vijay are preparing conciliation materials to discuss matters with RLC © Chennai


  • 8-7-14   District Secretaries are requested to send the particulars of medical cases pending circle disposal.. Tell us your other difficulties that you all face when dealing medical cases at SSAs.. Medical committee of Circle council is meeting shortly.. The matter is urgent

    8-7-14 Casual Lab Regularisation- Postal guidelines


  • 7-7-14 No Merger of DA – MOF clarified that as per 6th CPC recommendation Govt has taken a position  of no more merger of DA- A signed letter from DOE has been sent  to JCM NC Secretary in this regard


  • 6-7-14 Veteran trade Union Leader of Trichy Com Venkatesan is no more. We express our heartfelt condolences. Com Venkatesan  a life long associate of our Leaders  OPG, Jagan, RK, Muthiyalu, Venkatachalam and VPK strived his best  for our telecom workers at Trichy SSA


  • 5-7-14  சுற்றறிக்கை 62  ( Circular  CGE JCM NC Note to 7th CPC)

    Pre paid SIM to All orders issued- talk time Rs 200 with SSA level CUG- without STD facility and only to on net calls- Some improvements needed-  Seeking CUG of LSA would help immediately-  Free Offnet calls may be difficult because of IUC factor

  • 3-7-14   சுற்றறிக்கை 61

  •  2-7-14  Stoppage of Recovery order issued by CO for those employees given option to switch over to IDA pay scales from the date of promotion after 1-10-2000 on some dotted Undertaking .. District Secys should inform us whether any such case is there in our SSAs

    We are having hundreds of Cases  promoted before 1-10-2000 and opted fixation on their date of increment falling after 1-10-2000. Though belatedly by 2006 DOT approved with illustrations, subsequently it was denied on the grounds that the employees lost their Govt status.. Our efforts yet to give any break through

    BSNLEU Reporting on JAC meet with Director HR
    22. Option to the Non-Executives, for fixation of pay on promotion, on the date of next
    increment which fell after 01-10-2000.
    This case is already referred to DoT for approval. It is likely to be approved. JAC demanded that, in the meanwhile, letter should be issued to stop the recovery. Management said that issuing of the letter is getting delayed since the ED (Finance) was on leave. JAC urged early releasing of the letter.
    There is no mention about the same in NFTE CHQ 's reporting

    ....The order issued here is for those cases to retain Old pay scales till their promotion after 1-10-2000.. In TN we are having cases those who got promotion in CDA scales before 1-10-2000 then changed to IDA sclaes on 1-10-2000 and opting their pay fixation for promotion in the changed IDA scales.. so we find some difficulty.. Unless things are sorted out with the help of DPE/DOT either by giving the case to CG National council staff side or thro all our efforts, things will not move.

    1-7-14    The great Judicial Mind : Kerala HC has given verdict that Pay Commission is just an expert committee  and it is up to   Govt  to decide on it..  Employees can’t demand it in every 5 years

    DA from   1-7-14  is 91.3 %  an increase of 0 .8 % (Comparing Jan)after the fall in April

     Issue of MTNL Merger is getting serious attention.. Draft has been sent to MOC  Shri RaviShankar prasath.. We don’t know what are the reports of internal committee setup for this purpose..  BSNL sought opinion on HR matter alone from Unions..  No one knows what happened to all our views whether examined.. Accepted or rejected.. As stake Holders MOC should take us into confidence to avoid industrial unrest


  • 27-6-14 Revision of  Labour Wage- Demanding  New Gazettee  Letter to CHQ   Com Gurudas

    The First Standing Committee Meeting held on 26-4-14 after formation of New National council having members of both NFTE and BSNLEU reviewed the items and tried to find solutions to some issues like LTC, PH Allowance, NEPP issues etc. On behalf of NFTE Comrades Islam and C Singh  participated and enriched the  subject matter.

    Non Executive JAC is invited to discuss with Dir HR about 30 Points agenda.. We wish the Team

    26-6-14 சுற்றறிக்கை 60 (Circular 60 On District Conferences)

    26-6-14 GPF நிதி கேட்டதைவிட மிக குறைவாக வந்துள்ளதால் நமது தோழர்கள் பலர் பாதிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளனர். அந்த கோபத்தையும் பல தோழர்கள் நம்மிடம் வெளிப்படுத்தி வருகின்றனர். என் பணத்தை தருவதற்கு கூட என்ன கேடு- சங்கத்தை மூடு என்ற வசை கூட வருகிறது.  மாநில கவுன்சிலில் விவாதிக்கப்பட்டபோது  நிர்வாகம் டெல்லியை காட்டியது. கார்ப்பரேட் நிர்வாகம் நிதியில்லை என்கிறது.  DOT- BSNL GPF உறவுகள் குறித்து கார்ப்பரேட் நிர்வாகமும், நமது CHQ தலைமையும் கூடுதல் விளக்கங்களை தெளிவை தரவேண்டியுள்ளோம். நியாயமற்ற காரணங்கள் என தெரிந்தால் நாம் போராட்டங்களில் இறங்கலாம் என்பதையும் தெரிவித்துள்ளோம்.


  • 25-6-14     PSUs should have progressive cadre oriented policy.. Unfortunately BSNL which is in dire need of Second cadre restructuring as per its marketing commercial and technical requirements is moving sluggish even on the question of Designation change. Change of RRs becomes now MOU target.  We don’t know what is the terms of ref to Deloitte.. Conservative CG departments are undergoing changes… They abolished Gr D posts and upgraded all to Gr C.   But it seems that BSNL is evincing the attitude of more loyal than the King.. Creation of Multi Tasking Staff in NE 5 scale and absorption of all RM- Gr D would solve the issue of RMs.. They may be given 2 weeks or more training to know about the multi tasking.  As in the RR of TM, provision  can be made for left out CL/TSM to get into the multi tasking cadre. We request our CHQ to take up this issue to the authority concerned.   A corrigendum may also be sought relaxing educational qualification for TM exam.

    23-6-14  சுற்றறிக்கை 59-தீர்மானங்கள்

  • 21-6-14 Thanks to Salem comrades- Balakumar Team for appreciable arrangement and hospitality - Taking care of 400 participants besides Executive members is not an easy task-Book Fair, Medical care arranged.. Thanks to all comrades for your dedicated work.. Thanks to Com MS of Salem encouraging young comrades.. Thanks to Latcham and all Executive members-DS/ Office bearers/Council- works committee members/ women- Youth wing for their responsible contribution in the Meeting.. Thanks to our leaders RK, Tamilmani, SSG, Jayaraman, Jayapal, Selvam and sethu for their valuable guidelines to advance our movement.. Thanks to many senior comrades who with their great silence observed all our events and inspired us by their presence.. Thanks to all


  • 17-6-14 The District Conference of  Nagercoil  held at Nagercoil on 13-6-14 with a participation of  good in number of delegates. The session was addressed by GM Shri  Thirunavukarasu, sethu, Selvasubramaniyan, Papanasam, Subbarayan, Balu and Pattabi. Eugene Team made wonderful arrangement. Comrades RajanBabu,Joseph and Paramasivam were elected amongst  15 members as President, secretary and Treasurer. We wish them success

    17-6-14   DOPT has issued some Guidelines for PWD (persons with disabilities) Employees:·         Special Casual Leave for 4 days in a calendar year has been made for the employees of Central Government with disabilities for specific requirements relating to disabilities of the official ·         The persons with disabilities may be exempted from the rotational transfer policy/transfer and be allowed to continue in the same job, where they would have achieved the desired performance-         The Liaison Officer appointed to look after reservation matters for SCs, STs may also act as the Liaison Officer for reservation matters relating to persons with disabilities. The Liaison Officer would also look after the issues relating to providing of amenities for  the persons with disabilities.·         The Directorate of Estates may give preference to the persons with disabilities for providing them accessible accommodation near their place of posting and they may be preferred for allotment of ground floor accommodation.

    Unfortunately, BSNL is giving least concern to all these things. We place our strong protest against this kind of indifference

    15-6-14 FCI issued Order for Reimbursement of medical expenses to beneficiaries from two Sources i.e. FCI and Medical Insurance Agencies subject to the condition that the reimbursement from such sources should not exceed the total expenditure incurred by the beneficiary on the treatment

  • The Staff side National Council of JCM (CG Employees) has raised the demand of 25% basic as IR subject to the minimum of Rs 2000.. A letter has been addressed by the secy staff side to the Chairman NC, the Cabinet Secy GOI on the issues of IR and merger of 50% DA

  • We come to know the sad demise of Smt Rashida Begum Wife of Our President com Islam.. burial at 5PM ,june 12th at Nazarganj near Allahabad.. we express  Our heartfelt Condolences

  • 12-6-14 Circle administration has issued guidelines regarding the  CGA cases..listed the  supportive documents to be  obtained from the applicants and furnished by SSA administration. A detailed discussion was held in the 20th Council and some more agreed areas are yet to be reflected in the guidelines. The staff side would take up those gaps when the issue comes for review..The Circle Administration has directed the SSAs to open E Pass Book to Contract Labourers  for EPF as per the review of 19th council Item  in the 20th Council.. The experience of NGC SSA  was quoted by our Staff Side in the council and the same was accepted by the the then CGM. We request our SSA secys to monitor the issue

  • Let Us Recall the dedicated services of our humble Leader Com Vichare

  • 11-6-14  Letter to Administration- Stipend issue

  • Special CL for Circle Executive- For Copy Click Vellore Site

  • 9-6-14 Prasar bharati writes to IB Ministry and to 7th CPC : Give opportunity to employees for making their submission and being heard by 7th CPC and denial is unjust... Why don't BSNL and DOT make it a case regarding our pension revision issue finding a way to solve it once for all

  • June 7  Recall the impeccable Tradition of Com Jagan and Cherish his memories

  • 7-6-14   FM’s    Pre Budget Consultation with Central trade Unions

  • 3-6-14 Pay fixation on the date of increment after 1-10-2000 cases

  • 30-5-14   மாநில செயற்குழு அறிவிப்பு- அழைப்பிதழ்

  • 27-5-14 TMTCLU Circular

  • 26-5-14      Ls Secretariat Letter to DOT on SC ST Issues       Our CHQ  Letter  to  SC  LS Secretariat           Our Letter to CHQ

  • 23-5-14 Railway Board has enhanced further 25% increase in allowances on account of 100% DA  ratings from  1-1-14. Earlier in 2011 when it crossed 50 % railway and CG employees got their 25 % increase in their allowances as per 6th CPC recommendations

  • Our Respectful homage to Umanath  Freedom Fighter and selfless working Class leader

  • 19-5-14 Railway Board has taken a decision that Gr C in 9300 scale with 4200 Grade pay having 3 Years service (Organised Services) is eligible for Gr B posts in 70 % quota selection after an exam

     17-5-14 The Statue of Com Jagan was garlanded by Com Murthi TN AITUC GS on the occassion of the Birth day of com Jagan. Com Tamilmani presided over the function. Comrades Radhakrishnan AITUC, Murali, Arumugam, Kamaraj, Revathi,selvam, Adhavan,Karthi and pattabi shared the thoughts of jagan. Murthi addressed about the unique role of com jagan in building mass organisation

  • NFTE Delegation Comprising Comrades RK, Tamilmani, Murali, Kamaraj , Selvam with CS met CGM Shri G V Reddy and handed over a memorandum relating the issues of contract labours and appealed to comply fullest implementation of BSNL guidelines. CGM assured to lookinto the matter and do justice within the ambit of his power as Principal employer. complaints by even individual labour would be addressed by the units concerned. Though CGM is having his own apprehension about making Contract labour issue a matter of Union affairs, we clarified him that a method of presenting the hardships in a civilised way is the aim of bringing the issues thro some institutional and representative form. Thanks to shri Reddy for his hearing of the issue.. we hope some basics would find its justful place

  • 17-4-14 LS Election Verdict  Editorials:  Hindu  New IE   Guardian UK   NYTimes US    Lanka Mirror  Pak Dawn

  • 15-5-14  சுற்றறிக்கை  57   58  (Circular JTO June 2013 Exam Court Case ,  SrTOA Results)

  • 14-5-14 Best wishes to all the candidates qualified for SrTOA.. Efforts are on for arranging Training
    TTA to JTO Court CAT judgment referred to CO.. Management may go for appeal.. Issue becomes complicated because of legal entanglement.. Even if New 2014 RR becomes operational, it may be difficult to implement the same because of the proposed appeal and matter becomes subjudice.. Both sections may be affected for some more months. We have requested our CHQ to take up this matter and find early solution

  • 13-5-14  Kindly send us Items for the Next Circle Council  Meeting , if any on or before 25th May 2014

  • 12-5-14 சுற்றறிக்கை 56   (Circular SAIL Pay Revision)

  • 9-5-14 Letter to Administration On Contract Labour Issues.. TMTCLU has decided to hold demonstration on May 17th to focus their demands.. Kindly extend support

  • 8-5-14   சுற்றறிக்கை 55 (Circular on PSU Survey)

  • 4-5-14 No More Pay Committee.. ( Based on Rao's Preface and Roongta Panel)

  • 2-5-14    Hindi Version of CDA Rules

  • 30-4-14 MAY DAY Greetings to All   History      Anil Article   Speech of Che  Mandella    125th Year HayMarket

  •  29-4-14   Multi Tasking Staff : After 6th CPC, abolition of GR D scales was implemented in all CG departments. Guidelines for MTS RR were issued. Though no automatic applicability of CG system in our PSU, we are mostly following the same in the case of Pension, GPF and Leave rules. A sort of new cadre in LM scale NE 4 scale by Grouping the posts of NE1 to NE4 may be helpful in creating MTS cadre. This idea is yet to take a concrete shape in the staff side. The idea of creation of cadre with specific RR in NE 4 would help us to solve the issue of Stagnation to some extent and may help us to seek some provision for Casual Labour to get recruited to permanent post as in the case of postal MTS RR. We hope that staff side would advance and enrich the idea and present the same to the management.

  • 24-4-14 National Council Met on April 23 and recorded staff side anguish and resentment on non settling of issues and noted smoldering industrial unrest.. For Brief     Visit  CHQ web and Vellore Web

  • 20-4-14 Circle Secretary is away to Delhi to attend National Council

  • 16-4-14 
    SC Judgment for Uninterrupted 730 days CCL : Women employees of the central government can take uninterrupted leave for two years for childcare, which includes needs like exams and sickness, the Supreme Court said today.It set aside a Calcutta High Court order, which held that Central Civil Services (Leave) Rules do not permit uninterrupted childcare leave (CCL) for 2 years, or 730 days.The court said CCL beyond 730 days can be granted by combining other leave, if due.

  •  A progressive judgment On the Issue of Transgender: According to the Supreme Court judgment, the transgender community will now be treated as the third gender and will be eligible for all the facilities including a voters’ ID card, passport and driving license.

    The Supreme court today asked the centre to treat the trans-gender community as ”socially and economically backward”, to enable them to get reservations in jobs and education. The Supreme Court decision came after a petition that had been filed in the court by the National Legal Services Authority, seeking equal rights for the trans-gender community. The National Legal Services Authority claimed that even hospitals have refused to admit them for treatment, which is highly unfair.

    According to the Supreme court, the government at the centre and states must put in active efforts to raise awareness on them through social welfare schemes. The court said that transgenders are citizens of the country and have equal rights to education, employment and social acceptability.

  • 14-4-14 Thus  Viewed  Dr Ambedkar

  • 11-4-14    20th Circle Council Minutes

  • 10-4-14    சுற்றறிக்கை 54             (BSNL DOT MOU 14-15)

  • Non Executive JAC Memo enlisting Pending Issues that need immediate attention

  • 9-4-14 சுற்றறிக்கை 53 (MTNL Merger, Tower Corp, Reliance 4G)

  • 8-4-14 Com OPG Birth Day.. His glorious services would stand long

  • Comprehensive review of BSNL and preparing the revival plan of BSNL by M/s Deolitte Touch Tohmatsu India Private Ltd.. BSNL appointed the Deolitte consultancy and urging the Circle heads to supply RIL- The required Information List like customer base, employees strength.. As per our information unions are not supplied the copy of terms and conditions or terms of reference to deolitee about the revival study and recommendation

  • BSNL is following unfair labour practices and adamant with emphatic no on the issue of casual labour regularisation...letter to Maharastra

  • 5-4-13 Railways appointed a committee of higher Officers to evolve a new formula for the PLB Bonus.... Unions not favoured the formation of the committee
    Common Nomination Form for Gratuity, GPF and GIS introduced by DOP PW for CG Employees

  • 3-4-14 ONGC is following a method of annual cash reimbursement for Uniforms, stitching Charges, Washing Allowances and Canteen Subsidy to its Employees. This year the cost for the same is fixed as Rs 84332. The reimbursement would be on the basis of quarterly instalments as Rs 21083

  • 2-4-14 The meeting of Executive Unions of PSU has decided to demand immediate constitution of 3rd PRC ,50% DA merger from the day it crossed , Actual Gratuity with tax exemption and no tax for Leave Encashment

  • DA down by 2.1%  The rate is 88.4% from April 2014

  • 31-3-14 Circle Secretary addressed the conference of  Contract labourers of TMTCLU at Karaikudi. . Com  RK chaired the conference and gave presidential address. Com Tamilmani placed General secy report. Com Murthi TN State secretary of AITUC delivered his keynote address. Leaders of NFTE and other Trade union leaders greeted. Contract labours as delegates enriched the discussion. Resoultions were drafted with the guidelines of Rk and Tamilmani to takeup and settle. Com  Mari, Murugan and Karaikudi team made wonderful arrangement..Comrades RK , Selvam, Vijay were elected as president, GS,Treasurer  besides a team of leaders from contract labours as officebearers. Com Tamilmani is the joint secretay. We wish the team success

  • Senior Leader of Cuddalore Com PitchaiPillai is nomore. He contributed much for our organisation as our Dist Secy and Circle OfficeBearer. Our heartfelt codolence

  • 28-3-14 April 22 National Council Meeting- Officially Notified- Comrades and Well-wishers are requested to give inputs for the items of the Council

  • 26-3-14     Spl Female VRS (Replacement)  Coal India Order

  • 25-3-14     சுற்றறிக்கை 52 (Circular on the issue of Left out Casual Labourers)

  • 24-3-14 Second Cadre Restructuring in Railways 1.5 Lakh employees benefitted.. 3500 Gr C posts are to be upgraded to Gazetted Gr B posts.. file sent to MOF

    23-3-14 Contract Labour DA Rate increased from 1-4-2014.. Hope BSNL would endorse this order

  • 22-3-14 General Secretary Com C Singh addressed the open session of FNTO AIC at Chennai , elaborated the issues that we are facing in our Industry and emphasized the unity of all non Executive unions to settle the pending issues . Earlier a warm reception was given to GS by our comrades . Comrades SSG, Murali, Kamaraj with CS accompanied our Gs.

  • 20-3-14    NO  3rd  PRC?  The Second Pay Revision Committee (2nd PRC), headed by Mr. Justice M. Jagannadha Rao, retired Judge, Supreme Court   in the preface of the Report expressed:
    “A question that was repeatedly raised in our discussion with CPSEs was that 10 years are too long a period for pay revision in the public sector and that this time gap should be reduced to five years or so. Our general preference will be that once our recommendations have been given effect, the responsibility of future revision should be given to the Board of Directors of a company subject to the approval of the concerned Ministry in discharge of its role as shareholders. We would like to see that we are the last such committee for deliberating on the remuneration structure in the public sector as a whole and that hereafter no such committee will be necessary. Revision can be considered by the Board of
    Directors and the concerned Ministry as and when necessary on the basis of the
    economic situation and the nature of the concerned industry.”

  • 18-3-14 Contract Labour Raja of NLC was shot dead in the premises itself by Industrial Security Force… AITUC leader Com Sekar was injured and hospitalized… We condemn the inhuman incident and demand  justice.. AITUC has given call to hold protest demonstration.. Our comrades are requested to participate…and in possible places hold meetings and condemn the brutal incident Our NFTE Cuddalore is organizing protest demonstration throughout the district

    17-3-14  NTPC Officers on warpath quoting PMS becomes a tool in the hands of management to victimise and exempting a portion of Executives from getting PRP from the Maharatna PSU

  • 13-3-14  Formation of JAC of Non Executive Unions a welcome step to advance the causes of Employees. A Joint circular of all General Secretaries informing the importance of such an outfit would enthuse ground level cadres and workers. Guidelines to form Circle JAC / District JAC would be helpful. The period of Election Time may be utilised for the same. We wish the NE JAC Team every success

  • 12-3-14  Railway Board decided: it has been decided by the Board that in case of medically decategorised / incapacitated employees where compassionate appointment is otherwise permissible, it will be the discretion of the concerned medically decategorised / incapacitated Railway employee to request for a job to either spouse or ward as per his/her choice. Further, in the event of death of the medically unfit employee without making clear his wishes, the first preference for appointment on compassionate ground appointment should be that of spouse as done in case of death. OUR Qn is what are the guidelines in our BSNL for CGA appointment in the case of WARDS of  Employees gone on Invalidation.. whether any such appoitment is given after 2007 CGA policy...

  • 11-3-14  For Pensioners 78.2 file returned without approval from DOE-query on  the liability assurance...we all should condemn the delay

  •  March 8 Our Wishes to All womenfolk     HE FOR SHE CAMPAIGN

  • 7-3-14  சுற்றறிக்கை  51   (Circular On MTNL 37 A)

  • 5-3-14    MTNL Govt Pension Notification as per 37A

  •       7th CPC MOF Notification

  • 3-3-14  Items for National Council- Letter to GS

  • 1-3-14    சுற்றறிக்கை 50      NOTE on PLI

  • 7th CPC Terms of Reference

  • 28-2-14  All Unions Lunch Hour Demonstration on the issue of MTNL Merger- GS directed thro message to observe the call of Forum on Feb 28th

  • 27-2-14  சுற்றறிக்கை 49 (  Circular One Year Concession to SC ST Employees)

    Comrade Umraomal Prohit veteran Trade Union leader, leader of CG Movement, Father figure of Railway Unions , Secretary JCM and a long associate of our great Guptaji is no more. His demise is a great loss to CG Employees , particularly during the time of 7th CPC. We pay our respectful homage to the great soul


    23-2-14 Our Great  Appreciation and Thanks to Vellore Comrades for organizing the workshop in a fitting manner. The Compact AC Hall was full with the participation of Council members and leading comrades.  Thanks to com Latcham for his untiring chair.  Com Mahavir inspired the comrades by his firebrand speech and com Semmal translated the spirited Hindi speech in Tamil. We thank com Mahavir and Semmal.

    Comrades RK,  Muthiyalu,  Tamilmani,  Sethu and SSG  delivered   and shared their valuable experiences of JCM meetings and taught us the art of negotiations. They appealed the members to maintain unity of Staff side to achieve the desired results. Mutual respect, dignified expression, clear and lucid way of placing things and honesty are some of the basics in any round table. Leaders advised us to imbibe those fundamentals. We thank all the leaders for their valuable inputs and teachings.

    We thank our CGM Shri Khan for sending us very inspiring and motivational message. The message was read and received with applause. We thank Shri Reddy GM Vellore for his well focused business meant speech. We thank comrades Mathi of Vellore, Murali and SivaGanesan all our Circle council members for sharing their experiences.

    We thank all the participants from all parts of Tamilnadu and thank Local council leaders for giving us very good inputs of their respective SSAs.

  • 21-2-14   CGM's Message for Our Council Members' Workshop

  •    Vellore Workshop For Council members Invitation-All are requested to attend

  • 20-2-14 Hindu BL reports that Cabinet cleared Terms of Reference  for 7th CPC- DA Merger seems to be in the reference

  • 20-2-14   We come to know the sad demise of Com Parvathi Krishnan Ex MP, Veteran leader of AITUC and CPI. Our respectful homage to the departed leader

  • 18-2-14 Speech of Com D Gnanaiah -  Inaugural Function  of Formation of JCM NC Oct 28, 1966

  • 14-2-14  2% Recommendation of Superannuation committee of DR Employees to Management Committee

  • 12-2-14 One Day Workshop for Council Members- Spl CL

  • 12-2-14: Postal and other Confederation group Employees on Strike for DA merger, ED reference to 7th CPC etc.. We wish them every success.. Railway and Defence Unions expressed satisfaction after negotiation with Railway Board and with Addl Secy Defence -claim some favourable decisions on sectional demands like Grade pay, MACP issues, New Pension etc and strike will not be there in those sectors

  • 12-2-14 Impact of Merger of Air India and Indian Airlines :  The erstwhile Air India had registered profit of Rs. 65.14 crores and Rs. 12.43 crores in 2004-05 and 2005-06 respectively. During the same period, the erstwhile Indian Airlines had also registered profit of Rs. 71.61 crore and Rs.63.00 crores. However, erstwhile Air India suffered a loss of Rs. 541.30 crore and the erstwhile Indian Airlines suffered a loss of Rs. 320.97 crore during 2006-07. The merged Air India has suffered loss of Rs. 2226.16 crore in 2007-08, Rs. 5548.26 crore in 2008-09, Rs. 5552.44 crore in 2009-10, Rs. 6865.17 crore in 2010-11 and the estimated loss for 2011-12 is Rs. 7853 crore.

  • 11-2-14 சுற்றறிக்கை 48 (Circular 48 The Issue of PMS)

  • 11-2-14 We come to know that Indian Airlines Employees were distributed PLI during their loss making years also

  • 6-2-14 AirIndia Indian Airlines Dharmathikari Preface

  • 5-2-14   Merger of BSNL and MTNL         OUR COMMENTS

  • 4-2-14 Congratulations to Designation Committee members Com C Singh and Mahabir.. Thanks to CHQ for taking up the case of SC ST employees to the parliamentary Committee... Price index declined by 4 points in December.. It has its own negative impact on the increase of DA

  • 2-2-14 Olikkathir Jan 2014 Uploaded

  • 1-2-14  சுற்றறிக்கை 47 ( Circular 47 Transport Allowance to PH Employees)

  • 1-2-2014 சுற்றறிக்கை 46 (Circular 46 Issue of CGA)

  • 1-2-14 ET Reports decision of GOM on the issue of Loan Support to offset Salary Burden

  • 31-1-14 CG Employees DA Hike 10 %    DA Rate is 100% from Jan 2014

  • 30-1-14 The Last DAY of Mahatma Gandhi         The Last Hours

  • National Council Minutes

  • 29-1-14 Steel Workers Wage Benefit: Agreement reached between management and Unions (INTUC,AITUC,CITU,HMS) for 17 % MGB on Basic Plus DA of 1-1-12 as their new agreement is due from  that date. Management also agreed for 6 % pension contribution but adamant on HRA , stating that would be in old basic.. further deliberations on HRA, Contract labour wage will be there.. Last agreement was by 31-12-06 with 21% MGB of Basic Plus 78.2 DA.. OUr wishes to Steel workers

  • 27-1-2014 Letter to CHQ

  • 26-1-2014 Republic day Speech of President of India

  • 24-1-2014 : Attention of Dist Secretaries : Kindly see all those qualified trained Officials are acting as Officiating JTOs.. if not, it may be difficult to regularise them.. CHQ is cautioning us

  • 21-1-14 JTO RR 2014 OUR VIEWS

  • 20-1-14  One Day Workshop For Council Members on Feb 22 at Vellore.. All members of Local and Circle council are requested to participate.. Kindly Book your Tickets

  • 19-1-14 Nehru And Parliamentary Democracy : Speech of Shri Pranab Mukherji

  • 17-1-14 DUA, Our Treasurer is no more.. Our Homage to the departed soul

  • 11-1-14  சுற்றறிக்கை 45( Circular: DR Employees' Superannuation Benefit)

    சுற்றறிக்கை 44 ( Circular : NC Deliberations On the Issues of NEPP)


  • 10-1-2014: Cabinet  gave its approval for financial support to BSNL  and MTNL. Both the PSUS need to surrender BWA.. BSNL to surrender  in 6 Circles including Tamilnadu.The amount to be refunded to BSNL is Rs. 6724.51 crore and Rs.4533.97 crore for MTNL. The joint efforts of Unions, BSNL and DOT made this possible

    7-1 Salute  Salute ! Comradely Salute to Cuddalore Comrades.. You make 1000s of Us enter into our History Lane.. A grand Show of Exhibition of 50 years of Olikkathir ..  A live show of our valour, patriotism, International Brotherhood, Dharshan of Visionary Leaders.. We feel honoured by the presence of great leaders of Trade Union Movement.. Thanks Sridhar.. Thanks to Cuddalore Team.. You all would live in the Memory Mines of Us..

    Thanks to Com Tha Pandiyan for his Scintillating speech, com Murthi AITUC reminding Us  DeenaBandhu, one of the  working class Journal of 19th century, Com Islam- C Singh for their arrival after facing great difficulties and assurances on the issue of employees, Thanks to Com Abhimanyu GS BSNLEU for emphasizing the unity of Telecom Unions, Thanks to Comrades Chellappa, Gopinath, Chellapandiyan, Perumal,Venkatesan, Harikrishnan, Natarajan of pensioners movement,  Raghu of AIBEA, KU PA of State Govt employees movement and Dr Ravindranath, Sekar of Cuddalore.

    Thanks to Our Leaders Com Mathi Dy GS, Great leader RK, Muthiyalu, Jayaraman, Gopalkrishnan, Jayapal, Sethu, Raghu-NKS – Renganathan of Cuddalore.. Thanks to the presence  Of Veteran comrades Somasundaram , sadagopan, NK, Veeraraghavan Dharmarajan, MS of Salem  KSK of Thanjavur,Sathyaseelan and Sargunam of Kovai, Pitchumani,Sivasankaran and other senior comrades. Thanks to all Our Circle and district /Branch/   Circle council local  council leaders

    Thanks to Our CGM shri Khan, GM Leo and other Officers for their augustus presence and posivitive Speeches

     Thanks to Com Latcham for conducting the events tirelessly .. Thanks to our Veteran Lady Comrades Soudha, Mallika, Gandhimathi and Thanks to Lailabanu and Smt Sridhar  and other dedicated lady comrades from various SSAs.. Thanks to  Our Young  Street Play Troops.. Thanks to Kavipozhivu by comrades jayaraman, Iqbal, Mari, Srinivasan , Vijay, Vijay and Balu. Thanks to Olikkathir 50 years research team comrades Sankar, subbarayan, Roberts, Ashokarajan, Kamaraj ,Natarajan and Latcham

    Thanks to 1000s of Comrades for their enthusiastic participation, creating oneness with Olikkathir.. Positive Vibrations everywhere

    If any name is left, forgive us.. It is unintentional

    வணக்கம் நூறாயிரம் ! மேலும் சிறக்கட்டும் தோழமை!! வாழிய ஒலிக்கதிர்!!


  • 5-1-14 Thanks to Our Sr Leader M L Sharma for his Lovable Message

  • 4-1-14 சுற்றறிக்கை 43 (Circular 43 Stagnation issue deliberations)

  • 3-1-14 சுற்றறிக்கை 42 (circular 42 EB Wage Revision)

  • 2-1-14  Joint Circular on the deliberations of Circle Council

  • 1-1-14 A section of our employees expressed their apprehension about  5% DA increase. Govt is not able to stop inflationary trend.. Great economists fail to find ways to stop price raise

  • 2013


  • Homage.   Organic Agriculturist Nammazwar..His demise is a great loss to the Indian Agri Movement

  • 30-12-13:We congratulate MTNL Unions for their arduous struggle to get Govt pension from Govt as per 37A . We appreciate the MTNL management for winning the case of Pensionary Contribution from Actual Pay w.e.f 1-1-06 and the approval of cabinet has been cleared for the same. Then why discrimination for BSNL alone and compelling us to continue in FR116 on the Maximum Pay.. We should also be permitted to pay our contribution as per actual pay since 1-1-06 and the remitted contribution over and above should be adjusted for future payment.. This would cause us to save some hundreds of crores and help us to find a way for the settlement of stagnation issue also..  We hope that Forum of our Unions should take serious attention on this issue  and take up the case with BSNL , DOT and MOF

  • 29-12-13

    Tamilnadu Circle Council met on 28-12-13 under the chairmanship of CGM Mr Khan.. Both Official side and staff side argued out the cases in a win win mode and the Chairman preferred rulings  on the grounds of compassion and need basis.  Staff side secretary Com Chellappa and members Indra, Noorullah, Marimuthu, Mathiyazhagan, Murali, Narayanasamy, Murugaiyah, Gopal, Selvaganesan with Pattabi played their role well for the cause of BSNL and employees.  Comrades Kamaraj, Arumugam , Srinivasan and Arunan participated as observers and assisted staff side team. Thanks to all comrades and Offcial side team for the good atmosphere set.. Thanks to CGM, chairman for fair rulings. Joint circular will be issued shortly.

  • 28-12-13  We condole the demise of Com T S Rajan, A Veteran Leader of Tamilnadu Telecom (Telegraph)Movement

  • 27-12-13 Circle Council is to Meet on 28-12-13.. Staff side Discussion on Agenda  to day by 1500 hrs 

  • 24-12-13 The National Council witnessed and recorded the Voice of Unanimity of Both NFTE and BSNLEU ever in the first time. Staff side was ably Guided by Leaders Islam, Chandeswar, Abimanyu and Namboodri.. Though time paucity was felt, almost  all the issues were touched and deliberated.. It is felt that some more rounds of discussion may be needed for bringing conclusive results .. Brief is attached herewith

  • 19-12-13ஒலிக்கதிர் பொன்விழா ஜனவரி 6 கடலூரில் சங்கமிப்போம்

  • 19-12-13 We are sorry to announce the demise of Our Leading Comrade Smt K.Vijayalaxmi, once our Circle Office bearer and Our women Wing Activist. Our homage to the departed soul

  • 16-12-13   For the Kind attention of Comrades: Circle Council is going to meet on 28th Dec. Kindly send details of MRS discrepancies, Tower/ Cable/ Material shortage Problems, Bank Harassment on loans, Maintenance of  IQs etc

  • 14-12-13  சுற்றறிக்கை 40   41    (Circular 40 and   41)

  • 14-12-13 Indian Working Class Rallied Delhi Parliamentary Street in one voice with their fond flags and different languages in Lakhs.. We salute the comrades some with bare foots but with their flags in one hand and children in other hand.. Their commitment is simply superb

  • 9-12-13  March of Indian Working Class to Parliament demanding  welfare economic decisions.. NFTE Joins the March of DEC 12th

  • Circle Secy is away to Delhi.. Any emergency kindly contact Com Murali and Chennakesavan

  • 7-12-13 HOMAGE TO  COM MANDELA, A Great Liberator of our time

  • 6-12-13     BSNL  Bonus  Scheme 2004 and  Comments of OPG for fixed annual Bonus  plus quarterly Incentive

  • 3-12-13 We welcome the meet of Bonus Committee on 9th Dec.. The first task may be to set the reference in right premises.. It seems that the reference PLI on PMS based  is intentionally given... We strongly hope our Staff side leaders in the committee would  restore us Bonus even for the years  of no  profit

  • 26-11-13 Letter To GS..On TTA Draft RR

  • 25-11-13 சுற்றறிக்கை 39 (Circular 39 Free Mobile to Rural Women and Our Tasks)

  • 24-11-13  The Day of Our Heritage .. Birth of 9 Hands Unity Symbol that we inherit from our Yester great NFPTE.. Let us carry forward all that taught us

  • 23-11-13 Veteran AITUC TU Leader and Marxian Educator COM SS THIYAGARAJAN Passed Away ...Com SST  A great well wisher of NFTE and Telecom Employees addressed many of our meetings   We pay our Homageto the departed soul

  • Inclusion of Com Islam and Abhimanyu in the Bonus Committee.. We wish them every success... BSNL is claiming to DPE that it has  evolved its PMS but PRP is not there because no Profit.. Our concern is  that BSNL should come out from its confusion of distinguishing PRP and PLI and stop cheating us by linking PLI with profit and sanction PLI for the Years 2011,12,13

  • 22-11-13

    Thanks to Com MANI, MUNIYAN and their best Team Of Dharmapuri- Krishnagiri- Hosur Comrades for making elaborate arrangement and lovable Hospitality. Thanks to All India Leaders Com Jayaram and SSG for their Augustus presence and addresses. Thanks to leaders Com Tamilmani, Jayapal and Sethu for  sharing their  valuable experiences. Thanks to all Our District Secretaries, Circle Office Bearers, Invitees for making responsible speeches in the deliberations- All played well.. Thanks to Com Nurullah and Latcham for their fair conducting of the proceedings.

    The Circle executive addressed almost all the employees’ issues that need settlement. Circle Executive placed confidence on all the concerned that Organizational issues would be resolved in the appropriate Units, well within the realms of our Organization without dragging to oppressive agencies like Administration, Police etc. Self Education to exhibit higher Working Class Consciousness stands as the focus for our future course. Resolutions on Bonus, Higher Insurance, HBA penalty Waiver, GOM issues, Service matters, JCM, Works Committee etc  were passed.. Appeal Given to all to make 50th Year of Olikkathir Celebration  a grand one...Thanks to all Comrades who were present.

  • 18-11-13 Finance Ministry has approved Cadre Restructuring in Customs and Excise.. 60% of Group B Officers may enter to  Group A

  • 17-11-13 Com Balakumar, Our Youth Wing Activist has been elected as District Secretary in the Salem Executive held on 16-11-13.. We wish him success.. Thanks to Com Noorullah for his long dedicated service as Dist Secy of Salem

  • 15-11-13 Circle Staff Welfare Board Reconstituted- Com Sridhar, CDL is representing NFTE Side.. Welfare cases may be forwarded to Com Sridhar to sort  them out.. We wish the Board every success

  • 12-11-13 In Steel Authority Bipartite Negotiations started and  going on.. Management Offers 16 % MGB (Minimum Benefit) Unions demand 18 %.. In perks also no meeting Point

  • 8-11-13  சுற்றறிக்கை 38 (Circular 38 Financial Impact of 5 Years Growth Strategy)

  • 7-11-13 சேலம் தோழர்கள் வலைப்பூ துவங்கியுள்ளனர். ஆற்றலுள்ள இளந்தோழர்கள் தமிழ் வண்ணம் மெருகூட்டும். வாழ்த்துகள்.. மாநில தலைவர் தோழர் நூருல்லா நவ 4 அன்று விருப்ப பணிஓய்வு பெற்றுள்ளார்.. சமுக பணியும் சங்க பணியும் தொடர்ந்து சிறக்க வாழ்த்துகிறோம்

  • 6-11-13 சுற்றறிக்கை 37 (Circular 37 Port Trust Wage Settlement)

  • 3-11-13    Staff Side  Agenda For Circle Council Submitted

  • 31-10-13: At Circle Hqrs Com Arumugam, Vijayakumar, Manoj, Murali with CS observed Fast.. Inspiring  fiery Speeches were delivered by Com RK and Muthiyalu in the Crowded lunch Hour.. Thanks to all Comrades for conducting the Fast Struggle everywhere in TN

  • 29-10-13 சுற்றறிக்கை 36  Circular 36 Incentive in Other PSUs like SAIL, ONGC, COAL, NTPC

  • 28-10-13: Oct 30th Fast For Bonus:

    Even American Parliament is set ready to celebrate Deepawali as a mark of respect to Indian cultural sentiments. Our BSNL Management, of course politely saying no to our claim of restoration of Bonus and would issue words of wishes. BSNL claims that their new strategy is to monetize everything to thrive on business but CMD and the remuneration Committee fails to understand our expectation to monetize our ordinary desire.. Are we so greedy to demand Bonus, that Costs not even more than 70 Crores.. Management has taken away 400 Crores in the way of MRS and 100 Cr in the name of LTC Cut and even 1000s of crores arrears of 78.2 still pending.  Even after all these, Workers are generous to contribute 18 cr to Utharakant.. Management is not reciprocating and failed to understand to gauge our sentiment of getting some bonus .. Indian ethos are not weighing things only on profit –loss basis, it is primarily based on mutual Bonds/ Bondage and one cannot  feel this  in Western type of corporate culture.

    It is not that just because NFTE is recognized, one should get Bonus. Everyone knows that NFTE has no such magical Wand to bring it thro tricks.. NFTE is dutifully demanding the Bonus, from its rightful position of Recognition. There is no bilateral agreement as on date in BSNL between Recognized Union/unions and Management on the issue of Bonus. Just some concurred DOT instructions..And BSNL orders on MOU and Profit basis for PLI.. Which one is erroneous as per DPE GUIDELINES?

    Let us echo our strong sentiment on 0ct 30th, the day of fast/ repentance.. Don’t make BSNL Employees an Outcaste in the Region of BONUS.. Let this voice be clear and louder

  • 25-10-13 Airport Authority Festival Allowance Order-3.5 % of annual pay( Nobody  will get less than 3500 - for CL 2500)

  • 25-10-13 CMD's Letter to DOT Secretary  for 78.2 arrears and Honouring June 12th Agreement

  • 24-10-13 One Day Fast for Bonus by Leaders at SSA, Circle and CHQ Level on Oct 30th- A  Kind of Repentance Day for the environment of No Bonus- President and Secretaries are requested to sit Fast..

  • 22-10-13:

    Our CHQ leadership is trying their best to impress upon management that Bonus issue cannot be set aside and clarified that quantum need not be an issue to nullify Bonus. DPE has clarified that PLI is nothing connected with the question of Profit and well within the ceiling of perks of 50 % Basic.  As per this clarification 30 % HRA places are due with 36 % (for 2011-12 and 2012-13  18+18) of Basic,  20% HRA places employees  are due with 56% and 10 % HRA places employees are having due with 76 % of their Basic as Bonus.  No Profit mercy is needed for this.

    As per the Bonus Act, all those workmen below the basic of 10000 should be given Bonus 3500. No profit mercy is needed for this. Moreover customary Bonus is also a concept that makes us eligible as per the Bonus act, not linking profit. Airport Authorities are giving customary Bonus as Festival allowance.New formula can be evolved by discussion but getting Bonus before Deepawali is having its own urgency.All that needed is united approach and struggle to achieve our proper dues, however meager it may be.. Can we?

  • 21-10-13 Special Female VRS in Coal India: CIL Management  agreed the demand of Unions AITUC, CITU, INTUC, BMS, HMS to invoke SFVRS as a Voluntary Replacement Scheme.. Unions are claiming 10000 Female employees  to go on VRS for getting  jobs to their wards

  • 19-10-13 Notice For Circle Executive மாநில செயற்குழு அறிவிப்பு

  • 18-10-13: DOPPW Mts for Pensioners 78.2:     51. No 1.1. of ATR
    Merger of 78.2% IDA with basic pension benefit to the absorbed BSNL Pensioners:-
    The representative of Department of Telecommunications informed that the matter
    has been re-examined by them and a fresh proposal will be sent to DOP&PW for
    consideration before 30.09.2013.(Action: D/o Telecommunications & D/o P&PW)
    Minutes of 23rd SCOVA Meeting Held on 20-9-2013

  • 17-10-13 :Review of result of failed SC/ST candidates of JAO Part-II Internal competitive Exam against 40% quota held on 17th to 19th December 2012 vide Corporate Office Letter No: 10-4/2006-DE dated 08.01.2007 : For Orders Visit Vellore Site

  • 14-10-13 BSNL Whistle Blower Policy

  • BSNL Whistle Blower Policy Formulated to provide opportunity to the employees to raise concerns and to access audit committee of the Board, incase if they observe unethical and improper practices or any other wrongful conduct in the Company and to provide necessary safeguards for protection of employees from victimization  and to prohibit managerial personnel  from taking any adverse personnel action against those employees (whistle blowers).. We demand BSNL to affirm no whistle blower is victimized violating this policy and circulate the report of the last 5 years on this policy

  • 12-10-13  சுற்றறிக்கை 35 ( Circular on Railway Cadre Restructuring and BSNL Cadres Work nature changes

  • 10-10-13 :Our CHQ  Trying its level best to clinch the issues, specially Bonus.. We come to Know that the negotiation was cordial.. 9th  Demonstration  held everywhere Thanks to All

  • Railway Unions agreed Matching Saving- Expenditure Neutral Scheme for strengthening their Cadre Restructuring Benefits having 250 Cr Financial Implications

  • Circle Council Staff Side formally assumed its responsibility and started collecting Issues to  forward to the Management for Discussion

  • 7-10-13 PL BONUS to POSTAL Employees 60 days (RS 6900)  ED employees would get Exgratia and CL will get Adhoc Bonus

  • 7-10-13 சுற்றறிக்கை 33( Junagadh Reportசுற்றறிக்கை 34(CS Speech)

  • 4-10-13  Railway Bonus 78 days: The Union Cabinet today approved the proposal of the Ministry of Railways for payment of Productivity Linked Bonus (PLB) equivalent to 78 days wages for the financial year 2012-13 for all eligible non-gazetted railway employees.
    Total Amount comes out to be Rs. 8975.About 12.37 lakh non-gazetted railway employees all over the country are likely to benefit. The financial implication is estimated to be Rs. 1043.43 crore.
    Railway Bonus on the basis of Gross Traffic Receipt- Why not our Bonus on the basis of Gross  Minutes of Usuage?

  • 4-10-13 Congratulation to ED comrades- Exgratia (Bonus) Ceiling Enhanced from 2500 to 3500 at par with regular employees

  • 4-10-13  MTNL Management Agreed  4 Years Residency Period for NE 9 to NE10 Promotion as one time measure.. Action on or before March 2014

  • 1-10-2013 : National Executive Junagadh Resoultions

  •  Massive Demonstration Call of Junagadh On Oct 9th for BONUS and Other Pressing Demands     Make the Call every success

  • The IDA increase with effect from 1st October 2013 will be 6.6%, i.e., a total IDA of 85.5%.

  • Circle Secretary Back to Hqrs after Hectic scehdules

  • 22-9-13 CWC at Junagadh, Gujarath.. Circle Secretary is leaving Chennai.. For any emergency    kindly contact  Com Chennakesavan  ACS  9486103979

  • 21-9-13 Kindly participate the massive demonstration and Rallies of All Central Unions In your Area on Sep 25   demanding 10000 minimum wage, against the Govt's Economic policies causing price Raise etc

  • The World Federation of Trade Unions appeals to you to join the call for the International Action Day on October 3rd, 2013. Demonstrations, rallies, strikes, conferences and activities will be organized in all corners of the world.

    We join our voices and show our determination in action simultaneously with our brothers and fellow working people around the world marching militantly for food, water, books, medicine and housing for all. ALL IN THE STREET CALL OF WFTU

  • Our Best Wishes to Vishist Sanchar Sewa Padak Awardees

  • 20-9-13 ONGC  introduced Laptop Scheme  for its Executives worth of Rs 50000 – The same facility may be extended to Non-Executive Supervisors  having one year service with the condition that they should buy the Laptop on Book Value on their retirement

  • 17-9-13  மிழகம் முழுதும் அறியப்பட்ட மார்க்சிய அறிஞர் தேவபேரின்பன் மறைந்தார்.. சமூக விஞ்ஞானம் ஆசிரியராக மிக சிறப்பாக செயல்பட்டவர். தர்மபுரி தோழர் மணி உள்ளிட்ட நமது தலைவர்கள் நேரில் அஞ்சலி செலுத்தினர். நமது அஞ்சலியை உரித்தாக்குகிறோம்

  • 16-9-13 : Railway Employees on the path of Struggle against the proposal of reduced PLB this year.. Call for Demonstration and Rallies.. If any order issued against the interests, then stoppage of trains would be the form of struggle- Leaders announced.. We wish them every success

  • 12-9-13 மாநில கூட்டு ஆலோசனை குழு கூட்டத்தில் முன் வைக்க ஊழியர் பிரச்சனைகள்/ சேவை மேம்பாட்டு ஆலோசனைகள் இருப்பின் செப்டம்பர் இறுதிக்குள் அனுப்பி வைக்குமாறு வேண்டுகிறோம்

  • 9-9-13 Com Gurudas's letter to MOC Shri Kapil demanding comprehensive discussion on the issue of BSNL Revival with Trade Unions

  • 6-9-13  சுற்றறிக்கை 32  (Circular on Status of Women in GOVT and PSU employment)        Parliamentary Committee Recommendations

  • 5-9-13 Constitution of Circle Council 

  • 4-9-13: Join the protest Demonstration of CGE Employees against NPS- PFRDA Bill and show solidarity  

  • தோழ்ர் ரகமதுல்லா, லைன்ஸ்டாப் இயக்கத்தின் முன்னணி தலைவர் மறைவு நமது புகழஞ்சலி

  • 3-9-13 : Demands of Railways Employees like DA Merger, 7th CPC,  Raising of 3500 PLB Bonus payment  etc are referred to MOF.. but MOF is not in favour of DA merger as 6th CPC not recommended DA merger

  • 2-9-13: MTNL Unions Started giving Consent Letters for Pay Parity with BSNL for the Consideration of Govt Pension

  • 30-8-13 : சுற்றறிக்கை 31 ( The Issue of Bonus )

  • 27-8-13 : Freedom Fighter Great patriot Com Rajeswara Rao ‘s Centenary celebrations at T Nagar Venkateswara mandhir by 17 hrs- TU leaders to  recollect his greatness

  • 24-8-13 Our Suggestions to Circle Admn: Augmentation of Revenue

  • 22-8-13 So far as statutory rules are concerned, there is no provision for withholding pension or gratuity- SC  Judgment 14-8-13

  •  78.2 Issue and DOT's  Dabbling

  • ஒலிக்கதிர் பொன்விழா கமிட்டி கூட்டம் ஆக 21 குடந்தை- கமிட்டி உறுப்பினர்கள் தவறாமல் பங்கேற்று உரிய வகையில் திட்டமிடுமாறு வேண்டுகிறோம்

  • 20-8-13 Circle Secretary Attended  District Executive Meetings of  Vellore(Aug 13), Karaikudi(Aug 14) and Pudhucheri (Aug 19).. NCBH (New Century Book Publishers) Editorial and publication Division meet was held on aug 17.. A discussion on various book titles and the current trends of publications and the importance of social conscious and reference titles were discussed.. Our Circle secretary participated and contributed his views  Com D Pandiyan and R Nallkannu regulated the discussions

  • 12-8-13  VRS 2013 : ONGC Office Order

  • 11-8-13 DR JTOs Calling Off their agitation- Discussion held and Minutes obtained.. we wish them  success of the assurances

  • 9-8-13 Increasing Retirement Age for CG Employees to 62?

  • 8-8-13 சுற்றறிக்கை 29( Circular on Stagnation)        Format

  • 8-8-13 சுற்றறிக்கை 28 (Circular on Delhi Conventions)

  • 7-8-13 DOT's letter to BSNL on the issue of 78.2 to pensioners.. if BSNL management fails to respond, then DOT may use the services of Govt Director to get the required information

    2-8-13 TRAI suggested formation of Telecom Security Directorate  and National telecom Network Security Coordination Board

    AIRTEL RELIANCE Q1 Profit Fall Consecutively 14th time and 4th time

    1-8-13  Press Conference Statement of MOF

    Falling Rupee An Article by Com K.Venkatraman

    31-7-11  WB Govt  Announcing Bonus Rs 2600 for its Employees and for the Retired employees  Rs 1000 announced as exgratia

     Central Govt Employees to get 10% DA Hike from July- from 80 % to  90%


  • Railway Board  consents to dispense with  written test for LARSGESS

  • BSNL Revival GOM Meet on Aug 1

  • 29-7-13 The District Conference of Madurai held on July 28th elected comrades Murukesan, Sivagurunathan and Rajendran as President, Secretary and Treasurer.. We wish the team every success .GM and other Officers graced their presence..Leaders of all the unions addressed.. Senior leaders Aruna, Sethu, Latcham,Vijayarengan with Circle Secretary addressed the delegates and appreciated the role of Com Murukesan

  • 27-7-13 National Telecom Convention at New Delhi on Aug 3- Central Trade Union Leaders are addressing

  • 26-7-13 சுற்றறிக்கை 27 (Circular 27 On Tower Business)

  • 24-7-13    I.T. Return - Income below 5 lac : No exemption this year

  • 23-7-13  Representation in sports welfare Boards

  • 21-7-13 NEWAGE JULY 21st Issue  Article on FDI

  •  20-7-13:Seizing Telecom thro FDI  Our Article appeared in Visalandhra Telugu daily- Courtesy com VVS Murthy  (Page 4)- We request Telugu knowing to read

  • 20-7-13 : TN GO Restricting Wage Agreements in State PSUs below 5 years

  • 18-7-13: சுற்றறிக்கை 26( Circular  26 on GOM June 12 meet Mts)

  • 18-7-13:Model Qns TM Exam       DP     Science- Tutor Com Paulsamy

  • 17-7-13 :  Superannuation Benefit to DR Employees- Our Note

  • PM Chaired Meet Liberalised FDI  in many Sectors including 100 % in Telecom

  • 16-7-13: Iftar, month of Ramdan, our Muslim Brothers in Railways allowed to leave Office early- Orders for the same Issued.. We shall feel thankful if BSNL follow and issue some guidelines

  • 16-7-13: Our Comrades assembled good in number on the occassion of opening of Our Accommodation given by the administration. CGM Shri Ashraf Khan opened our office and GMs Smt Radha, Meikandamanickam,Mahendrakumar with DGMs graced  their presence and greeted.. Portraits of Gupta, Jagan, Chandrasekar and Vichare were garlanded by comrades RK, Tamilmani, Jayaram, Sethu. Comrades Muthiyalu, Gopalakrishnan, Chellappa, Chellapandi, Gopi, Sundarakrishnan,Bangaru, Ravi, Azhagu and our Circle Office bearers, Dist secretaries delivered their brief purposeful speeches. Com Jayapal presided over, Com Murali did welcome address and Com Ashokaraj thanked all. The function was simple and unique in all aspects. Thanks to Comrades of Vellore , Cuddalore, Pondi, Trichy, Karaikudi, Salem, CGM and Civil..

  • 14-7-13: சுற்றறிக்கை 25 ( Circular 25)

  • 12-7-13: Differentiating  PRP and PLI   DPE guidelines 6th July 2011

  • 11-7-13 : New Guidelines for Allotment of Quarters to retired

  • 10-7-13: Accommodation to Circle Union- Inaugural function on 15-7-13.. CGM and TU leaders participating.. All are invited

  • 8-7-13 : Model question Paper for TM Exam- TUTOR COM PAULSAMY, Trichy

  • 7-7-13: Demonstration against 100 % FDI Decision- July 9th TN Unions Call

  •   6-7-13:சுற்றறிக்கை 24 ( Circular 24  Building protest movements against 100 % FDI)

  • 5-7-13: It seems that Govt is intensifying its agenda of Economic Reforms with an eye on election and get the support of Big Capitalists and American Bosses- 100% FDI, Airports privatisation, Disinvestment   all in the list , ignoring  Massive General strike of all Trade Unions-- Govt is compelling Central unions to intensify the stir of Indian working Class.. Railway  and Central Govt employees started pressing 7th Pay commission

  • 3-7-13 BSNL Unions Joint Demonstration Against NLC Disinvestment on July 4th

  • 2-7-13 June 2013 Olikkathir Uploaded

  • 1-7-13    NLC Strike - Direct Report from the Field by Our Com Loganathan          Hold Solidarity Demonstration On 4th July

  • 29-6-13  Missing Employees  Family  Pension- Guidelines

  • 29-6-13 Best Wishes to Com Mathi , retiring on Superannuation on June 30th

  •  DA Hike  4%    78.9% from 1-1-07 in the new basic of 78.2

  • 28-6-13 JTO Exam Qns and Key Discrepancies : Issues have been brought to the knowledge of the Circle Admn.. Circle admn is taking efforts to sort out the issues.. If guidelines  sought from Corporate Office then  we will take up the case with the help of CHQ..

  • 28-6-13   சுற்றறிக்கை 23  (Circle Executive Resolutions Circular)

  • 27-6-13 : Notional pay fixation and  post dated Pension enhancement benefit- Orders for Organised Accounts

  •  26-6-13 : The circle executive held at vellore on 25-6-13 discussed all the subject matters in the agenda circulated and placed . The maturity of our comrades and the level of discussion is highly commendable. The care , concern and responsibility shown by our comrades on organisational matter is appreciable. Almost all the SSA leaders and Circle Office Bearers with their great analytical angle discussed about 6th Verification results and the experiences we gained . The settlement of issue of 78.2 and the left over issues on that- issue of stagnation was pointed out by all the comrades.
    The Circle executive felt the unity of all unions is a must for getting favorable recommendation from GOM. Cadre issues, Departmental examination and the question of relaxing qualification and other pressing issues were raised in the executive meeting by our comrades. Various resolutions were passed on these issues.
     The Circle executive directed SSA secretaries to send their list of Local council members before July 5th. The circle executive exercised its authority in unequivocal terms that disruptive activities will not be tolerated any more.The Circle executive after hearing the views of comrades directed the Circle Secretary to enforce organisational discipline and set the house in order.
    We thank Vellore comrades for their elaborate arrangement and finest hospitality. We thank leaders Jayaraman, Gopalakrishnan, RK, Tamilmani, Sethu and Jayapal for their presence and speeches. We thank all the comrades for valuable contribution  in the discussion and enriching the democratic values. We thank Com Noorullah, Latcham for their unbiased presidium. Thank you all comrades..


  • 24-6-13 Letter to CGM  Helping Employees to get Aadhar Cards

  • 22-6-13 : Himalayan Tsunami  Rescue workers and Jawans battling   Horror Everywhere Parliamentary panel demands Govt to declare National calamity.. Let us extend our Hands Our Chq is addressing the issue

  • 21-6-13 :The Delhi High Court has held that all government employees who retired before 2006 will get a revised pension according to the Sixth Central Pay Commission. "Mandamus is issued to the respondents to refix the pension of the petitioners accordingly within a period of two months. In case, the arrears are not paid within a period of two months, it will also carry interest at 9% with effect from 01.03.2013." The court was hearing an appeal filed by the Central government challenging the Central Administrative Tribunal's (CAT) 2009 order which had said that government employees who retired before 2006 were also entitled to the benefits of the sixth pay commission.

  • 20-6-13: Rajasthan Govt. has revised the pension/family pension of pre 2006 retirees with effect from 01.07.2013. No arrear for the period of 1.1.2006 to 30.06.2013 is to be paid.

  •  Special CL for Circle Executive  Venue: KGN Thirumana mandapam, Pudhuvasur, Arcot Road  Contact: Chennakesavan 9486103979, AlliRaja  9443625777, Rajkumar 9443403636

  •  Telecom Commission to meet July 2 to discuss about TCIL Disinvestment, Telecom Finance Corp,  FDI 100 % issue

  • Subscription  per member is Rs 15  from June 2013 (CHQ 5  Circle 4  SSA 6-Rs 3 to be given to Branches)  Kindly approach AOs  and modify the rate

  • சுற்றறிக்கை 22 (Circular on 78.2 Order )

  •  As apprehended , BSNL Clarified thro a separate Order that 68.8 basic only for HRA and SUA.. Unions should try jointly  and press the management to review the same in time

  • Subject Note of DOT to GOM

  •  Strike Called Off     Orders for 78.2  Issued   Thanks to all leaders and Comrades

  • 78.2 Approval letter of DOT       Immediate Task

  • Para 1 of June 12th Agreement from our Archives

  • Legacy of Dr Asghar Ali Engineer

  • Com Islam  Our President Reports that DOT approved 78.2 as per  the decision of BSNL.. Let us wait for further communication

  • June 7: Share the Fond Memories of lovable Com JAGAN


  • Com Natarajan ACS greeted and addressed P3 NFPE Circle Conference at Kumbakonam along with Senior leader ISAKKI AND YOUNG COMRADES GANESAN, VIJAY.. we wish the conference every success

  • Massive Dharna  Everywhere  Thank You Comrades  Prepare for the Strike with the same spirit... DOT Secretary is expected to meet Leaders by 12  o'clock on  6th june... NFTE is getting its representation in the Designation Committee..

  •  PSU 5 Years Wage Settlement  Since 1-1-12- Cabinet approval to initiate wage negotiations.. Coal India already reached its bipartite  settlement

  • Cabinet Cleared Project to Install 2199 Mobile Towers in Naxal Areas- Task Entrusted to BSNL for 3046 cr project- We hope BSNL would carryout the assigned job within the stipulated time.

  •  சுற்றறிக்கை 21 ( Circular to Organise Dharna  on June 5th)

  • Tamilnadu Forum Decisions Agit Prop campaign from June  6th to 11th Calling On Each employee  and impress upon the importance of the strike call.. Mass meeting on June 10th to gear up momentum for the strike..ஊழியர் சந்திப்பு இயக்கத்தை வெற்றிகரமாக்குவீர்   Circular

  • Olikkathir May 2013 Uploaded

  • Congrats to Com AlliRaja, DS Vellore for his indefinite fast for 2 days to settle local issues.. Our Appreciation to Vellore comrades for reaching a fair settlement.. Thanks to Circle Administration for their concern to  maintain Industrial relation

  • சுற்றறிக்கை 20  (Circular on Struggle and other issues)

  • June 25- Circle Executive  Notification

  • MTNL Pension -LS Question

  • Constitution Of Councils -Order

  • Orders for Office Accommodation to Recognised Unions- The First Joint Efforts of Both NFTE and BSNLEU Borne Fruit

  • நாடாளுமன்ற கமிட்டி BSNL  குறித்து..

  • May 17th  Youth Day  Celebrated in a Humble way at Jagan Bhawan. Com Murali Presided over- Com Murthi AITUC State Secy garlanded Jagan’s Statue and addressed. AITUC Leaders Gandhi, Ravi, Tirunavukkarasu and Comrades Azaz  and others  of  CGM Office Participated. Com Karthi arranged the function neatly.


  • Joint Strike Call To Realise 78.2

  • Humbly Yours to Chennai-  சென்னை இணையதள செய்திக்கு நமது விளக்கம்

  • Thanks Giving  Meet at Kumbakonam Enthused Our Comrades  and Leaders.. Our Great Leaders from the fields shared their valuable Election experiences and saluted our rank and file who made  Our Union to this  respectable position. Com C Singh by his presence and speech enthralled the workers assembled thousand in number. Inspiring speeches were delivered by Com SSG, RK, Tamilmani, Sethu, Jayapal,Azhagu Raja, BalaKrishnan, Pattabi and Circle Office Bearers and SSA Leaders. Thanks to Kumbakonam comrades for their deep affection and Hospitality.. Thanks to all comrades who gathered with great NFTE Tradition to share the joy of the occasion and to imbibe the pride of our Movement. Advancing with all is the guaranteed way  of Our Class.. Unity is nothing but Toleration .. Let us strive our best .. Thanks to all.. Let the Zeal of Kumbakonam live and guide us

  • JTO Officiating Cases

  • Observations/Recommendations of Parliamentary Committee(24th Report of CPU) on BSNL               HR Observations

  • Congratulations to all those who qualified TTA Exam

  • Pre Exam Coaching to SC ST Candidates (JTO Exam) from 21-5- to 23-5-13

  • More than 500 Candidates are appearing for JTO Exam- Rejected Candidates are requested to prefer representation , if not satisfied with the reason for rejection


  • Branch Secys/Dist Secys/Circle Office Beareres are requested to assemble good in number with comrades at Kumbakonam on 14th May to gearup our Activities to work doubly and squarely for the welfare of BSNL family- A seminar is being organised on "BSNL Growth and Industrial Releation" and Com C Singh GS and otherLeaders are going to address.. Order for Special Cl is issued already.. Mark your presence on this historic occassion and be part of NFTE's glorious tradition


  • Relevance of Marxism in Today's World: AITUC Seminar at Naik Bhavan, Chennai. Our Circle Secretary is  invited to address the seminar on 5th May

  • May Day Declaration:   Class Oriented Decisive Struggles

  • மே 14 குடந்தையில் பெருவிழா- உழைப்போருக்கு அங்கீகாரத்தை அர்ப்பணித்திட- தமிழக தோழர்களுக்கு நன்றி பாராட்ட - கடமைகளில் கவனம் செலுத்திட  திரள்வோம்!

  • சுற்றறிக்கை 18  (Revenue Augmentation)

  • Notification for Recognition of Two Unions-BSNLEU and  NFTE

  • Comparision Table- Last Two Elections(2011 and 2013)

  • Formation of Ministerial Panel for Reviving and Revitalising BSNL and MTNL- GOM decisions after 4 months may bring far reaching consequences- Let us be ready to unite and face any eventuality- The foremost task before us  is to submit a Unified single Note on behalf of the Staff side on the issues of safeguarding Pension, Contribution on actual pay, Guarantee for Pension Revision whenever CG Pension Revision takes place- Compensation as assured during Corporatisation, Job Security- Periodical Tariff Resestructuring to Augment Revenue, Concrete measures for arresting  Losses , Participation in the Management right from the level of Board to SSA-We request our AI Leaders   to arrange meeting  of Staff side and setup a committee to discuss and prepare some focused note for submitting to the GOM. We should try our best to give audience to the Panel to impress upon our stakes.

  • சுற்றறிக்கை 17 ( Tasks and Appeal to Workers)


  • WE  WITH OUR HEAVY HEART INFORM THE DEMISE OF O P GUPTA OUR FATHER FIGURE  ஒப்பிலா தலைவர் குப்தா 6-1-13  இரவு 8 மணியளவில் மறைந்தார் என்பதை ஆழ்ந்த துக்கத்துடன் அறிவிக்கிறோம்.. கொடியிறக்கி அனைத்து சங்க அஞ்சலி கூட்டம் நடத்திட வேண்டுகிறோம். சென்னையில் CGMஅலுவலக வாயிலில் காலை 11 மணியளவில் மகத்தான தலைவருக்கு அஞ்சலி கூட்டம் நடைபெறும் பங்கேற்க வேண்டுகிறோம்.

  • சுற்றறிக்கை 4

  • 6th Verification On the Basis of BSNL Recognition Rules 2012- Notice Issued by the Management- Election on April 16th    Results April 18th

  • We have requested some of our leading Comrades (Commitee of Comrades) to study about 30% Superannuation scheme to the DR BSNL Employees. There is another task before us to study about Compassionate Ground Appointments.. Some Comrades should help us in this regard also.. so that we can get some comprehensive idea to project.. The issues of women employees like Child Care Leave  for some younger section and One Day Spl Cl for Every Month  to all women Employees are in our serious attention ..our Chq has already made references on these issues

  • Candidates For LDCE 40% TTA Exam 2011-Wishing You All Every Success

  •  December 2012 Olikkathir Issue Uploaded

  •  DA Increase 4.2 %    From Jan  71.5 %

  •  ONGOLE Extended National Executive

  • சுற்றறிக்கை  3


  • சுற்றறிக்கை 2

  • New Recognition Rules Formulated.. Thanks to Chq Leaders Com Islam and C Singh for their immense efforts to bring this rules.. Thanks to Com Gurudas Gupta and G L Dhar for their  unstinted Support.. Separation of Rules for Recognition and Councils  Our  Stand Vindicated.. Work Hard to get our Due and to make our Head Proud..Kindly Visit Vellore Site for Tamil Version

  • VRS: LS Question 12-12-12

  • Violence Against Women: Zero Tolerance

  • Office Bearers with Circle Administration


  • சுற்றறிக்கை 1

  • The First Office Bearers  Meeting of our team is going to be held at 9am on 21-12-12 - All the team members are requested to Assemble at Jagan Illam, our Union office in Chennai. Com H.Noorullah will preside over.

  • Banking Strike on Dec 20th to fight retrograde amendments of Banking Laws-Joint Call of AIBEA and BEFI- Extend Solidarity support


  • Hold Lunch Hour Demonstration on December 20th to show solidarity with all CTUs Parliamentary March

  • Participate Dharna on 17th and 18th Dec- call by BSNL and MTNL Unions demanding ITS Absorption, Viability and presidential notification for 78.2

  • Conference Report- Adopted

  • Special Casual Leave for the Seminar

  • Let us celebrate the spirit of Human Rights on 10th December, 2012 
    To inculcate humanity. To make Every Voice count. To work for a society where there is no discrimination. Where people live in mutual coexistence, without under mining the dignity of each other
    NHRC Chairperson, Mr. Justice K.G. Balakrishnan


  • First ever PPO Orders  for the Dismissal Cases- ever in the history of pensioners and TU movement- Thanks to Gupta's Mega Vision- Thanks to Islam, C Singh and all those who strived for realising the vision

  • Flex Boards for the Conference

  • Reception Committee Meeting Held  on 7th Dec at Madurai. Comrades shared their concern as financial mobilisation is not upto the expected target( 5L+ is the position). District Unions should fulfill their assigned tasks. Spacious Mahals for accommodations arranged. . Conference Venue was already inspected by Com Mali and Jayaram. CS with Jayapal attended the RC meet. Catering Arrangements for 1000+ assigned. Reception committee set Teams are on the assigned  jobs..Mali on the job of Jagan CD. Decisions by Discussion is the hallmark of our democratic tradition  March on Comrades to Madurai to show your mettle and maturity..

  • Conference Posters

  • Delegates Credential Form -Branch Secretaries are requested  to list the name of delegates/ visitors and send to Reception Committee  as well as to Circle union for proper arrangement well in advance

  • Thus Spoke Dr Ambedkar

  • Conference Invitation    மதுரை மாநாட்டு அழைப்பிதழ்

  • Posters Despatch Note by General Secy RC Com Sethu to respective SSAs


    வணக்கம். மாநாட்டிற்கான அழைப்பிதழ் மற்றும் போஸ்டர்கள் அனுப்பப்பட்டு வருகின்றன. ஆண்டறிக்கை, வரவு செலவு அறிக்கை வேலைகள் நடந்து வருகின்றன. மாநாட்டிற்கு 1200 தோழர்களுக்கு குறைவில்லாமல் வருவர் என அறிகிறோம். சில மாவட்டங்கள் தங்களுக்கான மாநாட்டு நிதியை இதுவரை தரவில்லை. தராத மாவட்ட செயலர்கள் இக்கடமையை உடன் நிறைவேற்றிட வேண்டும். சில பொறுப்பாளர்கள் தங்கள் போட்டோக்களை தரவில்லை.இனி காத்திருக்க வாய்ப்பில்லை. மாநிலப் பொருளர் மாநில சங்கத்தின் சார்பில் மாவட்ட வாரியாக பெற்ற பகுதிப் பண விவரத்தை தந்து விட்டார். மாவட்ட செயலர்கள்/ கிளை செயலர்கள் கிளைவாரியான விவரத்தை தரவேண்டும். மாநாட்டிற்கான சார்பாளர் விவரத்தை வரவேற்புக்குழுவிற்கும் , மாநில சங்கத்திற்கும் அனுப்பி உதவிட வேண்டுகிறோம்

    -          3-12-12 பட்டாபி  மா.செ

  • Contract Labour DA w.e.f 1-10-12   Rs 66 (C Areas), 81 (B),99(A).. that is daily rated wage from 1-10-12 should be Rs 186, 231,279.. If corporate office endorses the MOL Order, then it will be easy to implement the same in the field units

  • NOV 22 2012 Delhi March from Corporate Office to Jantar mantar- Nearby circles of NFTE participating to observe the call of Forum demanding ITS repatriation

  • DOT-MOC Memo on the Issues of BSNL for Comprehensive examination by COPU

  • Holding JTO exam with 7 years Condition on the basis of Year wise  Vacancies- Process is on... TM LDCE corporate office issued order

  • BSNL Recognition Rules.. CHQ is on the Job of sending collective opinions of 10 Unions

  • District Secretaries are requested to fulfill their Fund assurance given to Reception Committee at the earliest- Those Comrades yet to send photos  are requested once again to send their photos. Kindly verify your quota for the periods 2010, 2011 and send us Branch wise  average membership- Circle Treasurer Com G Jayaraman has already sent the available detail at Circle level to the Dist Secys

  • Arundati Roy on Scams

  • Meeting is fixed on Nov 19th to further discuss and finalise BSNL Recognition Rules- We hope Unions would not start pressing Code of Discipline again to bring any stalemate. Management should expedite the process so that Verification may take place at least by March 2013 to allay the fear that no recognized union for the months together

  • மாவட்டங்களிருந்து பெறப்பட்ட பகுதிப்பண விவரத்தை(2010, 11,செப் 2012 வரை) மாநிலப் பொருளர் தோழர் ஜெயராமன் அனுப்பயிருக்கிறார். மாவட்ட/கிளை செயலர்கள் இவ்வாண்டுகளின் கிளைவாரியான சராசரி உறுப்பினர் விவரத்தை உடன் வருகிற நவ25க்குள் அனுப்புமாறு வேண்டுகிறோம். சார்பாளர் எண்ணிக்கையை மாநாடு ஏற்பாட்டிற்கு உதவிட வரவேற்புக் குழுவிற்கும் தெரியப்படுத்திட வேண்டுகிறோம்- மா.செ 14-11-12

  • Olikkathir Oct 2012 Uploaded

  • Power Grid announced 17000 as Exgratia    NTPC Exgratia 21580 to 35810 

  • Contract Labour Bonus: At Thanjavur Rs 2000 to Contract Labourers and Rs 1500 to Securities... At Cuddalore Rs 1000 to Contract labourers.. We appreciate the efforts of our Comrades Prince Panneer and Killivalavan and their team of Thanjavur and B Rajendran Anandan Sundaramurthi and their team of Cuddalore

  • Management Responded Positively to Our CHQ's Demand- Disciplinary cases initiated after due date would not be a bar to NEPP- Past Cases also to be reviewed- SSA Secretaries are advised to settle the cases accordingly if any. Thanks to CHQ Efforts..

  • BSNL Corporate management failed  squarely to place its Annual Report and Final Accounts for the Year 2011-12 even after 8 months in the public domain- The top management only preaches about giving up govt mind set but never practices.. This shows their utter disregard in the matter of Transparency

  • Voice and Data Article on our PSUs

  • President Com Islam and GS Singh  met Dir HR camping at Chennai along with our Circle Secy and  discussed Verification and staff issues- Enhancing Allowance for PH also emphasised

  • ONGC Enhanced CMRE(Conveyance Mtce Reimbursement) for NE minimum Rs 1280 and maximum 2795  For Executives 6185 and 22665

  • MADURAI CHALO- Olikkathir  Editorial

  • CHQ Editorial -BONUS

  • EPFO Employees 60 days Bonus  Order

  • Defence Employees granted 40 days Bonus- The claim of 41 was reduced one day by MOF         ONGC Issued orders for PRP NE1(W1) 11000  to E9- 76000

  • Grant of Child Care Leave to Female Industrial Defence-Order

  •  Kerala TU Recognition Act defines Sole Bargaining Agent means 51% and above, Principal Bargaining Agent 40% and above, to enter into Joint Bargaining Council 15%/10%... In the BSNL if Principal BA concept is accepted then what is the criteria.. we should define that also to have new rules beyond any ambiguity and to avoid future litigations 

  • ED strike Continues- Postal employees got 60 days Bonus- For ED 2500 ceiling only they issued and so strike entering 4th day      UP Govt announces 30 days Bonus

  • Railway Employees defeated the move of MOF to reduce the number of days and got 78 days Bonus  RS 8975- Railway Board order

  • TN Govt promotional increment  Clarification dt 9-10-12:  it is clarified that the employees on promotion to higher posts on identical scales of pay i.e. in the same pay band and same Grade pay in the revised pay structure are also entitled for the benefit of one increment equal to 3% of Basic Pay (Pay + Grade pay) in the lower post

  • Steel employees of Bokaro gets 18040 as Bonus- Visak, Bhilai getting 18270

  •  Oct 16th Meeting: Participation of 5 GMs from the management level indicate some serious attention from the management side. 10 Unions including the major Unions  NFTE,  BSNLEU, FNTO Stand for New BSNL Rules for Recognition. This can be taken as consensus for formation of New Rules instead of COD. But differences exist on the modalities of Recognition.. We hope that would also be sorted out during further course of discussion. We can read the mind of management only when they issue minutes for Oct 16th Meeting or Giving some draft for future discussion. Normally Industries and Courts do not relish the terminology of Multi Unions. We hope that better sense would prevail for getting New Rules with due democratic spirit of bringing maximum possible representation in the Negotiating machineries

  • Railway Employees may get 78 days Bonus-   Tata Steel Minimum Bonus 18000 and maximum 1, 40,000   BEST Transport Employees to get 5000

  •  Thank You Comrades for observing Dharna on 15th Oct as per the call of Forum on ITS Issue

  •  We wish the (Oct 16th onwards) Indefinite Strike of ED Employees every Success- Kindly support and conduct solidarity Demonstrations

  • We come to know that BSNL  MOU Rating is Fair  that means that we have to get .75 times of our Pay as Bonus. But  DOT and BSNL linking Profit instead of Performance- Another factor is even if you get profit  if MOU Rating is poor then also no Bonus.. What a strange settlement

  •  Delhi MTNL Trade Union Election is over- Mazdoor Sangh of BMS emerged victorious by getting 50 % votes  Total Votes 15089 Mazdoor Sangh Got 7500- The erstwhile NTSF got 5000 votes

  • TTA 40 % LDCE for 2011 Notified - Date of Exam 6-1-2013- Vacancies 323 (Open 187+ SC 86 + ST 50)- Negative Marks Scheme - Last Date for Application 31-10-2011- Prepare Well- See all the Model Papers- SSA DS May arrange Classes

  • Observe Agitational Programme of Forum- Notice Signed by all  GS

  •  To discuss BSNL TU Recognition Rules and Facilities Meeting is Called for on Oct 16th- We  believe that Unions seize this opportunity and do their best to arrive at consensus

  •  Non PLB to CGE  Rs 3454

  •  MTNL Pension Revision for Pre 2007 Retirees- No arrears now

  • Cabinet Clears Insurance Laws Amendments and PFRDA Amendments as expected by more opening to Foreign Investors-  Govt  to face Stiff Opposition in the Parliament and in the Streets to get it legislated..  Be Ready for the Joint Struggles

  • For the Kind attention of DS and Circle Office bearers: When You come to Executive on Oct 7th, bring your Photo, Quota for Conference and Membership particulars as on July 2012

  • New Health Insurance Scheme for TN Govt Employees


  •  OCT 1 BSNL Formation Day- Let Us rededicate ourselves for the onward march of BSNL, one of the finest PSUs

  • Circle Conference Notification

  •  DA Hike 5.8 %  The rate of IDA is 67.3 % from Oct' 12

  • Our Wishes to VISHIST SANCHAR SEVA PADAK Awardees of TNC

  •  Congratulation to Shri N.Chinnasamy TTA and SDE G.Rajarajan for getting Bharat Sanchar Seva Padak... Salem for Best Maintenance Award

  •  2012-13 Q1 Gross Revenue Operator wise and Circle wise

  • One Rank One Pension Cabinet  approval   CG Employees DA 7 %

  • Promotions and Disciplinary cases- Guidelines for Executives  why don't they clarify for NEPP also?

  •   FOR Discussion: BSNL TU Recognition-Some Formulations

  • Letter to GS regarding Waiting List in LDCE

  •  TM RR 2012            TTA DR 2012 Guidelines

  • JAO Part ii  Exam Dec 17th to 19th   TN Vacancies 87(OC 48, SC 20, ST 19)  Exemption Clarification issued

  • All Anti-people's Decisions in one go- Join the National Protest   DAY by organising Demonstration on Sep 20th demanding Government to withdraw Diesel Hike, limiting  Cooking Gas Cylinders, Selling Navaratna Companies, FDI in Retails    Joint Notice of Political Parties

  •  PLR-Productivity Linked Reward Scheme Extended to Port and Dock Employees for the period 2011-2013 -Cabinet approved the extension- 52000 employees to get the benefit

  •  Frustrated Govt in  offensive mood -announcing sweeping liberalization in Retail Sector, Civil Aviation, Broadcasting, Disinvestment in MMTC, NALCO,OIL,HCL- TUs and Opposition parties up in their mood to build movement against these attacks- Let us prepare for the united opposition

  •  TTA Training Order   Roster Order    Best Wishes to all the Trainees

  • For the Kind Attention of Dist Secys: 2011 TTA Exam Vacancy position-Inform us to expedite the process

  • Sep 18th Lunch Hour Demonstration- ITS Issue   Circular( FNTO, PEWA TN also participating)

  • We come to know the sad demise of Veteran TU leader A M Gopu, a valiant fighter to the cause of workers and downtrodden.. We pay our respectful homage

  •  Introduction of NE 12      NEPP from NE11 to  NE12

  • Admissibility of HRA during CCL

  • We are sorry to announce the sad demise of our great Veteran Inder Sen Chaddah, NFTE's guide and evergreen Office Secretary at Delhi today 9th sep. We condole the death of our leader and well wisher


  • MTNL Pension Status

  • Circle Level Opinion Leaders Meeting Held on 6th Sep- CGM explained with his Background Note  the needy action to arrest LL Surrender and Augmentation of Revenue. GMs of all Business Verticals contributed. Circle Leaders enriched the subject matter with their views and agreed to take the message to employees. Com Murali and Pattabi participated and placed our views.

  • Compassionate Ground Appointment-2003 Instructions Withdrawn

  •  Deemed Deputation Till Retirement -PB Act Amendement not for IIS

  •  Aug 12 Olikkathir Uploaded

  • Dismissal Cases and Pension-NFTE's Humane Achievment


  • FCI Child Care Leave Orders  1  2

  • CHQ's Letter to MOC on Pension Issues

  • MC of BSNL has approved the draft note on 78.2.. Board meeting is expected in the last week of August

  • Maruti Workers denied salary till lockout is restored

  • Kindly go thro our views on Para 1 of June 12th Agreement placed in this website on July first.. DOT's fuss about its authority is known, but DOT cannot evade its responsibility of settling 78.2 to the pensioners retired before 31-12-06. We hope Pensioners associations may gear up their agitations for the same and service unions should support them . The unity established by the Telecom Unions should be strengthened to realise the agreement and thereby our hopes..( Para 1 of June 12th Agreement)

  • July18th Maneswar-Maruti Story

  • Talks with IBA not fruitful..Bank Unions to resume their strike ....CG Employees affiliated with Confederation decide to go on one day strike by Dec pressing 50% Merger etc

  • Impressive Camp of Art and Literature at Cuddalore..Thanks to Cuddalore Comrades for very good arrangement Thanks to Tajpal and other 25 poets for their emotional Kavithai on SriLankan Tamils.. Thanks to Raghupathi for introducing the aspects of Street Plays and SRC for introducing proletarian literatures.. Thanks to Mustafa for his inspiring Speech.. Thanks to Tamilmani, Jayaram,Sethu and Jayapal for valuable guidelines to make the event memorable.. Our appreciation to Cyril Trust of Cuddalore for their Commitment and impressive Tamil Vizha

  • VSP-Vishak Steel Workers token strike against 10% Disinvestment on July 25th- 16 Unions including Contract Labourers participated-a complete strike.. Management is not withdrawing the proposal as on date

  • Pre 2007 Retirees MTNL Pension Revision-DOT Memo

  • We have been taking efforts relentlessly to encash the safeguards of Pension for those absorbed employees dismissed in BSNL..We have yet to make the provisions to bring  in actual practice even after 12 years of 37A , after 7 years of Disciplinary rules of 2005.  If we get proper clarification for the Pr CCA TN letter from DOT, then some practical breakthrough is possible. Our CHQ is doing its best to get clarification beyond any doubt..Click latest lr addressed to DOT

  • MTNL Recognised Union postponed the agitation call after talks at the level of Dir HR- Agreement signed  -Copy of the Agreement

  • Bank Unions Strike call deferred for a month after Conciliation talks at DY CLC level. IBA agreed to initiate bipartite talks within a week

  •  BSNL endorsed IDA OM of DPE

  • The Art and Literature Camp of NFTE at Cuddalore-Invitation   JUly 27th

  • CHQ's Editorial Write up

  • Telecom News:
     GSM industry body COAI today said regulator TRAI's analysis that mobile tariff will rise by 15 paise if spectrum is auctioned at its recommended price is "flawed" and "inconsistent with the market realities". 
     An industry body representing mobile phone companies offering services on the CDMA platform asked the telecoms department to take back excess airwaves held by GSM service providers and put them up for auction in addition to 13.75 MHz that will be put up for bidding. Adding that DoT should send notices demanding Rs 36,993 crore from incumbent GSM telcos that have unduly benefited from holding airwaves beyond the contracted limit of 6.2 MHz

  • CHQ lr on the issue of Recognition    On TTAs

  • Kindly Ignore

  • Corporate office has issued a new instruction for GPF Cash authorization-Submission of applications by 20th.. Approval by 25th- Cash authorization by first week subject to the availability of fund.. We are not questioning about some regulation but  why conditioning with availability of fund.. Where the employees fund is going barring DOT? It is a hot issue at local level and we request our CHQ to take up this issue and set things right

  • Excerpts from TU Education Lecture Notes of Com A B Bardhan

  • MTNL Unions' strike Notice:Indefinite strike from July 24th- demanding implementation of 78.2 and against formation of Pension Trust

  • Port Workers week long Campaign for formation of Bipartite Committee for Wage Negotiation and early calculation of PLR-Bonus

  • Applicability of GPF/EPF

  • Thank You Salem-Yercaud Comrades for your green arrangements-Thank You Women wing- Thanks to our Youth comrades participated good in number- Thanks to our leaders Tamilmani, Jayapal, Sethu, Jayaraman, Ashokraj, Noorullah for valuable guidelines-Yercaud meet would stand evergreen in our memory lane

  • May 8 (17 hrs) and May 9-Circle Executive at Kumbakonam


  • April 14 Women's Wing- Youth Council Meet at Salem Yercaud Contact No: Com Noorullah 9443263646      Invitation  Notice  Venue: Hotel KC, Near Lake, Yercaud



  •  Sr TOA Trng Postponed-We shall try our best to take care of the interests of NEPP Beneficiaries and Straight SrTOA beneficiaries without any conflict of interests

  •  Circle Admn is requested to seek fund for early payment of GPF and Cyclone Advance

  • SrTOA Trng Class is to commence on 9-1-12. Seats are allotted to SSAs. Some Comrades are pressing for postponement in order to get the benefit of NEPP. We have brought the issue to the knowledge of Admn.

  •  The New Year is expected to ring in higher call rates but with little improvement in service quality. Call rates in India crashed following intense competition since 2008 in anticipation of new players entering the market. In fact, players ranked sixth or below in any service area today incur a loss on almost every customer they have on the network.
    Yet, with little or no investment capital or motivation, analysts expect companies will retain the benefits from higher pricing rather than expanding services aggressively.
      -ET News

  • CMD's Message



  • It was reported by SNEA that their leaders met com A B Bharadan GS CPI and appraised him the issues of 3G and BWA. In turn Com ABB assured them all help

  • We apprehend downgrading of Circles / SSAs may spoil Revenue assurances and may lead to further erosion   in a highly competitive and surcharged atmosphere of Telecom Industry



  • Working Pattern -OM dt13-9-11-Note:Sep13,2011 OM is not superceding 2004 order. It just lists various instructions regarding working pattern. Restoration of 5 days week is possible only if we get orders superceding 2004 orders. We have asked our CHQ to enquire the authority which warranted  them to issue this Unwarranted OM. If they want to issue clarification on CSC's working pattern , let them issue specific guidelines beyond any doubt.






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